I did yesterday’s daily create but didn’t get a chance to blog about it, so here is the post for it. The daily create was “Make Your DS106 #4life Empathy Map” at first I didn’t know if I wanted to do this or not. But then when I thought about it I figured it would be fun. All of this was how I was feeling at about 10 last night. To summarize it in one word, I was feeling stressed. And I’m sure you get that feeling from looking at this. There is a lot going on in my life right now but I know that no matter how hard it gets, I truly am blessed for having the opportunity not only to go to college but to play a sport for my school.

How I did it:

The easiest ones for me were hear, see, think and feel, and pain. I had to think harder about say and do. But I think I came up with a good one for that. My house was quiet so all I heard was my air conditioning running. It’s kind of nice to only be able to hear that. Much better than hearing my roommates stomp around upstairs. All I had out to look at was homework and my messy room so that is where that came from. I was feeling completely stressed but then when I thought about it more, I was also feeling blessed because it’s better to have things to do than to sit around and get in trouble. I was feeling SUPER sore from workouts, luckily it’s better today, but I know that it is only making me stronger and better as a softball player. And finally, I always have to say “I can’t, I have softball” because, as you can tell from the “do” part, we literally are always doing something.