I did today’s daily create, “If Poets Wrote Parking Tickets.” So I think the moral of the story is that I am not a poet. My rhymes are terrible, my lines are too long, and my poem only makes a little sense but I was going for funny not realistic. So here it is:

We know there is no room
Because the construction crews are making booms

But we’re going to write this ticket
In hopes that you GET IT.

Do not park on side streets
I know you just want to get to your seats
Or get to Seaco for some eats.

But don’t do it because we will write you a ticket
And we don’t care if you picket

You still have to pay it because we don’t have money
Sorry, but that’s my job, deal with it, honey.

I just winged it–not going to lie though I used a rhyme dictionary for some of them because I’m not creative when it comes to words and when I have to rhyme I get stuck on one word and it drives me crazy. I hope you enjoy it!