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Better late than never…right?

UGH I’M SORRY I SUCK AND DIDN’T POST THIS BEFORE MIDNIGHT. My brain is fried from studying for finals. I know, I know, not an excuse but it’s all I got. Here are my posts and what I did this week:

Daily Create: image

Check my twitter: @depcommrawls to see all the people I’ve talked to this week!

I’m sorry again that I suck, but at least I waited until the last week to start sucking, right?

The Wire:


“You play in dirt, you get dirty.” –McNulty

“mmm, yummy! My first bowl of $h!t” –Carcetti

I love that Namond listened to Bunny without hesitating. Man what the heck is wrong with Albert? He’s a little cranky butt. Poor Randy no one likes him because he’s a snitch. Poor Albert’s mom died. Man, Michael is turning out to be a problem child. Boys tried to beat up Randy because he was a snitch but Michael backed him up and got into a fight for him. Woowoo Prez is going to tell Freamon that the bodies are in the vacants! The police office will no longer function on stats, they will be making quality arrests.

Rawls is cooperating with Carcetti’s people because he wants Burrell’s job. Man that stupid police officer told his buddies that they were in a gang and that the yellow paint was a declaration of war. Carcetti is walking into offices, telling them what they need to fix and walking out. He isn’t giving them enough information to get things done. Ah sheet, Valchek told Rawls that he wasn’t going to be the next commissioner and that Daniels was. Daniels tells Freamon that he can pick his supervisor and the people he works with in Major Crimes. Tommy seems to be wearing himself thin trying to take care of everything and tie up all the loose ends. Poor Dookie has to go to 9th grade and the higher ups pulled the pin on Bunny’s program.

Hahaha McNulty goes and has lunch with Bodie and tells him about the stupid cop who got paint thrown on him. McNulty is skeptical of the mayor. Herc is being investigated for pulling over that minister and everything else he has been messing up recently—Marlo at the train station, etc. FINALLY Freamon figures out where they’ve been putting the dang bodies—he is looking for nails with lots of holes; the one that is different than the others. Bunk was so lost when Freamon was figuring out which one they were keeping the bodies in.

Prop Joe was not happy being on the business end of a gun.

Sheesh, schools are running a $54mill deficit. Which is probably why their program is being cut. The people cutting the program said if the mayor signed off on it then they could continue with it but they aren’t going to rock any boats right now.



Ah sheet, Marlo’s two killers are after Michael. Hm, they are teaching him. I wonder if he got with Marlo wanting to be a killer?

“That all there is to it?” –Bubbles

Woo, Freamon and Bunk were right, now hopefully they can get Marlo’s peeps on it. Jay is not happy with Freamon because he is giving them bodies. Jay is ordering him not to open anymore vacants. Hahaha Freamon said that guy is one of the most effective supervisors in the department. That’s because he doesn’t do anything. Daniels tells Rawls that he should tell the mayor to have the vacants opened now bc the bodies will be on Royce’s last term, not on his.

They’re deciding no one is responsible for the school budget being in a deficit.

Haha the a$$hole of a lieutenant is out of Major Crimes. Herc wants the direction in Major crimes to come from him. Herc is taking the fall for all the things that he did.

That little boy cracks me the heck up. He acts so much older than he is. Michael tells Nay that the little boy took the dope for himself that no one actually kicked his door in and took the dope. Poor dookie, first he has to go to high school then his family gets evicted. Michael beats up the little kid so Nay can get his package and Nay doesn’t even take it. Mike beat up nay and nay started crying. Couldn’t call nay’s mom, she wouldn’t listen so carver called Bunny. Then the kids who are trying to get Randy call the police and tell them people are beating a cop and someone fired shots so the people watching Randy’s house would leave then the set it on fire. Randy is okay, Anna is not. She has second and third degree burns.

Bubbs goes to people about how to kill someone. They said to use cyanide because it cooks up like dope. Haha Bubbs has a black santa on his cart. I had a feeling that was going to happen. Poor Sherrod.

Haha the choice of song when the mayor was leaving the governor’s office was funny. “we won’t go until we get some.”

Prop Joe’s guy goes and tells him what Omar and his people did.

Dennis thinks it is his fault that Mike is acting the way he is. Woo Dennis is ballsy talking to them like that. Yeah, I figured. He shot Dennis in the foot/leg twice.



LOL someone wrote on the wall in the bathroom “Rawls sucks c^%&”

Bubbs hung himself when they left the room LLLL thank goodness he did not die. However I am sure he won’t stop trying. Bubbs made the hot shot for the guy who has been beating him up but the boy got it because Bubbs didn’t tell him it had cyanide in it. Kima and the guy from the NA meeting go to talk to Bubbs but Kima doesn’t go in.

“If animal trapped call 410-844-6286” –Baltimore, traditional

Daniels just called Rawls out for taking down the wire taps on Marlo’s crew and Rawls did NOT look happy about it. He wants a unit to go out and find all of the vacants with nails in them. Rawls immediately says no because it’ll take Daniels closer to the top. Burrell said Daniels is far from his chair and so is Rawls because he made his move too soon. They have weak connections between the killings and Marlo. Bunk goes and talks to Lex’s mom to get her to say who killed him. Kima, Bunk, and Freamon found Chris and Snoop and found their gun, aww yeah, they gone.

Prop Joe is playing hard ball. He tells them that he will pay for the stuff Omar took but they won’t get any after that shipment, it’ll all be his. Marlo wants to kill Prop Joe’s nephew because he was in charge of the shipment that got stolen. Haha Omar is actually considering selling Prop Joe’s stuff back to him for extra. He did too, he goes back to Joe. He is getting 20 on the dollar, $400,000 for Omar. Marlo meets with the Greek. LOL Joe tells them it’s 30 on the dollar. He ain’t a dummy.

Bodie is talking about how Marlo kills people just because he can, not because it’s business. That is not how the Barksdales used to do stuff. McNulty wants to let Bodie walk and tries to get Rhonda to sign off on it. It worked. McNulty loves Bodie haha. Bodie is talking about he has the higher ups backs but they don’t have his when worst comes to worst. He said he feels like a pawn—just like D taught him. Bodie is going to tell on Marlo. Well crap…Michael killed Bodie. Marlo and them put Mike and his brother up. Ah sheet, Mike has Marlo’s ring. Woowee McNulty is not happy about Bodie being dead, probably bc he was about to tell on Marlo. Now McNulty knows that it’s his fault. McNulty wants back in the game because he thinks he owes it to Bodie. He goes to Daniels about it. Interesting how they tied Daniels back into the education theme by him saying he went to that school and got a decent education there.

Carcetti doesn’t know what to do about the school funding bc it makes his future uneasy. Bunny and the other guy go to meet with the Mayor about school.

Poor Dookie leaves the high school before he even walks in. I love the parallels that Bunny drew between him and Wee Bey to get him on his side. Bunny tells Bey that Nay isn’t made for the corners. Bey talks to his wife or whoever she is about nay and how Bunny said he could be anything and she said except a soldier. Bey tells her he shouldn’t want to be a soldier if he can be anything else. Bey and Nay’s mom let Bunny and his wife adopt Nay, good.

Carver wants to take Randy in as a foster parent because he doesn’t want him to go to a group home but the screening process is too long. Poor Randy has to go back to the group home and Carver is NOT happy about it. I think that’s actually the most mad we have ever seen him.

Prez gets Nay, Zenobia and the young kid back and they listen to what he is saying and he is surprised.

