Hello World Wide Web, this is Brittany coming at you from #ds106. If you’d like to get to know me better you can watch a video of me through the years (minus the embarrassing middle school years, of course) below:

For more recent (or not) events in my life, you can look to my flickr. These two pictures were taken on my family trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic in July. This one is just a cool picture of the sun through the palm trees that I really like

Punta Cana, DR

And this one is a picture of my “framily” as they called everyone at our resort. It includes my immediate family (plus my boyfriend and my sister’s boyfriend) in red, my mom’s sister and her family in bright yellow, my mom’s brother and his family in pink, and my grandparents in navy blue. My grandparents’ longtime friends are in magenta, their daughters and their families are wearing blue and orange. The final family is my uncle’s family, in purple. All of the families in the picture have lived in Virginia for most of their lives. Now, however, the light blue family lives in Missouri and the Orange family lives in Atlanta. In case you don’t feel like counting, we had 29 people on the trip, the most out of anyone we talked to!



We went this year because it was my grandparents’ 50th anniversary, their friends’ 40th anniversary, my aunt and uncle’s 20th anniversary, my 21st birthday, and my sister’s 18th birthday and high school graduation.

The main reason I am at Mary Washington, not a bigger school (with a football team) is because I play softball. I was recruited by Coach Conway and was accepted into the school. It was not, however, my first choice. I really wanted to go to Roanoke College in Salem, Va. I loved the area, the mountains, the people, the accents, the coaches. I loved everything about the school. Nevertheless, it cost $48,000 a year and climbing. Even with my $20,000 in scholarships, it was still more expensive for me than UMW, thus I ended up here. Am I disappointed in my experience here? Absolutely not. I love it here. I love the people, my team, the fact that I live close to my boyfriend, and close enough to home that I can go whenever I please without having to drive forever to get there.

As a team this past season we did about the same as we normally do, despite having half of our games cancelled on account of rain or snow. Anyway, here is my headshot from this past season, my third and most successful (as an individual).

Jr Year Softball Headshot

Finally, the last two pictures I have on my flickr currently. Me and my boyfriend. We have been going out for almost three years. In case you don’t want to do the math, that puts us at starting to date right as my freshman year of college started. Some people say you shouldn’t date in college but I disagree. If you find someone who is committed to you and who you are committed to for the long term, it is better to date one person than to date around. I’ve never been the girl to date around though. As a matter of fact, Ryan is my first ever boyfriend. Hard to believe, I know, in this day and age. But that’s that. He makes me a better person, he makes me happy, I love him, and I love spending time with him.

This picture is from when we first started dating. In November (I think) 2011. I had just gotten down out of a tree stand and showered. A girl I have known since middle school took the pictures for us–she wanted “models” for her photography business that she has yet to do anything with. But anyway we got some good pictures out of it.

Me and Ryan

This picture was taken last July (2013) in St. Thomas. Ryan, who is SCUBA certified, was SCUBA diving and decided to come up to see me as I was snorkeling. We were swimming with sea turtles, which was AWESOME and one of the  coolest experiences of my life (next to skydiving, of course–yes, I have been skydiving). Anywho, I really like this picture for some reason, so here it is.

Snorkel/Scuba in St Thomas

My twitter intro is a little less intriguing. Though interesting for me because I have had a twitter for some time but recently deleted the app from my phone so as not to waste an insane amount of time reading people’s unimportant thoughts. So this is a brand new one just for the class. Aaaand here is my not-so-grand re-introduction to twitter

Finally, my introduction on SoundCloud. This is one of the sites (along with flickr) that I have yet to use. I don’t usually mess around with audio files besides listening to them on my phone or computer. I have, however, messed with Audacity one time before. I don’t know if you have heard the Miracle speech before or the better version by a little boy but we did something like it with my team and I edited it all together.

Anyway, Audacity is what I used to record this because I know I can do multiple takes with it. Here is my intro!

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me!