I was a little intimidated at first when I saw that it was video week. I don’t have a whole lot of experience when it comes to taking and editing videos. I went through all of the video assignments and found ones that I thought would challenge me and help me grow my skills but would also be fun. First, here are my 10 stars of video assignments for the week:

Avon and Stringer Fight: Chipmunk Style

I did this 2.5 star assignment using both Windows Live Movie Maker and Audacity. I figured it would be a good introduction to how Windows Move Maker works. Not super hard but not super easy either. When I was watching the episode I knew that I had to do this assignment for that scene. I knew it was going to be hilarious and it didn’t let me down. I laughed all the way through it, especially when they were actually fighting and Stringer was on top of Avon yelling at him. Oh it is great.

How I did it:

Well this was a bit of a struggle to make but eventually I got it. First I found the scene on YouTube and opened the Free YouTube Downloader that I have on my computer from when we were making our GIFs. I first downloaded the video as an AVI file. But that wouldn’t open right in MPEG Stream Clip. Then I re-downloaded it as an MP4 file. I opened this in MPEG Stream Clip in an attempt to trim it. However, I don’t know if it was too long or what but MPEG Stream Clip did NOT want to trim it for me. It kept crashing. So I decided to try to open the MP4 up in Windows Live Movie Maker and edit it there. After messing around for a little in Movie Maker I figured out how to trim it there. Then I tried to chipmunk-ify them in movie maker. I looked around a little and couldn’t figure it out. Speeding it up just made it hard to watch and listen to. So I googled it to see if you can adjust it in Movie Maker. I saw a few videos on how to do it but I guess I have a different version of Movie Maker than the one they were using so I couldn’t figure out how to do it. However, I knew that I could make it high pitched in Audacity. So I went back to Free YouTube Downloader and downloaded the same clip as an MP3 file. I imported that into audacity and went to Effect>Change Pitch and changed it so it sounded chimpmunk-y enough for me. Then I trimmed it to where I thought it would fit with my video. I imported it into movie maker and the sound was a couple seconds off from the video so I had to go back and trim the audio a little more in Audacity. The second time I trimmed it it fit perfectly! I was happy that it only took two tries to work. In order to post it on here I couldn’t just post the WMV file because it didn’t like that so I used zamzar.com to convert it to an MP4 file and downloaded to my computer and then uploaded it to my blog (unfortunately, for reasons not yet known, the video won’t work on my blog even though I converted it to MP4). You can hear the sound but you can’t see the video which is frustrating.

Was High School Really Four Years Ago?

For my second video assignment for this week I did “High School Memories” (4.5 stars). I thought this would be a fun assignment to do, especially being able to reflect on my high school years. No, they weren’t the best four years of my life but I did have a lot of fun while they lasted. I also worked very hard during high school (and had the GPA to show for it) but that didn’t leave a whole lot of room for a social life. Luckily I was able to set aside enough time–especially junior and senior year–to have fun with my friends. I don’t regret it one bit.

How I did it:

Since I did not have this computer in high school, all of my pictures are at home and on Facebook. So I went on Facebook and went through the pictures that I am tagged in and saved the memorable ones. I then went through my pictures that I have posted. Unfortunately I couldn’t figure out how to save a video from Facebook (if someone can enlighten me I would be more than happy to re-make my video with some videos in it). When I was done going through Facebook, I opened all of the pictures in Windows Live Movie Maker. I then figured out how to group them so it would make the most sense. I rearranged the pictures so they would be in that order. I then added title slides to each section so people wouldn’t be confused and it also kind of breaks up the pictures rather than having just 78 pictures straight for three and a half minutes. I then clicked on “Add Music” and imported a song I thought would go well with my pictures, “All American Girl” by Carrie Underwood. I clicked on “Project” and “Fit to Music.” I then went to “Animations” and clicked on “Automatic Pan and Zoom” which picks a pan or zoom type for each picture. I decided to do this because just looking at pictures stationary for three and a half minutes was boring. I also didn’t want to make it the same animation for each slide so I decided to do the random one. I then saved the video “For Computer” and went to zamzar.com to convert it to MP3 from WMV. This video took a lot longer to convert and download than my other one did, likely because the amount of files that are in it.

It also would not let me direct upload to here so I had to put it up on YouTube first. It was 2MB too big >:(

What Makes Me Happy?

