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This week was actually pretty fun and relatively easy for me. Luckily, like I have said before, I have a little prior experience with Audacity. I also have a resource to help me with Audacity should I need it. I didn’t need any this week though (WOO WOO). I actually did one extra assignment this week because it is something that I wanted to add to the assignment bank but I wanted to do it first. So there are four audio assignments on here, and that’s why. Anyway, here is what I was up to this week:


Ashleigh did my assignment that I created! Yay! This was super exciting for me because this is the first person that I have seen do my assignment. Anyway, Ashleigh did pretty much exactly what I figured people would do, and just what I did. Chose an artist (country in both of our cases) and mashed up their music into a new song! I enjoyed her take on this assignment.

I loved Carmella’s idea to talk about the characters on the show for the ds106 radio assignment.

David’s morning of sounds was really good. He did a good job making sure all of the sounds were loud enough so that we knew what he was doing and when he was transitioning between rooms.

I really liked Daniel’s morning walk audio—he did a very good job adding realistic sounds and continuing the footsteps throughout the whole clip. I liked how you could hear the leaves crunching under the person’s feet. I especially liked the birds chirping and the dog barking.

Good choice of hints but I just needed one more!! I narrowed it down to two songs but wouldn’t be able to know which one is right unless I went ahead and reversed the songs myself. When I listened to more I think I figured out that it was, in fact, Whiskey Lullaby! She was right that it does practically sound the same backwards as forward.

WOOOO Ashleigh did another one of my assignments! That’s exciting! I’m glad other people think they were good enough to consider doing them. She did a good job of it too!


Mash-up Time

Not only was this my first Audio Assignment for the week, it was also my first assignment that I have created for the semester! I really liked the ideas of “So and So’s Greatest Hits” and “Storytime! SongTag Style.” I started to do “So and So’s Greatest Hits” when I realized that I could make a story out of Brad Paisley’s songs. So that is exactly what I did and I created an assignment out of it (which someone else has completed [YAY!]).

The couple meets and falls in love in “Then,” get engaged in “We Danced,” are married and falling deeper in love in “Little Moments” and “Mona Lisa” and in classic country style, he chooses fishing over her in “I’m Gonna Miss Her.”

I did it in Audacity, I downloaded the songs to my computer if I didn’t have them already using this youtube to mp3 converter ( Then I edited them so that they fit well together, adjusted the volumes so they were the same, faded in and out of the songs, saved the audacity file and exported it as an mp3.



My second Audio Assignment for the week was the Reverse Audio Quiz. I got my song from YouTube and used the same audio converter ( to change it to an audio file, downloaded it, imported it into Audacity, selected the whole song and clicked on Effects>Reverse. I googled that last part because I hadn’t reversed a song in Audacity before but they made it easy. I then saved the Audacity work file as well as exported the song as an mp3 file and uploaded it to my blog.


Jen Ralston Interview Thoughts

I never realized how much thought went into the sounds behind a TV show or movie. After listening to the interview with Jen I realize that it is A LOT. I think listening to the interview is going to change the way I watch not only The Wire, but all of the TV that I watch. I am going to pay more attention to the background noise and the songs and the distance the people are from the camera compared to how far away they sound. These are all things that I didn’t really pay that much attention to before. I thought it was cool how in The Wire they leave a lot of the original sound to make it more documentary-like. I also thought it was interesting how she said if a scene is too noisy, then you have to add more sound. She said if it is only on one side of the scene it can be distracting so you have to add it to the other side of the scene too, which makes sense. She also brought up a great point that if you want a scene to be quiet, you bring out sounds that you would only hear if it was quiet, you don’t make it actually quiet. What she said about the dogs was also interesting and will be something that I’ll be paying attention to for the rest of the episodes that we watch.


Daily Create Number 1: I’m not Lucky, I’m  Blessed

Like I said in my blog post, at first I thought this would be easy, then I realized that it’s hard to actually draw a feeling. I thought about drawing happy but it just would have been a smiling person. So I decided to draw blessed. Here is my depiction of blessed.


