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GIFs: Inspired by Jess

For my first inspiration piece this week, I went with Jess Reingold’s post “Now You’re in the Game.” I remember when we were first going to make GIFs I was very intimidated. I had no idea what to do or where to start so I looked at the examples and tutorials and eventually figured it out. Even still I was not as happy with my GIFs as I was impressed with Jess’s. They are Tumblr-quality gifs. I was super impressed with them. If I remember right, I saw hers after I did mine and it made me wonder if I could have done mine a little higher quality. It was also inspiring that she messed up the first one, making it too slow, and then messed up the second one–making it too fast–but then she was able to correct her mistakes and make the rest of them juuuust right (as she said).

jess gif

This one is my favorite of all of the ones that she did. Not only was the speed perfect, but it was a great scene and one of my favorites from this episode. Thanks for the inspiration, Jess!!


  1. Thank you so much!! As we both know, practice makes perfect! I wish I could upload them to Tumblr, but I think they’re too big in file size >_<

  2. This is a very good one! Nice pick! It’s a very good one and interesting! 😀

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