For my final video assignment this week I did “This Is My Story” (3 stars). I chose this one because I have, oddly enough, always wanted to make one of these videos where I tell my story through writing even though it is on video. The hardest part was choosing a topic to talk about. I thought about doing my life story but that’s really just boring since I have lived one place my whole life and only have one sister and had a boring, school-focused life until college. So I decided to go with what makes me happy. Obviously this is the short list of what makes me happy. I could have gone on all day but I figured I should keep it relatively short and sweet and to the point.

How I did it:

I first figured out what I was going to write and wrote it on note cards in fairly neat handwriting using marker so it was easier to read. I then opened up Cyberlink YouCam (my webcam). I knew the video would show up backwards but I recorded it anyway. I was hoping I could flip it somehow. After I recorded it, I opened the file in Windows Live Movie Maker. I then looked under “Visual Effects” and there was a “Flip horizontally” one so I did that and voila, my note cards were readable. I then chose a song that I thought would go along well with this theme and I chose “Doin’ What She Likes” by Blake Shelton. I imported it and I figured out at what point I wanted to start the song. I decided to start it at :19 when he starts singing. It also happens to cut off close to the end of a line so that was nice too. Once that was done I saved the movie “For computer” and changed it from WMV to MP4 using zamzar.com and downloaded it so I could put it on here.

Well, due to some kind of technical difficulties that I don’t really understand, the video works on my computer but when I upload it it won’t show the video. And because I have a song behind the video, YouTube mutes the song but allows you to see the pictures. I had all kinds of issues with my videos this week.

Daily Creates:

What is it?

I did Tuesday’s daily create just in the nick of time. Obviously by the time I decided to do it, it was dark outside so to make it hard to tell what the object was I had to make it dark in the room as well. It may be obvious what it is, nevertheless I am happy with how it turned out.

What is it?

It’s pretty low quality because of how dark it was in the room but it is still apparent that there is something in front of the blinds. It’s a lamp for those of you who are playing along at home.

The Moral of The Story:

The moral of the story is don’t fall asleep on the softball bus. You will have pictures taken of you. I could post a funny picture of myself where I fell asleep with my hands in my pocket. I chose this one because it is funny. We have several pictures of this girl (one of my roommates) asleep in a similar position so it was a running joke on the team to get more pictures of her in the same position. So this is one of the best sleeping pictures that I have:

Sleepy Shot


This week I was inspired by one of the posts that I commented on last week. It was Jeremy’s post from October 2. He made Cedric Daniels into a giraffe. It made me laugh but it was also a great choice of animal for Daniels. I was inspired by the simplicity of it but also the thought that went into it. He not only chose a perfect animal for Cedric–because of the methodical way that he moves–but he also chose the perfect face. Cedric seems to be saying “How did I turn into a giraffe?!?!” I commented on the inspire post and here is the picture:

The other post that inspired me was Nicky’s How-To McNulty for Dummies. It was also posted on the inspire page so I commented on the inspire post. Her post inspired me because it was very creative. It was a great idea to make a how to McNulty for dummies because he is a very interesting character. He is not a character who is typical of all shows. He is a main character who tries to be good but is really corrupt. I love her description of what the book is about. She also inspired me in the quality of her work. It is very high quality and I wouldn’t have known where to start with that project. Here is the picture of it:


Look, Listen, Analyze:

The scene I am doing “Look, Listen, Analyze” for is the scene where Dennis tries to get his permits to transform the warehouse into a gym. The scene starts at 17:49 in Episode 9 of Season 3. These are my notes upon watching this scene.


Wide shot of Dennis walking in, then focus on his face, and pan up to the “menacing” door.

Blank look in Dennis’s eye—he looks anxious, confused,



and impatient depending on who he is talking to

He walks out looking dejected



Get louder

Walking up steps

Opens door

Elevator ding

Property zoning—talking in codes that Dennis likely doesn’t understand—talking about everything that he needs and he probably doesn’t understand—he is likely overwhelmed—phones ringing. Elevator dings at the end

Opens the door and you hear him walking down the stairs

They were talking super-fast, not allowing him to get a word in edgewise


Cars get a little louder when it zooms in on him (when we get closer to the street)

“A boxing gym” *ding*–that was interesting

He looks confused when she is reading the properties zone B1, B2, B3, B4, or B5

It was interesting how they meshed all of the different people talking together to make it seem like a coherent stream of talking even though he wasn’t hearing them in that order

He also talks to all different kinds of people but the way they make their thoughts one stream of consciousness is interesting

I also thought it was interesting how the scene begins and ends with an elevator ding—kind of like a boxing match to represent the beginning and end of a round!!

