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Better late than never…right?

UGH I’M SORRY I SUCK AND DIDN’T POST THIS BEFORE MIDNIGHT. My brain is fried from studying for finals. I know, I know, not an excuse but it’s all I got. Here are my posts and what I did this week:

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I’m sorry again that I suck, but at least I waited until the last week to start sucking, right?

The Wire:


“You play in dirt, you get dirty.” –McNulty

“mmm, yummy! My first bowl of $h!t” –Carcetti

I love that Namond listened to Bunny without hesitating. Man what the heck is wrong with Albert? He’s a little cranky butt. Poor Randy no one likes him because he’s a snitch. Poor Albert’s mom died. Man, Michael is turning out to be a problem child. Boys tried to beat up Randy because he was a snitch but Michael backed him up and got into a fight for him. Woowoo Prez is going to tell Freamon that the bodies are in the vacants! The police office will no longer function on stats, they will be making quality arrests.

Rawls is cooperating with Carcetti’s people because he wants Burrell’s job. Man that stupid police officer told his buddies that they were in a gang and that the yellow paint was a declaration of war. Carcetti is walking into offices, telling them what they need to fix and walking out. He isn’t giving them enough information to get things done. Ah sheet, Valchek told Rawls that he wasn’t going to be the next commissioner and that Daniels was. Daniels tells Freamon that he can pick his supervisor and the people he works with in Major Crimes. Tommy seems to be wearing himself thin trying to take care of everything and tie up all the loose ends. Poor Dookie has to go to 9th grade and the higher ups pulled the pin on Bunny’s program.

Hahaha McNulty goes and has lunch with Bodie and tells him about the stupid cop who got paint thrown on him. McNulty is skeptical of the mayor. Herc is being investigated for pulling over that minister and everything else he has been messing up recently—Marlo at the train station, etc. FINALLY Freamon figures out where they’ve been putting the dang bodies—he is looking for nails with lots of holes; the one that is different than the others. Bunk was so lost when Freamon was figuring out which one they were keeping the bodies in.

Prop Joe was not happy being on the business end of a gun.

Sheesh, schools are running a $54mill deficit. Which is probably why their program is being cut. The people cutting the program said if the mayor signed off on it then they could continue with it but they aren’t going to rock any boats right now.



Ah sheet, Marlo’s two killers are after Michael. Hm, they are teaching him. I wonder if he got with Marlo wanting to be a killer?

“That all there is to it?” –Bubbles

Woo, Freamon and Bunk were right, now hopefully they can get Marlo’s peeps on it. Jay is not happy with Freamon because he is giving them bodies. Jay is ordering him not to open anymore vacants. Hahaha Freamon said that guy is one of the most effective supervisors in the department. That’s because he doesn’t do anything. Daniels tells Rawls that he should tell the mayor to have the vacants opened now bc the bodies will be on Royce’s last term, not on his.

They’re deciding no one is responsible for the school budget being in a deficit.

Haha the a$$hole of a lieutenant is out of Major Crimes. Herc wants the direction in Major crimes to come from him. Herc is taking the fall for all the things that he did.

That little boy cracks me the heck up. He acts so much older than he is. Michael tells Nay that the little boy took the dope for himself that no one actually kicked his door in and took the dope. Poor dookie, first he has to go to high school then his family gets evicted. Michael beats up the little kid so Nay can get his package and Nay doesn’t even take it. Mike beat up nay and nay started crying. Couldn’t call nay’s mom, she wouldn’t listen so carver called Bunny. Then the kids who are trying to get Randy call the police and tell them people are beating a cop and someone fired shots so the people watching Randy’s house would leave then the set it on fire. Randy is okay, Anna is not. She has second and third degree burns.

Bubbs goes to people about how to kill someone. They said to use cyanide because it cooks up like dope. Haha Bubbs has a black santa on his cart. I had a feeling that was going to happen. Poor Sherrod.

Haha the choice of song when the mayor was leaving the governor’s office was funny. “we won’t go until we get some.”