Riff Off

For my final audio assignment I did the “Music Tag” assignment. When I read the description I got super excited because it was just like the Riff Off from Pitch Perfect! I thought it would be easy but boy was I wrong. I made it harder on myself for trying to pair the end of one verse with the beginning of a verse in a different song. That proved to be very difficult. It would have been more fun if I had cut them off in the middle of verses or lines but I liked the holistic feel you get by ending only at the end of verses.

Anyway, I once I picked my songs that fit together I imported them into Audacity, cut them down to the parts I needed, overlapped them so they sounded right, adjusted their volumes so they were at the same level, and saved and exported. Once I found the songs it was very easy, the song selection was the hard part. I don’t know how anyone could do it on the fly like they did in Pitch Perfect.


Daily Create Number 2: My Life in Books

I did this daily create because I thought it would be easy and fun. Then I realized that I don’t have that many books at school with me, so that complicated things. The only books that I have are my textbooks, my Bible, and a library book and a book that my boyfriend’s grandma gave me. So that is what I went with. My Bible is my daily reader, my textbooks are also (unfortunately) pretty daily, and my guilty pleasure books get read a lot less often than I would like. I took the pictures on my phone and put them together using the Pic Stitch app. I put the picture on Flickr from my phone but I also tried to post it to twitter from there but the app kept crashing (I guess because it hasn’t updated for iOS8 yet). But I posted it to twitter separately anyway.


My DS106 Radio Show Idea

My idea for DS106 Radio is to talk about the theme of corruption throughout The Wire. It should be easy to talk about and yield a lot of discussion as it is both in the police department and among the drug dealers. The show should be able to be 20-30 minutes with no problems.


My Second Submitted Assignment

Well I was bored on Friday because I finished everything else for DS106 so I decided to spend a little time creating another assignment. I thought about it earlier in the week but saw other assignments that sounded interesting so I did those. My idea for the assignment was to recreate something out of song lyrics—whether it be a nursery rhyme like I did, a Wire epigraph, a speech, or a poem. You can find the full assignment description here. It took a lot longer than I thought it would. I figured it’d be pretty quick because of how familiar I am with Audacity but it still took a while. I had to download the songs from YouTube, import them into Audacity, and find the parts of the songs that I wanted to use. I only used one word at a time, but normally I was able to get more than one word per song. I would duplicate the word I needed to use and go on and find another one. When I had all of the words that I needed I put them in the right order. Then I highlighted all of them and made them the same volume and then made all of the clips 25% longer. This made it more understandable. But then some words were too long so I went back and shortened them. Then I saved and exported it. The part that took the longest was finding all of the words and getting just the right part.


The Wire Watching/Listening/Discussing

Episode 3: “What they need is a union” –Russell

This is the episode that I joined in on the discussion for. It was very interesting and the different parts that people chose to listen to were also interesting. It is cool to hear everyone’s take on different things, especially things that I didn’t necessarily understand—but we’ll get to that in a minute.

The first time I watched the beginning I guess I was just trying to figure out what was going on so all I saw was Omar and his new partner in crime/boyfriend and the fact that they got beat to the punch by the girls. But in preparing for the discussion I listened again and I realized that someone in the background asked where someone else had been and he answered just been laying low and I linked that to Omar, that he had been laying low. I also thought it was interesting how Omar took the money from the girls and says “Spread the word darlin’, Omar’s back.” Kind of confirms for me that the first part was talking about him.

I thought the scene with Bunk and Freamon interviewing those guys was so funny—kind of like comedic relief. And like Groom said, we don’t usually see Freamon in a comedic role; he is usually the stern enforcer. But it was cool to see him like that.

It seemed to me like the situation with the girls was a dead end (no pun intended) at every turn. First the lost in translation scene, then “Can full of dead girls sent from nowhere to nowhere” according to Bunk. It seemed like maybe McNulty was going to get somewhere with the doctor, especially since he found out that some of the girls had breast implants in Budapest and that 7 had sex within 24 hours of death, 2 had anal, and 6 had oral. What I thought was really funny was when McNulty tried to go in and tell Bunk and Freamon what he found but they were already a step ahead of him. It made me laugh.

