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A word of advice…

Don’t ever, ever take upper level Economics classes unless you are an economics major. It is a bad idea. And that was the topic of my daily create today. You can listen to the whole thing here:

This was easy to put together. All I did was record it via SoundCloud and that was it. Then I posted it to the tdc979 group page in SoundCloud. It was straight-forward.

In case you couldn’t tell, I am an economics minor who is taking an upper level class that tends to go over my head from time to time. Luckily the professor is pretty helpful but none of the other students know what is going on either. But hey, at least we are all lost together? I hope you never have to take Advanced Economic Analysis. If you do, I pity you.


  1. I enjoy the truth and the tiny bit of hilarity in this advice. I will definitely be following it!

  2. I just learned yesterday that the Economics is the most popular minor at UMW. Who knew?

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