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I’m not Lucky, I’m Blessed

So I did the daily create yesterday “Show us a feeling.” At first I was like oh, this will be easy. Then I started thinking about how exactly one would draw a feeling and I realized it was a lot harder than I thought. I thought about drawing “happy” but I was like eh, that would just be a smiling person or I would draw everything that makes me happy which would be complicated. So, instead, I drew “blessed.” What I depicted was praying hands + a cross = a happy person.

The hands, obviously, represent prayer, the cross represents grace, and the person is blessed. It was a little difficult to think of but when I decided I wanted to do blessed, it came to mind relatively easily. Then I drew it up, took a picture with my phone and put it on twitter and flickr. Hope you all enjoyed it!

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  1. I like how it doubles as a math formula too :)

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