Okay so when I watched the episode I reallllly did not understand the rat and the dog scene. I guess maybe I didn’t realize who the people were but then when we listened to it and discussed it in our discussion it made a lot of sense to me. The guy who was bringing the drugs into the prison was the rat and he was thrown to the dogs (Avon). It is a dog eat dog world. Also the fact that the drugs were laced with too much rat poison was also a play on this scene. I missed all of that stuff the first time because I didn’t understand this scene. And again with Avon being the big dog trying to play the family card like he cares about D and all that when really he wants him to keep up his end of the bargain so Avon doesn’t go to jail for life. But Avon does tell D not to take the drugs when he plans to have them laced with too much rat poison.

I liked in the scene with McNulty and his ex how even when she closed the door, he could still see in. To me that either meant that she was trying unsuccessfully to shut him out or that the agreement that her lawyer sent him is going to have him on the outside looking in on his old life.

I really don’t like the fight between Sabatka and Prez’s FiL. It really just annoys me because what is it really all about? (yes I know that that is the basic premise for the rest of the season now but that doesn’t mean it annoys me any less haha)


Episode 4: “If I hear the music, I’m gonna dance.” – Greggs

Frank knows about Nicky and Ziggy stealing the cameras but surprisingly he didn’t light into him too bad. Obviously blood is thicker than water because had that been anyone else he would have fired them right on the spot. Frank said to go to him in the future when he needs money. Ziggy doesn’t know how to keep his money quiet like Nick told him to. It was super cute how Nick’s daughter knew all of the ships.

D does not like that Avon was responsible for the laced drugs and does not want a part of what he is doing, even though he can get out of jail early. This is likely because like D said earlier, he feels more free in jail than he does out of it. Of course the tip that Avon gives them finds the drugs.

I love the look that Rawls gives McNulty when he walks into the office like he belongs there.

I was very surprised that Daniels took the deal that the Deputy Ops gave him. He really wanted out but I guess not bad enough. His wife is NOT going to be happy with him. Kima is in the same boat though. Her wife is not going to be happy with her either. I loved the scene with the classical music when the camera was just going around in circles between the guilty parties and their angry wives.

I also live-tweeted as I was listening to the audio of this episode, so here are a couple of screen shots of my tweets and conversations:


Episode 5: “They used to make steel there, no?” –Spiro Vondas

That first scene before the credits made me laugh when I know it wasn’t supposed to. Ziggy was trying to act all gangsta when it is obvious he is not. He is such a dummy, I just wanted to hit him during that whole scene. There was an interesting contrast between him acting all “big and bad” to the white boy to acting like a little punk white boy to the black guys. I’m glad Nicky isn’t happy with Ziggy for getting into drugs. And I am super glad he made fun of the way he was talking haha.

I loved Carter’s answer when Daniels asked him why he would take Carter back after he proved himself disloyal: “I have no f***ing clue, Lieutenant.” I was surprised that Carter was okay with being under Greggs. I also loved how you could hear the phone ringing and the occasional car going by in the background of that scene; it was quiet without being quiet.

Bubbs is the best, I loved when he said “McNulty the Sailor man” hahaha it cracked me up. It was also funny that Bubbs knew more about boats than McNulty did even though McNulty has been on boats all winter. A Baltimore knot: it’s never the same thing twice.

I liked the classical music in the background when Nicky and his girl were looking at that townhouse, it helped reinforce how out of place they were there.

Corrpution: “Because my father in law hates his guts, which in the Southeastern goes for probable cause” –Prez that made me laugh really hard too.

No more family loyalty in the drug ring: “When they got no more use for  you that family shit disappears” –D

Stringer is pretty smart to ask his professor about what he should do with his drug “business.” I knew Stringer would become the brains AND the name behind the operation.

Russell gets an informant to help them with the case! He says to check the computers without saying to check the computers. And then Ziggy and Nicky trying to use the computers is pretty funny. Ziggy understands what to do but Nicky is lost. Technology is a pretty prevalent theme in this episode.

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  1. Nice summarizing of your weekly post! I’m just going to say it short: I think you’re doing an amazing job! Love the way you did your daily creates and your assignments! Keep it up!

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