You can see all the pictures from these clips in my original blog post.

Fritz Lang’s M:

Well this clip may as well have been silent because I obviously didn’t understand anything that was said (I took Spanish as my foreign language). I guess voice inflections kind of tell us a little bit but I really didn’t understand a whole lot. Anyway here is what I saw:

The kids are playing a game that the lady up on the balcony (I assume she is a mom) does not want them to play. They stop until she goes inside and then they continue playing. To me this shows me that they don’t listen and that is foreshadowing for something that will likely happen later on in the  movie.

You know that one lady is pregnant before you even see her belly because of the way she struggles getting up the stairs. I am not sure of  her role in this scene but she may be important later on in the movie.

The little girl almost gets hit by a car which to me was foreshadowing that something bad would happen. It could also be seen as her staying out of trouble but that is not how I saw it.

Then you see the lady setting the table for two right after the little girl almost gets hit by a car–to me that showed me that maybe the little girl wouldn’t end up making it home. And then when you see the shadow looking at the little girl you know that she won’t come home. I am sure that sign was some kind of wanted sign for that guy and the fact that he had probably abducted other children recently.

The mom is worried that something is wrong because the little girl should be home soon. Then she didn’t show up with the other kids. You then see the little girl getting a ball from the creepy guy. Lang does so many things to make sure that you know that the little girl isn’t going to come home. Then the mom gets her hopes up when the mail man rings the doorbell, but you know that it is in vain. She looks down the stairs and calls the girl’s name, looks at the clock again, calls out the window to her and gets more and more frantic. The camera shows all of the places that she isn’t and then finally her ball rolling away.

It is crazy to me that you don’t have to know German to understand what is going on and what has gone on that hasn’t been explicitly shown on the screen.






The Wire Episodes:

Episode 8:

“God damn, can’t you ever get a police around when you need one?” He wants to file a complaint that he was selling drugs and someone took his money. Bunny wants to make some of the kids auxiliary cops

“Crawl, walk, and then run.” –Clay Davis

Freamon thinks the discipline that the dealers are going through to get the phones is beautiful

“It takes money to make money, String. Or else every pawn would be a king.” –Clay Davis String doesn’t want to wait to be successful but then one of his guys on his property with him shows him a guy who was working with Clay Davis and now owns a bunch of property. String might see that Clay is right.

A great village of pain and you’re the mayor—the guy Bunny showed Hamsterdam to—he doesn’t think it’s a good idea and wants him to act like an actual mayor and give the people what they need or else they’ll all die (which maybe wouldn’t be such a bad thing because they’d all be off the streets). Bunny’s guys don’t like Hamsterdam either because they don’t get to do real police work. Carver is backing him up though saying that he has always done what needs to be done when it comes to protecting his people and that he is just trying something. Then Bunny’s friend convinces him to let the health care people in there to test for STDs and give out condoms and things of that nature.

Herc was playing around on the suspect drawing thing on the computer with the black guys making an “ideal woman” and one of the guys goes “you got one of these that does a$$es?”

So funny that Kima and McNulty are “in Dumfries” even though I’m pretty sure it’s not actually Dumfries. My grandma still lives there and my dad grew up there so it’s kind of funny. Then McNulty is talking bad about black people, come to find out the guy he is talking to is married to a black lady. He tells Kima that McNulty is a bit of an a$$hole and Kima acts surprised. Kima is back to living with her wife but she doesn’t know if she wants to be there. Oh was McNulty saying he would help Kima out with some magic fingers *wink wink* When they bring the tape back Freamon, Prez and Daniels are sitting around it and Prez is being weird as he is zooming in on the license plate and Daniels goes “sometimes you still scare me, you know that?”

Tommy is calling Rawls and Herv out about massaging the statistics so that crimes are going down. Then he goes on to witness protection. And he is putting his foot in his mouth by doing that. Not only did he ignore the guy next to him but his “campaign manager” did not look happy with him. She calls him out on always wanting to be right and not being likeable. Rawls goes back and calls Bunny out on his numbers being down. You can’t make Rawls happy. Tommy has a guy coaching him on how to speak to people so he doesn’t come off as an a$$.

Kids are playing basketball and the hoop is a plastic crate haha. “You guys are friends, you’re like brothers. You lose that you lose every damn thing.”