Mash-Ups for Daaaayz

These two weeks were a bit of a struggle for me. The first week I didn’t do much besides daily creates and watching episodes because my workload has been CRAZY. So thank you for giving us two weeks to do this stuff, I appreciate it. Also thank you for giving us until Monday because I would have cried if I had to finish it all before yesterday haha. Anyhow, without further ado, here are my assignments for Mash-Up/Remix Weeks:

Eighteen Second Song Mash-Up:

For my first mash-up assignment this week I did “10 Second Song Mashup” (3 stars). It sounded like fun. I love music and all types of music and I think this mash-up reflects that. I used songs that I already had on my computer because I have most of my favorites on here already. It was pretty easy to come up with good songs to throw in there. The hard part was cutting the songs off because I like them so much. Choosing a good part of the song where it would be recognizable but not too recognizable was hard. But I did it!

How I did it:

I opened Audacity and imported “Beachin’” in first. I chose a part that I wanted and deleted the parts that I didn’t need. Then I imported the remaining songs in and did the same thing. Then I exported the mash-up. I didn’t put it on SoundCloud because I figured it would get deleted due to copyright infringement so here it is.

Video Mash-Up: The Wire Edition:

For my second mash-up assignment this week I did “The Contest Nobody Could Win (Video Mash Up Edition)” (2 stars). I chose this originally wanting to do some of my favorite movies but because one of our assignments has to be with “The Wire” I decided to do that. Plus I already have many of the episodes of the first season on my computer from the video essay assignment in the last two week session. So I took those and made a mash-up of 2 second clips that I thought were important. I didn’t go over the 2 seconds except for the last clip, it is about two and a half seconds.

How I did it:

I opened Windows Live Movie Maker and clicked on Home>Add Videos and Photos. I imported the first episode and cut it down to the section that I wanted. I chose the sections by what I thought defined the show well. I hit Edit>Set Start Point where I wanted the clip to start and Edit>Set End Point where I wanted the clip to end. I did the same thing for the remaining 5 clips. I then saved it “For Computer” and uploaded it to so it could be converted. Unfortunately I tried to upload it to YouTube before I did this and it was rejected. If zamzar does not work I don’t know what I am going to do. Sometimes the videos that I try to convert don’t work when I try to blog them.

Hopefully, here it is:

UGH, well at least you have the audio there. I really don’t know what else to do!

Inappropriate Laughter: Miracle Speech:

For my final mash-up assignment this week I did “Inappropriate Laughter” (3 stars). At first I didn’t know what movie to do because most of my favorite movies are comedies so they are funny anyway. Then I was going to do a serious scene from Remember the Titans. But then the Miracle speech popped up on the suggested videos on the side of YouTube and I knew I had to do it. I have heard the speech several times, mostly the child version because it is adorable. I figured there were a few places in there where laughter could be added because of how much the coach in the movie pauses. Here is my attempt at uploading my video:

Yet again, you can only hear it. I don’t know what the heck is going on. If you have any ideas let me know!

How I did it:

First, I used Free YouTube Downloader to download the YouTube video onto my computer. Then I went onto and found two different laughing tracks from here and here. I then opened Windows Live Movie Maker and clicked Add Videos and Photos and imported the video into movie maker. I set the start point and end point to the parts I wanted them at. Then I found the first spot I wanted laughter to be and hit Add Music>Add at the Current Point and faded it in fast and out slow and turned the volume down some. I did that at all of the other points where I wanted laughter. Some of the pauses were longer so I used the longer clip. Some of them were shorter so I used the shorter clip. I faded them all in and out and turned them down so they sounded natural. Then I exported it “For Computer.” I think it turned out pretty well.

Rawls’s Theme Song:

For my first Rawls assignment for this week I did “Your Theme Song” (4 stars). I thought Bad Boys would be perfect for Rawls not only because he is police but because he may or may not like bad boys ;)

How I did it:

First I found the song that I wanted and then I changed it to MP3 using After I downloaded it, I opened Audacity and imported it into there. Then I just trimmed it to the part that I wanted and highlighted the end and went to Effects>Fade Out to make it fade out at the end so it didn’t just abruptly stop. Then I tried to upload it to SoundCloud but of course it wouldn’t let me because it is copyrighted. I didn’t know how else I could put it on the internet so that I could post it to my social media sites for Rawls so this is how I’m doing it. Not the most efficient way but it’s all I could think of.

"Being Stern"


For my remix assignment this week, I chose an assignment that looked fun, the A to Z food picture collage, and hit remix. The first one that came up was the “‘Stache it” assignment. I figured I could have some fun with that one, so I went for it.

How I did it:

I decided to do it in Microsoft Word since that is the easiest program for me to work with. I googled all of my different foods, found below and copied and pasted them in alphabetical order into word.

AppleBanana, Carrot, Deer, Egg, Fish, Green beans, Ham, Ice cream, Jello, Kiwi,Lima Beans, Marshmallows, Nachos, Orange, Peas, Quail, Radish, Salmon,Turnip, Upside down cake, Vinegar, Watermelon, Xmas cookies, Yams, Zucchini

I resized them to make sure that they all fit on a single page–that was a little tough. Then I googled mustache PNG so that I could put the mustache over the foods without having to physically cut out the mustache from the background image. I found the Moustache at that website. I then copied it and pasted it 26 times into Microsoft word. I had to right click on the picture and hit move to front so that it would be in front of the fruit pictures. Then I resized it and rotated it if I needed to and voila, I have 26 foods that have mustaches on them. Then to get the whole page on one screen I went to View>Full Screen Reading and it pulled it  up so that the page was all on one screen. Then I hit CTRL>Print Screen and pasted it back into word. I right clicked and hit “Save as picture” and saved it as a picture. I then opened that picture in Windows Photo Editor and cropped the picture. Then I put it on Flickr.

Here is my finished product:

alphabet foods with mustaches

Daily Creates Galore:

Daily Create #1:

A 3:30 Sketch (that I did much later than that). I did the inspiration sketch quote last week. I chose one of my favorite quotes (Philippians 4:13) and drew it (?) if you can call it that. I used markers and a piece of paper and then took a picture of it with my phone and uploaded it to Flickr via the app on my iPhone. Here is the finished product:

Inspirational kick in the pants

Daily Create #2:

I did tell us your day in icons. Emojis are a type of icon, right? Okay good. What I did for this one is just open up a note on my iPhone and put the emojis that corresponded to my day in chronological order. Here is my picture and then I’ll explain my day to you so it makes a little bit more sense.

My day in emojis

I got up at 9 to get ready for church. Then we drove home and ate lunch. I did some homework. Then I got in the car and went to my grandma’s house for dinner. We had fried chicken and mashed potatoes (yes I know that is supposed to be a bowl of rice, get over it) and it was very yummy. Then we watched the Redskins game, which of course they lost because they are terrible and I was very sad about that. Then I drove home and went to sleep.

Daily Create #3:

My first daily create this week was this daily create was left intentionally blank. Many people did many different things for this one. I decided to google blank and put the definitions in there as my written response. Here is my response:


(of a surface or background) unrelieved by decorative or other features;

bare, empty, or plain.

not written or printed on.

synonyms: empty, unmarked, unused, clear, free, bare, clean, plain (of a document) with spaces left for a signature or details.

(of a tape) with nothing recorded on it.

2. showing incomprehension or no reaction.

having temporarily no knowledge or understanding.

lacking incident or result

3. complete; absolute (used emphatically with negative force).


1. a space left to be filled in a document. a document with blank spaces to be filled.

2. a cartridge containing gunpowder but no bullet, used for training or as a signal.

3. an empty space or period of time, especially in terms of a lack of knowledge or understanding.

4. an object that has no mark or design on it, in particular.

a roughly cut metal or wooden block intended for further shaping or finishing.

a domino with one or both halves blank. a plain metal disk from which a coin is made by stamping a design on it.

5. a dash written instead of a word or letter, especially instead of an obscenity or profanity.

used euphemistically in place of a noun regarded as obscene, profane, or abusive.


1. cover up, obscure, or cause to appear blank or empty.

become blank or empty. cut (a metal blank).

