The second post that inspired me was Travis Peed’s “The Right Logo For Me.” This was a daily create assignment but Travis went above and beyond the call of duty on this one. I know it took him longer than ten minutes to do it because it is very impressive. He made a logo out of his initials all morphed together. I remember making mine (just a drawing) and thinking “hey, I should do a monogram because I love them” and then remembering that Groom said if it took ten minutes it took too long. So I veered away from the harder route. The reason Travis’s assignment inspires me is because it reminded me that you can go above and beyond. It isn’t a bad thing if it is something that you like. I wish I had done my monogram for my logo (though I am happy with how mine turned out) because it would have been more rewarding. This helps me remember that it does feel better to challenge yourself and try things that you wouldn’t ordinarily try. Thanks for reminding me of that, Travis. Here is his picture