Bunny’s friend who didn’t like Hamsterdam is trying to get Dennis hooked up with a guy to do some boxing—mostly just to keep him out of trouble. Takes him to a boxing gym that is a lot nicer than the one that he used to go to. He is going to make a gym out of an old abandoned warehouse. He said he wants to do it all on his own.

McNulty talks to Bri about D killing himself and how he didn’t kill himself. McNulty is implicating Avon in it. McNulty basically said that Bri didn’t care about D because she made him take the years to stick up for family. Bri tells String that McNulty talked to her. String tells her that McNulty is trying to drive a wedge between the Barksdale corporation thing. “Cops shouldn’t mess with a mother’s pain like that” –String “No one should.” –Bri. One of Strings close guys wants to tell Bri about D. Avon got shot and String turns into a gangster real quick putting a gun in the back of his pants. Uh oh String told Avon that he set D up to be killed.

Omar thinks Hamsterdam is too good to be true so he doesn’t take money from anyone.

Contrast between the club that Marlo was in and the bar that Bunny and the other cops are in. The dogs are barking while Marlo is on the phone with that girl.


Episode 9:

McNulty is leaving his kids in the middle of the night for a booty call; that makes me mad. Freamon tells Jimmy that the job isn’t going to make your life. He basically tells Jimmy to get a life and Jimmy goes like what? Doll house miniatures? McNulty has an actual date with the lady. Pretty awkward conversation between Jimmy and the girl. Uh oh he didn’t vote for president so she is not happy. McNulty doesn’t even get a goodnight kiss after that conversation.

“…while you’re waiting for moments that never come.” –Freamon

The church guy tells Dennis he is going to need permits. Dennis tries to go get permits and he is in way over his head. He had to talk to like five different people. The Reverend put in a good word with the guy in the wheelchair and he gets Marla to go with him to talk to the lady he needs to talk to. Looks like it went well.

Prop Joe brings up to String in their little board meeting with all the higher up drug dealers that Avon is half the problem. String gives the OK to kill Omar. Omar was protecting his Grandma that was cute. The boys who tried to kill him were getting chewed out. Omar is shaken up about almost getting his Grandma killed. He said he didn’t think anyone would go that low to try to shoot someone on a Sunday morning. The girl leaves because she just wants the money and Omar basically tells the other guy that Omar wants to get Avon and String on his own. Avon lectures String for breaking the Omar truce. Avon is making the guys buy Omar’s grandma a new hat haha that’s funny. Prop Joe goes to Marlo’s grandpa or whoever and tells him that Marlo can go in on their co-op with them. String wants his money back immediately. He calls out his little buddy on taking all of his money with nothing to show for it. Avon is backing String against Bri by not telling her that String had it done to him. Avon can’t look her in the eye. String looks nervous like he is going to tell on him. WOOO he almost let it slip. Bri is onto them.

It’s interesting how the cameras that they use increase in quality every season.

Rhonda let the guy at the wireless company have it. She got him to agree to give them the wiretap by threatening that she would say that his company was conspiring with drug dealers.

Hahaha Prez read his fortune about a new friend making himself known and McNulty goes if it was herself you’d be talking. Prez goes “Shit I’m married with lawn furniture man.” Prez shot a cop…He doesn’t want a lawyer because he knows he will get fired regardless. Aw he said to tell Lester he was sorry. Daniels lied to Jay and said that he wanted a lawyer. Valchek wanted Daniels to back him and Daniels didn’t agree he just looked angrily at Valchek. Lester was trying to teach Kima and the other guy about the wire and how they watch the calls in and out of the phones. Kima said she doesn’t feel like working because of Prez. Prez in the room with all of the tap stuff. He is very sad L

Tommy’s black buddy (Tony) is also running for Mayor and Tommy isn’t telling him that he is running. Tony asks Tommy to run for council president with him as Mayor and Tony says why not? What else do you have going for you? Little does he know.

Shooting in Hamsterdam and Carver tries to get Herc to move the body before homicide gets there. Herc says no and walks away and Carver gets the other two guys to help him out. Carver looks nervous with homicide checking it out. Uh oh is Herc about to tell on Carver???? Uh oh he is calling the newspaper. Carver is in troubleee, they found a smeared blood trail. Bunny is taking one for the team by saying that he moved the body, not Carver because Carver is trying to cover for him. Bunny takes it to the leaders in Hamsterdam and tells them they better have a shooter or else Hamsterdam no longer will exist. They got shot over some shoes—also it was one of Barksdale’s people. I think String said to turn him in. He turned himself in.