2. NORTH AMERICANinformal defeat (a sports opponent) without allowing the opposition to score. “Baltimore blanked Toronto in a 7–0 victory”

Daily Create #4:

Well I didn’t realize until just now that this was supposed to be a drawing, oops. But I summarized She’s the Man in two clips from the movie. In case you didn’t know by now, She’s the Man is one of my all time favorite movies. Here is the two panel summary:

She's the man in two panels

That Boinging Rawls:

For my second assignment from Rawls’ point of view, I decided to do “That Bleeping Censor” (5 stars). I thought it would be funny, especially since on Rawls’ twitter I retweeted this:

Also it’s just funny because the amount of cuss words that come out of the man’s mouth.

How I did it:

First, I found the video that I wanted on YouTube. Then I used Free YouTube Downloader to download the video as an MP4 file on my computer. Then I opened the video in Windows Live Movie Maker by hitting “Add videos and photos.” I trimmed the video to where I wanted it. The original YouTube video was two different scenes stuck together so I cut out the second scene because he cusses more in the first one. I chose the cuss word used the most (f^%&) and chose a sound to cover it up. I used to find a funny sound that I could replace the word with. I found this series of boings and chose my favorite one (the second to last one) to use to censor him. I used Audacity to get the boing I wanted. I imported the whole series of them that I downloaded and highlighted the one that I wanted to use. Then I clicked on Edit>Duplicate to get the sound on its own line. Then I deleted the series and used the time shift tool to get my single boing to the beginning. Then I cut out unwanted noise from it (blank noise at the beginning and the end) and exported it as MP3. Then I went back to Windows Live Movie Maker and found the places where Rawls said the F word and hit Add Music>Add music at the current point. When I had it at all of the places where he said it, I moved them around to make them perfect by clicking on Music Tools and using the Start time option. Then when they were exactly where I wanted, I split the video at the point where he said the F word. Then I clicked on Video Tools and faded the spliced portion in slowly for most of them. That made it so that you could not hear or you could barely hear him say the word. The boing was over top of it so you could hear more of the boing than the word. This was hard because you can still hear the word and I didn’t know how to get rid of it completely. I know I could have done it with iMovie but I did not have time to go to the convergence center or the library or wherever to mess around on the Macs.

Anyway, here is the finished product:

Brittany the Videographer.

Notice how the title went from a question mark to a period? Yeah, well that’s because now I consider myself a videographer. These past two weeks have been nice. It is nice to be able to spread your assignments out over two weeks so you aren’t as stressed trying to get them all in in one week. I have been able to accomplish a lot nonetheless. I ended up doing one assignment too many–but that was the first one that I did and I was just having fun with it, so oh well. I also was able to get in my last two discussions about The Wire episodes and those were fun and interesting, as usual. I was also able to do my Swede of an episode (with Stefanie and with the help of my wonderful  boyfriend and an awesome teammate) and my video essay. And heeeere they are:

Daily Create #1: Experimenting with Water

I did yesterday’s daily create, “Take us an experimental water photo.” I thought about it all day because I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to take a splashing one but I didn’t know how or where. Then I remembered that I have some vases that I could use and I figured a quarter would make a pretty cool splash. Rather than trying to take a picture of the splash (I may have been there all night) I took a video of it and decided to screen shot the part that I thought looked good. The first could of times I went through the video by playing it and trying to pause it when the splash looked good. The problem with that was that it was a two second video so pausing it exactly on the right time was nearly impossible. Then I realized I could pause it and scroll through the video frame by frame, allowing me to pick exactly the frame I wanted to capture. I ended up with the following:

Experimental water photo

To me it almost looks like an atom bomb just went off. I liked this picture because you could see the splash and you could still see the quarter that made the splash. The quarter also looks huge which is kind of cool. Anyway I’m happy with how it turned out.

Video Assignment #1: My Favorite Vacation?

For my first video assignment this week I decided to start out easy. I did “It’s Vacation Time” (2 stars). I chose this not because I had a favorite vacation but because I love going back and looking at vacation pictures and making a video is an easy way to do that. I love all of my vacations equally. There are certain aspects of all of them that I like, so I don’t really have a “favorite” per se. I liked this one because I was there with my boyfriend and his family and because all of the islands that we got to go to were great. We went on a cruise leaving out of San Juan, Puerto Rico and went to St. Thomas, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, and St. Maarten. All of the islands were great and Ryan’s mom did a great job choosing which excursions we did on the islands. It was a great time and I would love to go back to some of the islands to stay for a whole week.

How I did it:

I used Window’s Live Movie Maker to make this video. I imported the pictures and videos that I wanted in the video into Movie Maker and rearranged them so that they were in chronological order. Then I decided what music to use. I went with “Under the Sea” from the Little Mermaid which you might not end up being able to hear because I have to upload the video to YouTube before I put it on here because the file is way too big and they like to mute music that is copyrighted (understandably so, it’s just annoying). Anyway I went to Project>Fit to Music so that the pictures wouldn’t take longer to go through than the music would last. I also went through and deleted some pictures that I decided I didn’t want (it also had to be under 100MB or I could not change it to MP4 on I then went through and narrated some slides using captions and chose different animations for them. I also added animations to all of the pictures to make them more dynamic and less static.

Overall I am really happy with how it turned out. I hope you enjoy re-living my vacation with me!

Daily Create #2 and #3

Last week I did My Sanctuaries. I thought this one would be fun because there are a few places where I can just sit back and relax (or not relax in one case) and not worry about anything. Those places are the softball field, the mountains, the beach, the lake, the woods, and in my boyfriend’s arms. They are  my favorite places in the world. These pictures basically capture what it is to be Brittany.

How I did it:

I had all of the pictures saved on my phone and I put them together in an app called PicStitch and I saved it to my phone and then uploaded it to Flickr via the app.


Here is my collage of pictures:

My sanctuaries: softball field, Lake Anna, in the tree stand, in the mountains, at the beach, and with my boyfriend ❤️

Daily Create #1 of this week:

I did the daily create to create a flag for my country. Oddly enough this was an assignment that I had to do in middle school. We had to create a utopia and make everything for it, a flag, a national anthem, a map. It was really fun. But no, I didn’t use that flag, I made a new one. It is simple, just a cross with a sun behind it but I like it. I just thought it up (because I love Jesus and the sun is pretty crucial to life) and drew it with markers on some paper. Here it is:

My country's flag

Video Assignment #2: Time Lapse Video

For my second video assignment for these two weeks I decided to do the “Activity Time Lapse” (3.5 stars). I thought it would be fun to do. I especially wish I had more time this week to do an art project and do a time lapse of that, but of course I don’t so I had to be a little more creative. I decided to do a time lapse video of me making popcorn–because who doesn’t like popcorn and also I wanted to eat some.

How I did it:

I saw that there was a time lapse function on my iPhone so I decided to try it out with this assignment. I hit start recording and grabbed my popcorn, walked upstairs and put it in the microwave and watched it pop. I watched it on my phone and thought it was a little too fast so I emailed it to myself and downloaded it. I then put it into Windows Live Movie Maker and slowed it down to half speed. That was perfect, I thought, so I exported it and went to zamzar to change it to MP4 and uploaded it to YouTube.

Here is how it turned out:

Video Assignment #3: Dear Sixteen Year Old Brittany:

For my next video assignment this week I did “Dear 16 Year Old Me” (4 stars). At first I was like eh, I don’t really know about this one. It seems interesting but I don’t know how much I would have to say. Then I realized that I actually would have a lot to say. That was the beginning of the two hardest years of school for me (college included). I was envious (I guess) of my friends because they had all the guys and no one seemed to want me except one guy that I didn’t want (funny how that works, isn’t it). Anyway I figured I would have plenty to talk about and it turns out I did.