Prop Joe’s guy goes and tells him what Omar and his people did.

Dennis thinks it is his fault that Mike is acting the way he is. Woo Dennis is ballsy talking to them like that. Yeah, I figured. He shot Dennis in the foot/leg twice.



LOL someone wrote on the wall in the bathroom “Rawls sucks c^%&”

Bubbs hung himself when they left the room LLLL thank goodness he did not die. However I am sure he won’t stop trying. Bubbs made the hot shot for the guy who has been beating him up but the boy got it because Bubbs didn’t tell him it had cyanide in it. Kima and the guy from the NA meeting go to talk to Bubbs but Kima doesn’t go in.

“If animal trapped call 410-844-6286” –Baltimore, traditional

Daniels just called Rawls out for taking down the wire taps on Marlo’s crew and Rawls did NOT look happy about it. He wants a unit to go out and find all of the vacants with nails in them. Rawls immediately says no because it’ll take Daniels closer to the top. Burrell said Daniels is far from his chair and so is Rawls because he made his move too soon. They have weak connections between the killings and Marlo. Bunk goes and talks to Lex’s mom to get her to say who killed him. Kima, Bunk, and Freamon found Chris and Snoop and found their gun, aww yeah, they gone.

Prop Joe is playing hard ball. He tells them that he will pay for the stuff Omar took but they won’t get any after that shipment, it’ll all be his. Marlo wants to kill Prop Joe’s nephew because he was in charge of the shipment that got stolen. Haha Omar is actually considering selling Prop Joe’s stuff back to him for extra. He did too, he goes back to Joe. He is getting 20 on the dollar, $400,000 for Omar. Marlo meets with the Greek. LOL Joe tells them it’s 30 on the dollar. He ain’t a dummy.

Bodie is talking about how Marlo kills people just because he can, not because it’s business. That is not how the Barksdales used to do stuff. McNulty wants to let Bodie walk and tries to get Rhonda to sign off on it. It worked. McNulty loves Bodie haha. Bodie is talking about he has the higher ups backs but they don’t have his when worst comes to worst. He said he feels like a pawn—just like D taught him. Bodie is going to tell on Marlo. Well crap…Michael killed Bodie. Marlo and them put Mike and his brother up. Ah sheet, Mike has Marlo’s ring. Woowee McNulty is not happy about Bodie being dead, probably bc he was about to tell on Marlo. Now McNulty knows that it’s his fault. McNulty wants back in the game because he thinks he owes it to Bodie. He goes to Daniels about it. Interesting how they tied Daniels back into the education theme by him saying he went to that school and got a decent education there.

Carcetti doesn’t know what to do about the school funding bc it makes his future uneasy. Bunny and the other guy go to meet with the Mayor about school.

Poor Dookie leaves the high school before he even walks in. I love the parallels that Bunny drew between him and Wee Bey to get him on his side. Bunny tells Bey that Nay isn’t made for the corners. Bey talks to his wife or whoever she is about nay and how Bunny said he could be anything and she said except a soldier. Bey tells her he shouldn’t want to be a soldier if he can be anything else. Bey and Nay’s mom let Bunny and his wife adopt Nay, good.

Carver wants to take Randy in as a foster parent because he doesn’t want him to go to a group home but the screening process is too long. Poor Randy has to go back to the group home and Carver is NOT happy about it. I think that’s actually the most mad we have ever seen him.

Prez gets Nay, Zenobia and the young kid back and they listen to what he is saying and he is surprised.


  1. No sweat, you ruled the semester.

    • admin

      December 9, 2014 at 1:58 pm

      Thank you! I was in bed about to fall asleep and I was like OH NO I DIDNT DO MY WEEKLY SUMMARY so I woke up and posted it then added more this morning and then now I realized that I posted the wrong link for my daily create for this week. Just failing all over the place >.< I'm going to do one more post to summarize my experience so I don't leave it on a bad note (:

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