Episode 10:

Brother’s back! And Avon’s people look like they just got back from fighting a small war. The police got one of Prop Joe’s people’s stashes. Geez people are getting shot at and killed left and right. “Don’t y’all know there’s a fuc%ing war going on man?” Brother is talking to Marlo’s grandpa or whoever he is looking for Omar. Omar goes and talks to the Butch about the attempted shooting. Butch is going to give Omar people to kill Avon and Stringer. Butch knew where they were all along and didn’t tell Omar because he didn’t want him to die. String has two body guards and he is not happy about that. Woo String is really not happy about them following him. Prop Joe tells String that if the Barksdales keep the war up then they’re going to be out of the co-op. Marlo will join if he can keep his corners. Smoke blown in front of Stringer’s face while he was talking to Prop Joe was interesting. Marlo shot the girl that he was sleeping with…and the dog is barking because he isn’t supposed to be there. I just realized it but at the beginning of this episode Avon was wearing a camo hatà the war is on. It registered when he got the grenade. String calls Avon on being on a power trip. Brother sends his body guard into a gay bar. String is smoking and pacing. He is nervous about something. “Heavy is the head that wears the crown.” –Freamon (lots of talk about crowns in the last couple of episodes between Omar’s grandma’s church crown and that statement). Rawls was in the gay bar HAHAHAHAHAHA. Omar is on Stringer; he was watching him from across the street from the funeral home. Brother’s man is about to start a fight in the gay bar, that was ballsy.

“Call it a crisis of leadership.” –Proposition Joe

Rhonda and Daniels go and talk to the judge that McNulty was buddy-buddy with the first season. And he is still hitting on Rhonda. That, Professor Groom, is why it is creepy for professors to use the winky face. “We’re all pieces of $h!t when we’re in your way. That goes with the territory.” –Daniels to McNulty. They got Bodie talking to his Grandma. Sheesh Lester is brilliant when it comes to the codes that they use. They don’t know what Hamsterdam is yet though. Daniels asked Freamon and the black lady if they thought Prez was racist. McNulty is not happy about the politician lady. Balls they lost the phones because they dumped them already. Apparently McNulty and Freamon were on the same wave length there but everyone else was lost. Rhonda gets the judge to agree to put wire taps on phones that haven’t been used for illegal activities yet. Freamon goes undercover to get Bernard to buy the phones from him. They also got a store front somehow.

Bunny told Carver he isn’t anything when it comes to policing. He is basically saying that they are at war with the drug dealers. A reporter called and said they had been to all three of the free zones. Herc is telling the reporter all about it and he wants the reporter to tell them downtown. The reporter meets with Bunny. Bunny tells him that they are going to make arrests at the end of all of it. The reporter gives him a week to get some arrests or else he looks bad. Bunny has to tell the people down at division. Bunny tells McNulty that Avon got shot. That must be what String was calling about. Gave him an address where Avon is supposedly staying too. Herv is NOT happy with Bunny’s presentation. They’re saying they’re all dead but Bunny is willing to take the fall for everyone including his men. Bunny threatens Herv if he goes for his men. Rawls says Bunny was brilliant even though it was illegal. He brought letters from a bunch of people saying how happy they were. Herv had to go to the Mayor and his cabinet but he pulled out the numbers (crime down) and letters. That didn’t go well either.

Dennis’s gym is looking good. He doesn’t know how to go out and get kids. Dennis is out watching kids play basketball and talks to Carver about maybe getting them to box. Dennis breaks up a fight between two who were not playing nice together. Dennis shows them what he can do and hopes it gets through to them. That was probably the best way for him to approach it. Yay kids came in! He knows he has his work cut out for him. They left because Dennis went back to his old ways for a second. He threatened to hurt them. Dennis goes to talk to his old coach about them. He apologized to the kid. Dennis has some students!

Tommy is having a campaign meeting at the bar. Tommy wants to tell them about Tony. “It’s not personal, Tommy, it’s politics.” Tommy seems torn between running with Tony and using him to split the black vote. He is talking to his wife about it. His wife suggests waiting four years or talking to Tony about it. He is conflicted because he has to use Tony in order to win because Tony can’t win against Royce. Wow I’m surprised he has a conscience.

On a side note, when did McNulty start wearing a ring.