How I did it:

I wrote the letter to myself and did no editing on it so it was exactly what I was feeling. I then opened up my webcam (CyberLink YouCam) and hit record. I pulled up the letter on Microsoft Word and read it while recording the video (which is why I’m not looking at the camera, sorry). Then I had to convert it to MP4 using Zamzar which for some reason took FOREVER to download but eventually it did. Then I uploaded it to YouTube and here it is:

Daily Create #4: Sincerely, UMW Parking Services:

I did November 14th’s daily create, “If Poets Wrote Parking Tickets.” So I think the moral of the story is that I am not a poet. My rhymes are terrible, my lines are too long, and my poem only makes a little sense but I was going for funny not realistic. So here it is:

We know there is no room
Because the construction crews are making booms

But we’re going to write this ticket
In hopes that you GET IT.

Do not park on side streets
I know you just want to get to your seats
Or get to Seaco for some eats.

But don’t do it because we will write you a ticket
And we don’t care if you picket

You still have to pay it because we don’t have money
Sorry, but that’s my job, deal with it, honey.

I just winged it–not going to lie though I used a rhyme dictionary for some of them because I’m not creative when it comes to words and when I have to rhyme I get stuck on one word and it drives me crazy. I hope you enjoy it!

Video Assignment #4: Seniority in The Wire:

This week we had to do the assignment “Video Essay” for The Wire (5 stars). Boy was it worth five stars. This assignment was a lot of work. Rather than doing a discussion of Seniority in one episode, I made mine pretty much a discussion on a theme that is throughout the show but I focused on Season 1. It would have been way too much to do it throughout the whole show. It was something that I tracked pretty thoroughly throughout season one but then focused a little less on it in season two and beyond. So anyway, I discussed the theme of seniority throughout season one of The Wire in my video essay.

How I did it:

Well at first I was getting frustrated because I couldn’t find the scenes that I wanted on YouTube. I didn’t know that you could download the episodes from the wire hub site. So once Groom told me that, I downloaded the episodes that I needed (which took a while because I was on the school wifi–bad idea). I then went through the episodes to find the scenes that I had notes on that I wanted to talk about. I got these notes from my notes on the different episodes, specifically the scenes talking about hierarchy or seniority. Once I had all of the scenes that I needed I imported the first episode into Windows Live Movie Maker and trimmed it down to the section that I needed. I used the trim tool and then the set start point and end point tools. I did this for all of the scenes that I needed.

Once I had all of my scenes, I needed to record what I wanted to say about them. I opened Audacity so I could record my speaking parts. I recorded them all. I then split my screen between Movie Maker and Audacity so I could situate my talking so it coincided with the beginning of each scene in Movie Maker. This was pretty easy. I just clicked on the beginning of the scene in Movie Maker to see what time the scene started at and I used the time shift tool in Audacity to move the words to where I needed them to be. Once I did this with all of my talking parts, I selected all and amplified them so they would be louder. I then exported it as an MP3 file and imported it into Movie Maker. I made sure everything matched up. I had to adjust the volume of the videos so that you could hear my talking over the dialogue in the scenes but so that you could still hear it when I wasn’t talking. It took a little adjusting to figure that out but it wasn’t too hard.

I then exported the video and uploaded it to YouTube. Here is the final product:

Video Assignment #5: Ay yo, Omar’s Comin’:

For my final video assignment for the week Stefanie and I did “Swede a Scene” (4.5 stars). We decided that it would be easier and more fun if we did it together. It would allow us more people to work with rather than having to do a scene where it was just one person or where we would have to take on the role of several different people (more than we had to in this one).

How we did it:

Stefanie and I brainstormed for a while on which scene we thought we should do. Stefanie had the idea to go with this one because it would be fun, and I agreed! We could make it really funny and fun and cheesy which is kind of what we tried to do. Originally one of us was going to be Omar but I managed to convince my wonderful boyfriend to take on that role instead, it took a little coaxing but I got him to agree. He also brought an awesome camera for us to use–you may not be able to tell because YouTube cut down the quality but it looked great while we were making it.

Our sets consisted of inside and outside of Stefanie’s house and outside of my house. I did much of the recording with Stefanie recording the scenes that I was in (and with my boyfriend’s help because neither Stefanie nor I had really used a camera like that to video tape with before). We had to re-do very few scenes but it still took us well over an hour to get everything recorded. I was surprised at how long it took. Stefanie and I both said we couldn’t imagine how long recording a whole episode or even a whole series would take. I know it gave me a whole new appreciation for the work that directors and actors do.

Once we had all of the scenes recorded, we went to the Convergence Center to use the Macs to do the video editing. This was upon Groom’s suggestion that I try that rather than Windows Live Movie Maker because I wasn’t happy with the amount of editing I was able to do on Movie Maker. I was extremely happy with what we were able to do using iMovie. It took a little while for us to figure out the processes (and we still haven’t quite figured it all out) but we definitely had fun figuring it out. We had to import all of the videos (which I took from the memory card and put on my thumb drive so we could have access to them in the ITCC) into iMovie. Then we had to add the scenes that we needed into the project. We moved them around and had to cut out the yelling of “GO” at the beginning of each one (haha). My favorite edit that we made was at the end where Omar (Ryan) walks into Stefanie’s house and closes the door and then we cut to the inside with him closing the door. I was super proud of that edit haha.

When we finished editing the timing of the different scenes we moved onto the sounds. It was really windy on the day that we recorded so we had to be careful what we did with the sound. We found that you could insert sound effects using iMovie that were already on the computer. So we did that for almost all of the scenes. Even the outdoor ones. Sometimes we had to cut out the sounds that were there naturally because the wind was too loud or whatever. Sometimes we even had to amplify what we were saying so you could actually hear it (and some of Ryan’s scenes you still can’t hear because he talks super low and quietly). We amplified some scenes as much as we could and it is still hard to hear but we didn’t know what else we could do. We added background music to the scene were Omar is in the store getting the cereal. We took the liberty of changing it from asking if they had Honey Nut Cheerios to asking if they had Fruity Pebbles. We thought it would be funnier. We didn’t really change any other lines. But there also weren’t really any lines in this scene. We did change the drugs from pill form to powder form (kosher salt) because none of us had a whole bunch of pills lying around (thankfully). After we were done adding the background sounds, we added a title and a credits page, as well as the bloopers at the end. Then voila, we were done.

We uploaded it to YouTube and you can find the video here:

Finally: Rawls on the Web:

For my final project I am doing Rawls. The sites I decided to make him can be found here:






I am William Rawls, the Deputy Commissioner for Operations in the Baltimore City Police Department. I am a major a$$ and don’t care what you think about me. I try my best to make everyone hate me and make them as uncomfortable as I can. I enjoy making people’s lives miserable, annoying people to no end, going to gay bars, and hating Jimmy McNulty.

Brittany the Videographer?

I was a little intimidated at first when I saw that it was video week. I don’t have a whole lot of experience when it comes to taking and editing videos. I went through all of the video assignments and found ones that I thought would challenge me and help me grow my skills but would also be fun. First, here are my 10 stars of video assignments for the week:

Avon and Stringer Fight: Chipmunk Style

I did this 2.5 star assignment using both Windows Live Movie Maker and Audacity. I figured it would be a good introduction to how Windows Move Maker works. Not super hard but not super easy either. When I was watching the episode I knew that I had to do this assignment for that scene. I knew it was going to be hilarious and it didn’t let me down. I laughed all the way through it, especially when they were actually fighting and Stringer was on top of Avon yelling at him. Oh it is great.

