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My Light Painting

I did today’s daily create. I originally wasn’t going to do it because I don’t have a camera that I can set for long exposure times. But then I saw Lauren’s post about how she did hers and it seemed easy so I went for it.

How I did it:

I downloaded the Art of Glow app onto my phone. I messed around with it a little, drawing a few things before I chose what to do for this assignment. I ended up drawing a few different things that I liked  but only uploaded one to Flickr. I had to set on regenerate that way it would keep tracing the same lines that I made so I could take a screenshot of my drawing. Here is the flower that I drew and then screen shotted:

Daily Create Flower

I drew this one relatively fast. But then I decided to slow it down to see what would happen and I wrote my initials. This is what it looks like:

daily create initials

I think it looks like slinkies, personally haha. I hope you enjoyed my creations.


  1. These are really beautiful examples of light painting. I was initially intimidated by this assignment, your work makes me wish I’d tried it!

  2. I like this! That’s awesome that you created this all in an app! I love how you wrote your initials!

  3. Brittany you are a very interesting person. So many attributes that I could comment on, the yellow softball definitely by far my favorite. I had to settle on this one because I really wanted to do this TDC and I think you’ve motivated me to do it regardless, just for fun! I love the flower but the initials are too cute; I must agree they most certainly look like a slinky, a slinky…..

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