Sorry, I have been slacking a little. I have been way overwhelmed in my other classes. Luckily I was able to watch all this week’s episodes of The Wire already but I need to catch up on blogging about what I have been up to. Here is my post about my final daily create from last week and my first one from this week.

Last week I did My Sanctuaries. I thought this one would be fun because there are a few places where I can just sit back and relax (or not relax in one case) and not worry about anything. Those places are the softball field, the mountains, the beach, the lake, the woods, and in my boyfriend’s arms. They are  my favorite places in the world. These pictures basically capture what it is to be Brittany.

How I did it:

I had all of the pictures saved on my phone and I put them together in an app called PicStitch and I saved it to my phone and then uploaded it to Flickr via the app.


Here is my collage of pictures:

My sanctuaries: softball field, Lake Anna, in the tree stand, in the mountains, at the beach, and with my boyfriend ❤️

Daily Create #1 of this week:

I did today’s daily create to create a flag for my country. Oddly enough this was an assignment that I had to do in middle school. We had to create a utopia and make everything for it, a flag, a national anthem, a map. It was really fun. But no, I didn’t use that flag, I made a new one. It is simple, just a cross with a sun behind it but I like it. I just thought it up (because I love Jesus and the sun is pretty crucial to life) and drew it with markers on some paper. Here it is:

My country's flag