How I did it:

Well this was a bit of a struggle to make but eventually I got it. First I found the scene on YouTube and opened the Free YouTube Downloader that I have on my computer from when we were making our GIFs. I first downloaded the video as an AVI file. But that wouldn’t open right in MPEG Stream Clip. Then I re-downloaded it as an MP4 file. I opened this in MPEG Stream Clip in an attempt to trim it. However, I don’t know if it was too long or what but MPEG Stream Clip did NOT want to trim it for me. It kept crashing. So I decided to try to open the MP4 up in Windows Live Movie Maker and edit it there. After messing around for a little in Movie Maker I figured out how to trim it there. Then I tried to chipmunk-ify them in movie maker. I looked around a little and couldn’t figure it out. Speeding it up just made it hard to watch and listen to. So I googled it to see if you can adjust it in Movie Maker. I saw a few videos on how to do it but I guess I have a different version of Movie Maker than the one they were using so I couldn’t figure out how to do it. However, I knew that I could make it high pitched in Audacity. So I went back to Free YouTube Downloader and downloaded the same clip as an MP3 file. I imported that into audacity and went to Effect>Change Pitch and changed it so it sounded chimpmunk-y enough for me. Then I trimmed it to where I thought it would fit with my video. I imported it into movie maker and the sound was a couple seconds off from the video so I had to go back and trim the audio a little more in Audacity. The second time I trimmed it it fit perfectly! I was happy that it only took two tries to work. In order to post it on here I couldn’t just post the WMV file because it didn’t like that so I used to convert it to an MP4 file and downloaded to my computer and then uploaded it to my blog (unfortunately, for reasons not yet known, the video won’t work on my blog even though I converted it to MP4). You can hear the sound but you can’t see the video which is frustrating.

Was High School Really Four Years Ago?

For my second video assignment for this week I did “High School Memories” (4.5 stars). I thought this would be a fun assignment to do, especially being able to reflect on my high school years. No, they weren’t the best four years of my life but I did have a lot of fun while they lasted. I also worked very hard during high school (and had the GPA to show for it) but that didn’t leave a whole lot of room for a social life. Luckily I was able to set aside enough time–especially junior and senior year–to have fun with my friends. I don’t regret it one bit.

How I did it:

Since I did not have this computer in high school, all of my pictures are at home and on Facebook. So I went on Facebook and went through the pictures that I am tagged in and saved the memorable ones. I then went through my pictures that I have posted. Unfortunately I couldn’t figure out how to save a video from Facebook (if someone can enlighten me I would be more than happy to re-make my video with some videos in it). When I was done going through Facebook, I opened all of the pictures in Windows Live Movie Maker. I then figured out how to group them so it would make the most sense. I rearranged the pictures so they would be in that order. I then added title slides to each section so people wouldn’t be confused and it also kind of breaks up the pictures rather than having just 78 pictures straight for three and a half minutes. I then clicked on “Add Music” and imported a song I thought would go well with my pictures, “All American Girl” by Carrie Underwood. I clicked on “Project” and “Fit to Music.” I then went to “Animations” and clicked on “Automatic Pan and Zoom” which picks a pan or zoom type for each picture. I decided to do this because just looking at pictures stationary for three and a half minutes was boring. I also didn’t want to make it the same animation for each slide so I decided to do the random one. I then saved the video “For Computer” and went to to convert it to MP3 from WMV. This video took a lot longer to convert and download than my other one did, likely because the amount of files that are in it.

It also would not let me direct upload to here so I had to put it up on YouTube first. It was 2MB too big >:(

What Makes Me Happy?

For my final video assignment this week I did “This Is My Story” (3 stars). I chose this one because I have, oddly enough, always wanted to make one of these videos where I tell my story through writing even though it is on video. The hardest part was choosing a topic to talk about. I thought about doing my life story but that’s really just boring since I have lived one place my whole life and only have one sister and had a boring, school-focused life until college. So I decided to go with what makes me happy. Obviously this is the short list of what makes me happy. I could have gone on all day but I figured I should keep it relatively short and sweet and to the point.

How I did it:

I first figured out what I was going to write and wrote it on note cards in fairly neat handwriting using marker so it was easier to read. I then opened up Cyberlink YouCam (my webcam). I knew the video would show up backwards but I recorded it anyway. I was hoping I could flip it somehow. After I recorded it, I opened the file in Windows Live Movie Maker. I then looked under “Visual Effects” and there was a “Flip horizontally” one so I did that and voila, my note cards were readable. I then chose a song that I thought would go along well with this theme and I chose “Doin’ What She Likes” by Blake Shelton. I imported it and I figured out at what point I wanted to start the song. I decided to start it at :19 when he starts singing. It also happens to cut off close to the end of a line so that was nice too. Once that was done I saved the movie “For computer” and changed it from WMV to MP4 using and downloaded it so I could put it on here.

Well, due to some kind of technical difficulties that I don’t really understand, the video works on my computer but when I upload it it won’t show the video. And because I have a song behind the video, YouTube mutes the song but allows you to see the pictures. I had all kinds of issues with my videos this week.

Daily Creates:

What is it?

I did Tuesday’s daily create just in the nick of time. Obviously by the time I decided to do it, it was dark outside so to make it hard to tell what the object was I had to make it dark in the room as well. It may be obvious what it is, nevertheless I am happy with how it turned out.

What is it?

It’s pretty low quality because of how dark it was in the room but it is still apparent that there is something in front of the blinds. It’s a lamp for those of you who are playing along at home.

The Moral of The Story:

The moral of the story is don’t fall asleep on the softball bus. You will have pictures taken of you. I could post a funny picture of myself where I fell asleep with my hands in my pocket. I chose this one because it is funny. We have several pictures of this girl (one of my roommates) asleep in a similar position so it was a running joke on the team to get more pictures of her in the same position. So this is one of the best sleeping pictures that I have:

Sleepy Shot


This week I was inspired by one of the posts that I commented on last week. It was Jeremy’s post from October 2. He made Cedric Daniels into a giraffe. It made me laugh but it was also a great choice of animal for Daniels. I was inspired by the simplicity of it but also the thought that went into it. He not only chose a perfect animal for Cedric–because of the methodical way that he moves–but he also chose the perfect face. Cedric seems to be saying “How did I turn into a giraffe?!?!” I commented on the inspire post and here is the picture:

The other post that inspired me was Nicky’s How-To McNulty for Dummies. It was also posted on the inspire page so I commented on the inspire post. Her post inspired me because it was very creative. It was a great idea to make a how to McNulty for dummies because he is a very interesting character. He is not a character who is typical of all shows. He is a main character who tries to be good but is really corrupt. I love her description of what the book is about. She also inspired me in the quality of her work. It is very high quality and I wouldn’t have known where to start with that project. Here is the picture of it:


Look, Listen, Analyze:

The scene I am doing “Look, Listen, Analyze” for is the scene where Dennis tries to get his permits to transform the warehouse into a gym. The scene starts at 17:49 in Episode 9 of Season 3. These are my notes upon watching this scene.


Wide shot of Dennis walking in, then focus on his face, and pan up to the “menacing” door.

Blank look in Dennis’s eye—he looks anxious, confused,



and impatient depending on who he is talking to

He walks out looking dejected



Get louder

Walking up steps

Opens door

Elevator ding

Property zoning—talking in codes that Dennis likely doesn’t understand—talking about everything that he needs and he probably doesn’t understand—he is likely overwhelmed—phones ringing. Elevator dings at the end

Opens the door and you hear him walking down the stairs

They were talking super-fast, not allowing him to get a word in edgewise


Cars get a little louder when it zooms in on him (when we get closer to the street)

“A boxing gym” *ding*–that was interesting

He looks confused when she is reading the properties zone B1, B2, B3, B4, or B5

It was interesting how they meshed all of the different people talking together to make it seem like a coherent stream of talking even though he wasn’t hearing them in that order

He also talks to all different kinds of people but the way they make their thoughts one stream of consciousness is interesting

I also thought it was interesting how the scene begins and ends with an elevator ding—kind of like a boxing match to represent the beginning and end of a round!!

You can see all the pictures from these clips in my original blog post.

