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WMAD Radio

My group–Stefanie, Nicky, and I–have decided on a group name! Our “radio station” will be WMAD radio. The MAD stands for “make art, dammit!” so we thought that would be appropriate. (I thought of the name and my group-mates approved it, woo!)

We also ended up using my idea for the radio show, talking about the theme of corruption throughout The Wire thus far. Obviously it is a pretty rampant topic and something that I always try to pay close attention to. I had PLENTY of notes on it, probably too many actually. But we are in the process of sorting through them and figuring out which ones we are going to talk about. Ideally that will happen tomorrow morning and then recording will start tomorrow night. I know we are behind on this but I believe we can get it done. I am getting good at editing with Audacity fairly quickly and I am sure my teammates are too so we should be okay, I believe.

We haven’t yet decided if we want to do it through Google hangouts or if it would be easier to do it getting together and record it on one person’s computer. I guess we will figure that out tomorrow.


  1. Love the station name! It sounds like your team has a lot to do. One thing you could do is break the show into three segments and use your bumpers and commercials as transitions. Then distribute the labor by having each person could edit a segment. Just a thought…
    In any case I’m sure it will be awesome.

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