The scene I am doing “Look, Listen, Analyze” for is the scene where Dennis tries to get his permits to transform the warehouse into a gym. The scene starts at 17:49 in Episode 9 of Season 3. These are my notes upon watching this scene.


Wide shot of Dennis walking in

dennis wide shot

then focus on his face

dennis face

and pan up to the “menacing” door

dennis door

Blank look in Dennis’s eye—he looks anxious, confuseddennis confused


dennis amused


dennis mad

and impatient depending on who he is talking to

He walks out looking dejected



Get louder

Walking up steps

Opens door

Elevator ding

Property zoning—talking in codes that Dennis likely doesn’t understand—talking about everything that he needs and he probably doesn’t understand—he is likely overwhelmed—phones ringing. Elevator dings at the end

Opens the door and you hear him walking down the stairs

They were talking super-fast, not allowing him to get a word in edgewise


Cars get a little louder when it zooms in on him (when we get closer to the street)

“A boxing gym” *ding*–that was interesting

He looks confused when she is reading the properties zone B1, B2, B3, B4, or B5

dennis reading zones

It was interesting how they meshed all of the different people talking together to make it seem like a coherent stream of talking even though he wasn’t hearing them in that order

He also talks to all different kinds of people but the way they make their thoughts one stream of consciousness is interesting

I also thought it was interesting how the scene begins and ends with an elevator ding—kind of like a boxing match to represent the beginning and end of a round!!

I hope this is understandable. I couldn’t insert anymore pictures into the post or I would have.