Fritz Lang’s M:

Well this clip may as well have been silent because I obviously didn’t understand anything that was said (I took Spanish as my foreign language). I guess voice inflections kind of tell us a little bit but I really didn’t understand a whole lot. Anyway here is what I saw:

The kids are playing a game that the lady up on the balcony (I assume she is a mom) does not want them to play. They stop until she goes inside and then they continue playing. To me this shows me that they don’t listen and that is foreshadowing for something that will likely happen later on in the  movie.

You know that one lady is pregnant before you even see her belly because of the way she struggles getting up the stairs. I am not sure of  her role in this scene but she may be important later on in the movie.

The little girl almost gets hit by a car which to me was foreshadowing that something bad would happen. It could also be seen as her staying out of trouble but that is not how I saw it.

Then you see the lady setting the table for two right after the little girl almost gets hit by a car–to me that showed me that maybe the little girl wouldn’t end up making it home. And then when you see the shadow looking at the little girl you know that she won’t come home. I am sure that sign was some kind of wanted sign for that guy and the fact that he had probably abducted other children recently.

The mom is worried that something is wrong because the little girl should be home soon. Then she didn’t show up with the other kids. You then see the little girl getting a ball from the creepy guy. Lang does so many things to make sure that you know that the little girl isn’t going to come home. Then the mom gets her hopes up when the mail man rings the doorbell, but you know that it is in vain. She looks down the stairs and calls the girl’s name, looks at the clock again, calls out the window to her and gets more and more frantic. The camera shows all of the places that she isn’t and then finally her ball rolling away.

It is crazy to me that you don’t have to know German to understand what is going on and what has gone on that hasn’t been explicitly shown on the screen.


The Wire Episodes:

Episode 8:

“God damn, can’t you ever get a police around when you need one?” He wants to file a complaint that he was selling drugs and someone took his money. Bunny wants to make some of the kids auxiliary cops

“Crawl, walk, and then run.” –Clay Davis

Freamon thinks the discipline that the dealers are going through to get the phones is beautiful

“It takes money to make money, String. Or else every pawn would be a king.” –Clay Davis String doesn’t want to wait to be successful but then one of his guys on his property with him shows him a guy who was working with Clay Davis and now owns a bunch of property. String might see that Clay is right.

A great village of pain and you’re the mayor—the guy Bunny showed Hamsterdam to—he doesn’t think it’s a good idea and wants him to act like an actual mayor and give the people what they need or else they’ll all die (which maybe wouldn’t be such a bad thing because they’d all be off the streets). Bunny’s guys don’t like Hamsterdam either because they don’t get to do real police work. Carver is backing him up though saying that he has always done what needs to be done when it comes to protecting his people and that he is just trying something. Then Bunny’s friend convinces him to let the health care people in there to test for STDs and give out condoms and things of that nature.

Herc was playing around on the suspect drawing thing on the computer with the black guys making an “ideal woman” and one of the guys goes “you got one of these that does a$$es?”

So funny that Kima and McNulty are “in Dumfries” even though I’m pretty sure it’s not actually Dumfries. My grandma still lives there and my dad grew up there so it’s kind of funny. Then McNulty is talking bad about black people, come to find out the guy he is talking to is married to a black lady. He tells Kima that McNulty is a bit of an a$$hole and Kima acts surprised. Kima is back to living with her wife but she doesn’t know if she wants to be there. Oh was McNulty saying he would help Kima out with some magic fingers *wink wink* When they bring the tape back Freamon, Prez and Daniels are sitting around it and Prez is being weird as he is zooming in on the license plate and Daniels goes “sometimes you still scare me, you know that?”

Tommy is calling Rawls and Herv out about massaging the statistics so that crimes are going down. Then he goes on to witness protection. And he is putting his foot in his mouth by doing that. Not only did he ignore the guy next to him but his “campaign manager” did not look happy with him. She calls him out on always wanting to be right and not being likeable. Rawls goes back and calls Bunny out on his numbers being down. You can’t make Rawls happy. Tommy has a guy coaching him on how to speak to people so he doesn’t come off as an a$$.

Kids are playing basketball and the hoop is a plastic crate haha. “You guys are friends, you’re like brothers. You lose that you lose every damn thing.”

Bunny’s friend who didn’t like Hamsterdam is trying to get Dennis hooked up with a guy to do some boxing—mostly just to keep him out of trouble. Takes him to a boxing gym that is a lot nicer than the one that he used to go to. He is going to make a gym out of an old abandoned warehouse. He said he wants to do it all on his own.

McNulty talks to Bri about D killing himself and how he didn’t kill himself. McNulty is implicating Avon in it. McNulty basically said that Bri didn’t care about D because she made him take the years to stick up for family. Bri tells String that McNulty talked to her. String tells her that McNulty is trying to drive a wedge between the Barksdale corporation thing. “Cops shouldn’t mess with a mother’s pain like that” –String “No one should.” –Bri. One of Strings close guys wants to tell Bri about D. Avon got shot and String turns into a gangster real quick putting a gun in the back of his pants. Uh oh String told Avon that he set D up to be killed.

Omar thinks Hamsterdam is too good to be true so he doesn’t take money from anyone.

Contrast between the club that Marlo was in and the bar that Bunny and the other cops are in. The dogs are barking while Marlo is on the phone with that girl.


Episode 9:

McNulty is leaving his kids in the middle of the night for a booty call; that makes me mad. Freamon tells Jimmy that the job isn’t going to make your life. He basically tells Jimmy to get a life and Jimmy goes like what? Doll house miniatures? McNulty has an actual date with the lady. Pretty awkward conversation between Jimmy and the girl. Uh oh he didn’t vote for president so she is not happy. McNulty doesn’t even get a goodnight kiss after that conversation.

“…while you’re waiting for moments that never come.” –Freamon

The church guy tells Dennis he is going to need permits. Dennis tries to go get permits and he is in way over his head. He had to talk to like five different people. The Reverend put in a good word with the guy in the wheelchair and he gets Marla to go with him to talk to the lady he needs to talk to. Looks like it went well.

Prop Joe brings up to String in their little board meeting with all the higher up drug dealers that Avon is half the problem. String gives the OK to kill Omar. Omar was protecting his Grandma that was cute. The boys who tried to kill him were getting chewed out. Omar is shaken up about almost getting his Grandma killed. He said he didn’t think anyone would go that low to try to shoot someone on a Sunday morning. The girl leaves because she just wants the money and Omar basically tells the other guy that Omar wants to get Avon and String on his own. Avon lectures String for breaking the Omar truce. Avon is making the guys buy Omar’s grandma a new hat haha that’s funny. Prop Joe goes to Marlo’s grandpa or whoever and tells him that Marlo can go in on their co-op with them. String wants his money back immediately. He calls out his little buddy on taking all of his money with nothing to show for it. Avon is backing String against Bri by not telling her that String had it done to him. Avon can’t look her in the eye. String looks nervous like he is going to tell on him. WOOO he almost let it slip. Bri is onto them.

It’s interesting how the cameras that they use increase in quality every season.

Rhonda let the guy at the wireless company have it. She got him to agree to give them the wiretap by threatening that she would say that his company was conspiring with drug dealers.

Hahaha Prez read his fortune about a new friend making himself known and McNulty goes if it was herself you’d be talking. Prez goes “Shit I’m married with lawn furniture man.” Prez shot a cop…He doesn’t want a lawyer because he knows he will get fired regardless. Aw he said to tell Lester he was sorry. Daniels lied to Jay and said that he wanted a lawyer. Valchek wanted Daniels to back him and Daniels didn’t agree he just looked angrily at Valchek. Lester was trying to teach Kima and the other guy about the wire and how they watch the calls in and out of the phones. Kima said she doesn’t feel like working because of Prez. Prez in the room with all of the tap stuff. He is very sad L

Tommy’s black buddy (Tony) is also running for Mayor and Tommy isn’t telling him that he is running. Tony asks Tommy to run for council president with him as Mayor and Tony says why not? What else do you have going for you? Little does he know.

