I did today’s daily create because I thought it would be easy and fun. Then I realized that I don’t have that many books at school with me which complicated things. I have one library book, one book that my boyfriend’s grandma gave me, my Bible, and my textbooks. So that is what I took pictures of. They pretty much describe my life at this point anyway. I read for fun when I have time (which isn’t nearly as often now that I am in this class *hehe*), I read my textbooks an unfortunate amount, and I read my Bible practically every night. So, yeah, I’d say they accurately describe me in book form. And heeere is the picture:

My books self portrait! My Bible, some library books, and my school books. That's about all the books that I have at school with me haha #tdc984 #dailycreate

Also I love my Bible. The color, the leather, the magnet to close it, I just love it. The other books, especially the ones in the bottom right, I am not quite as fond of haha. I hope you enjoyed my daily create today!

How I did it:

It was very easy–I simply took the pictures, edited them together in an app called PicStitch and then uploaded it to Flickr and Twitter. I tried to upload it to twitter via flickr on the app on my phone but the Flickr app kept crashing. I assume that’s because the app hasn’t updated since I have updated to iOS8.