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Pythagoras is The Man

I did the daily create again today. My favorite mathematical expression are y=mx+b and

a2+b2=c2    . When I looked at twitter, it seemed that y=mx+b was overly done, so I went with the second one.

asquared plus bsquared equals csquared

I got my a from here, my 2 from here, my b from here, my c from here, my plus sign from here, and my equal from here. So here’s the story behind it. I wasn’t very creative for the A, I couldn’t think of anything other than a fancy A to take the place of it. For the two rather than doing an actual 2, the peace sign came up and I thought that was funny so I went with that one. For the plus sign, I didn’t want to do a normal boring plus sign so I did the American Red Cross sign. For the b I thought about doing a bee but I stole that idea from Carmella. So rather than doing that or a normal b I went with a flat sign. Yes, I know it isn’t a “b” per se but it looks enough like one for me. My equals sign I went with the Equal logo because I thought it was funny. And for my c I did the sea because it’s punny ;).

To make it I just copied and pasted all of the photos into Microsoft Word and rearranged them until they looked right to me. Then to save it as a picture I screenshotted it and re-pasted it into Word, right clicked and saved as a picture, opened with Microsoft Photo Editor and cropped it and then uploaded it. Of course I am still having issues with known. I now know that in order for my tags to go through on twitter with a picture I have to put them in the actual tag part. Maybe I’ll remember that for next time. It is different for the different media forms. Anyway, I hope you liked my daily create for today!

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  1. Simple way to make a picture!! I’ve definitely done this before too :)

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