Shooting in Hamsterdam and Carver tries to get Herc to move the body before homicide gets there. Herc says no and walks away and Carver gets the other two guys to help him out. Carver looks nervous with homicide checking it out. Uh oh is Herc about to tell on Carver???? Uh oh he is calling the newspaper. Carver is in troubleee, they found a smeared blood trail. Bunny is taking one for the team by saying that he moved the body, not Carver because Carver is trying to cover for him. Bunny takes it to the leaders in Hamsterdam and tells them they better have a shooter or else Hamsterdam no longer will exist. They got shot over some shoes—also it was one of Barksdale’s people. I think String said to turn him in. He turned himself in.


Episode 10:

Brother’s back! And Avon’s people look like they just got back from fighting a small war. The police got one of Prop Joe’s people’s stashes. Geez people are getting shot at and killed left and right. “Don’t y’all know there’s a fuc%ing war going on man?” Brother is talking to Marlo’s grandpa or whoever he is looking for Omar. Omar goes and talks to the Butch about the attempted shooting. Butch is going to give Omar people to kill Avon and Stringer. Butch knew where they were all along and didn’t tell Omar because he didn’t want him to die. String has two body guards and he is not happy about that. Woo String is really not happy about them following him. Prop Joe tells String that if the Barksdales keep the war up then they’re going to be out of the co-op. Marlo will join if he can keep his corners. Smoke blown in front of Stringer’s face while he was talking to Prop Joe was interesting. Marlo shot the girl that he was sleeping with…and the dog is barking because he isn’t supposed to be there. I just realized it but at the beginning of this episode Avon was wearing a camo hatà the war is on. It registered when he got the grenade. String calls Avon on being on a power trip. Brother sends his body guard into a gay bar. String is smoking and pacing. He is nervous about something. “Heavy is the head that wears the crown.” –Freamon (lots of talk about crowns in the last couple of episodes between Omar’s grandma’s church crown and that statement). Rawls was in the gay bar HAHAHAHAHAHA. Omar is on Stringer; he was watching him from across the street from the funeral home. Brother’s man is about to start a fight in the gay bar, that was ballsy.

“Call it a crisis of leadership.” –Proposition Joe

Rhonda and Daniels go and talk to the judge that McNulty was buddy-buddy with the first season. And he is still hitting on Rhonda. That, Professor Groom, is why it is creepy for professors to use the winky face. “We’re all pieces of $h!t when we’re in your way. That goes with the territory.” –Daniels to McNulty. They got Bodie talking to his Grandma. Sheesh Lester is brilliant when it comes to the codes that they use. They don’t know what Hamsterdam is yet though. Daniels asked Freamon and the black lady if they thought Prez was racist. McNulty is not happy about the politician lady. Balls they lost the phones because they dumped them already. Apparently McNulty and Freamon were on the same wave length there but everyone else was lost. Rhonda gets the judge to agree to put wire taps on phones that haven’t been used for illegal activities yet. Freamon goes undercover to get Bernard to buy the phones from him. They also got a store front somehow.

Bunny told Carver he isn’t anything when it comes to policing. He is basically saying that they are at war with the drug dealers. A reporter called and said they had been to all three of the free zones. Herc is telling the reporter all about it and he wants the reporter to tell them downtown. The reporter meets with Bunny. Bunny tells him that they are going to make arrests at the end of all of it. The reporter gives him a week to get some arrests or else he looks bad. Bunny has to tell the people down at division. Bunny tells McNulty that Avon got shot. That must be what String was calling about. Gave him an address where Avon is supposedly staying too. Herv is NOT happy with Bunny’s presentation. They’re saying they’re all dead but Bunny is willing to take the fall for everyone including his men. Bunny threatens Herv if he goes for his men. Rawls says Bunny was brilliant even though it was illegal. He brought letters from a bunch of people saying how happy they were. Herv had to go to the Mayor and his cabinet but he pulled out the numbers (crime down) and letters. That didn’t go well either.

Dennis’s gym is looking good. He doesn’t know how to go out and get kids. Dennis is out watching kids play basketball and talks to Carver about maybe getting them to box. Dennis breaks up a fight between two who were not playing nice together. Dennis shows them what he can do and hopes it gets through to them. That was probably the best way for him to approach it. Yay kids came in! He knows he has his work cut out for him. They left because Dennis went back to his old ways for a second. He threatened to hurt them. Dennis goes to talk to his old coach about them. He apologized to the kid. Dennis has some students!

Tommy is having a campaign meeting at the bar. Tommy wants to tell them about Tony. “It’s not personal, Tommy, it’s politics.” Tommy seems torn between running with Tony and using him to split the black vote. He is talking to his wife about it. His wife suggests waiting four years or talking to Tony about it. He is conflicted because he has to use Tony in order to win because Tony can’t win against Royce. Wow I’m surprised he has a conscience.

On a side note, when did McNulty start wearing a ring.

“When will my reflection show who I am inside?”

I really enjoyed this week. Getting to reflect on what others have done (and what we have done) was really nice. It was a good community-building week. I wish I had more time to go through my classmates’ posts and see what they have been up to,  but unfortunately I don’t. :/ It was nice to get to know more of my classmates this week, though and see what they have been up to.

Here are the links to my comments from this week:

The Wire Episodes:

Episode 5:

Bubbs’s friend doesn’t understand why Bubbs is helping Kima and Jimmy for money. Bubbs is going along with his plan to get money from the white guy on the ladder. His buddy gets the money and then Bubbs isn’t in the alley when he goes to meet him. Bubbs has a plan to make more money by selling shirts.

“I had such fuckin’ hopes for us.” –McNulty

Dennis is the guy who got out of jail. He lives with his mom or grandma and she asks him if he is working anymore and he said he is working the door of a club at night. Apparently he missed his appointment with the lady or was about to when she woke him up. He didn’t miss it because he left the drug boys to go meet her. Just kidding he is meeting with a Father. She called for him. He doesn’t want to do it. “This ain’t how I thought it was gon play” –Dennis. He wasn’t going to do the drugs because he is on parole but then they said that it wouldn’t show on a pee test because they had done it before. He had to buy clean pee from an old guy. He seemed to be having an internal struggle with why he did the drugs. Dennis hit a girl in the face, that surprised me. They’re beating a dude up and Dennis told them not to finish him off or he wouldn’t be able to make right on what he owes but they didn’t listen.

McNulty is still tailing String. He has a hard hat on. What the heck McNulty you can’t just walk into String’s store! String is in real estate now. Stringer is “the bank” his money finances the operations of the drugs but there is no way they can do anything about him. String is running a board meeting and Prop Joe and I assume some other higher ups are there. They are voting on going together to get a good deal on New York package. String said if anyone has problems with anyone else to take it to the group not the streets. Someone was keeping minutes and Stringer ripped up his notes. String meets someone on the street and goes into the building. Oh, String meets up with Marlo. String tells him about the deal with Prop Joe and asks him if his Mercedes is in someone else’s name. String is offering him a spot to “wash” the dirty money.

Carver has a “better” plan to clear the corners than moving them to the deserted area of the city. Carver’s higher up wants a list of names of the people on the corner but Carver said he doesn’t have it because they’re just bustin’ heads. No one is doing high end drug stuff anymore because Rawls is too worried about the street level drugs. He ends up going to Freamon and McNulty’s crew. Com Stat knew McNulty. He is going to round up the mid-level drug dealers. He brings it back to his people and wants him to round them up. Herc is about to get himself shot, he and Carver are way out-numbered and Carver saved his butt. Com Stat told them if they don’t move they’ll be arrested and not just for loitering. I think he might have convinced them. Bodie goes to String about it. Some of the people went there and there is no one there to buy. They’re going to have to help them out with buyers. All of the drug fiends are so confused about why they brought them into a drug market basically. It is working out.

Another witness gets killed in a high profile case and Tommy is up on his soap box. He goes to the Mayor with it and plays innocent. “If he farts around on this, I’m going after him big time.” –Tommy. Then at a board meeting Tommy is playing the good guy and the guy next to him gets on Burrell about the killing of the witness. Tommy told him to lay off and he is not happy with him.

Rawls and Burrell cracking skulls again. The guy charged with reducing auto theft says they mostly happen at night and his people are working during the day. He said he would change his hours to reflect the data that most of them happen at night.

Bunk is getting somewhere with the Omar deal but then Jay shows up wondering why he isn’t on the gun case. Omar is having issues with his crew. The guy is mad because he doesn’t get to carry a gun and she said you shouldn’t get to or her head is going to get blown off. Bunk is talking to people in jail and he is getting nowhere. It sounded good at first but the more you listened to those people the less it would actually make sense.

Avon is out of jail. He throws the clothes out the window that he was wearing when he got out of jail. They throw a party for Avon because he is out of jail and Bri is there and so is Prop Joe. Avon sees String talking to all of the heads of the drug rings and doesn’t seem to like it. Avon is talking to the State Senators and his lawyer at the party. String sets Avon up with a room and a Navigator. The room is in Avon’s name.

McNulty is flirting with someone else and Alayna doesn’t like it. She was crazy and she is crazy when they wake up too. He doesn’t like that.


Episode 6:

The com stat tells his men to do whatever it takes to get everyone off the corners and into the free zones. He says he will back them up as long as the victims can get up and walk out of the emergency room. One of the people they are moving says, “Fu#k y’all we in America!” and Santangelo says “Uh uh, West Baltimore.” The police are getting crazy to get them all to move. Santangelo and the black guy drop some of them off in the middle of the woods and make them find their way back to the city. I like how they show how much better everyone is doing with all of the drug dealers off of the corners and juxtapose that with “Hamsterdam” and the chaos going on there. The poor old lady is still living in the old apartment. He tries to get her to move but she doesn’t want to move. Bunny goes to his commander and gets him to sign a paper allowing them to move the old lady and after he signs it he said “If Rawls gets wind of this, you forged my signature.”

“Just a gangster, I suppose.” –Avon Barksdale

Stringer isn’t only the bank, he is involved in the face to face drug stuff and Kima and McNulty think they have to get him in the drugs now or they won’t get him in the future. Daniels doesn’t care whether or not they get him because his people are no longer killing people left and right. I guess this is consistent with what Rawls is talking all of them in the meetings that they have. Kima and McNulty go back to Daniels. He tells them to mind the chain of command and listen to what he says. Kima tells McNulty that Daniels just cares about them listening to him right now. Kima tells McNulty to talk to Bunny to ask Daniels for help. Bunny seems to agree to do it. Daniels gets called into a meeting with Rawls, Bunny, and Burrell and I think he might know why they called him in. I don’t know if he knows that McNulty is behind it or not yet.

Jay is just sitting there reading a porn magazine with his door open and doesn’t bother to close it when Bunk walks in. If that isn’t messed up then I don’t know what is. Then he just sits there reading it while Bunk is explaining what his papers are. Bunk is using it to get the higher ups out of Jay’s hair and therefore getting Jay out of his hair. He wants to work his murders (Omar’s people). Bunk goes and talks to Tasha’s family and tells them to get the word to Omar and his people—she flicks his card like he isn’t going to do that. They talked to the other girl. She acts like she wants to talk to them but Omar wants to protect his boy. Omar gives himself up to Bunk? Bunk tells Omar he has an eye witness and Omar didn’t believe him. Woo Bunk gets angry. He told Omar how the kids were glorifying him.

Avon doesn’t seem happy with anything that Stringer is doing. He doesn’t like the building stuff, he is not happy that Marlo has all the prime real estate. I think Stringer might kill him off here soon. It seems super awkward between Avon and String. Avon said we don’t buy corners, we take corners—String said you buy them one way or another, whether it is with money or bodies. Stringer wants to get into the distributing game and Avon doesn’t seem to be into it. String thinks he can talk some sense into Marlo. Avon just wants his corners. String just goes down to Hamsterdam to talk to Bodie—String finally decides to put some people there, but just young guys with a small package in case it is a trap. Avon is getting his muscle to put a hurtin’ on Marlo because he wants his corners. Avon and String aren’t communicating because things are awkward and they have two different ways of thinking now. They are planning on shooting all of Marlo’s people. They have a serious game plan ready except two of the younger ones don’t want to go along with the plan; they are going to mess it up. And they did. They all got shot except maybe the one with the shotgun. Rawls is on Bunny about the shootout. Fighting between Avon and String. Avon wants to go kill Marlo himself. Man Avon is waving that dang gun around like it’s no one’s business. String and Avon have completely different views. String tried to tell Avon about Hamsterdam but he wasn’t listening at all. String is talking to someone (Clayton Davis) about the permits that he needs for his building and how much it’ll cost—25k, 20k for permits, 5k for running. Dennis goes and shoots the young boy with the guy who stole his drugs and didn’t give him money for them. Had a chance to shoot the older guy who actually did it but let him get away. That probably wasn’t a good idea because now he has seen him. Couldn’t squeeze the trigger because it wasn’t in him he said. “It ain’t in me no mo’” –Dennis. He doesn’t want to be in the game anymore. Avon is going to kill him off. He doesn’t know what he is going to do but it can’t be drugs. Avon said they’re straight but I don’t think they are.

Bubbs saw all of what happened with Barksdale’s people and Marlo’s people and tells Kima and Kima is confused because String met with Marlo to figure it all out. She doesn’t know that Avon sent them in, not Stringer.

McNulty takes the pictures of D to someone and is talking about how if there is some suspect or a reason to believe that it was a homicide; the cause of death can be changed from suicide to homicide. The lady doesn’t want to talk about it because her county doesn’t need another murder. McNulty likes the girl from his kids’ school thing.

The guy in the wheelchair wants Marla on the council to keep everyone honest. Not letting things slide. Marla was happy with how Cedric acted at her little get together thingy. Marla seems to want to work things out and Cedric says no. He doesn’t know what he thinks about their relationship—probably because he is getting some on the side from Rhonda. Cedric tells Rhonda that he is playing the proud husband for Marla to run. “I’m going to do what I can to make sure she gets what she wants this time around. Nothing more than that.” –Daniels—I think he’ll go back to her eventually and then he’ll have to tell her about Rhonda and she’ll leave him again.

The black guy seems to be playing Tommy—he tells him that he wants to run for Mayor. Tommy gets so mad but (for now) he is controlling his anger. It wouldn’t surprise me if he went off on them. Tommy is still trying to get that girl to run his campaign for him. Gosh he is a cocky a$$ I don’t like him at all.

D’s girl asked Bri if she could get with String and Bri said she was okay with that. She tells Bri that McNulty came by and told her that D might not have been a suicide.

Mayor tells Burrell that if he doesn’t keep murders under 300 for the year he will get fired.


Episode 7:

Avon is out checking the corners and Herc saw him. Avon tells his guy to take the corners when the police leave. Herc is mad he is out already. McNulty and Kima didn’t believe that Herc had seen Avon. They all think he is still in jail. They tell Daniels and Freamon and Prez. Woo Kima is really mad she picked up the file and chucked it across the room.

“Conscience do cost.” –Butchie

Daniels’s group is doing Stringer and Marlo. Everyone is arguing about which case they should be working. Even Freamon is kind of on the Stringer and Marlo side because they’re the ones dropping bodies right now. McNulty may have Avon’s room that was rented. McNulty tries (and fails) to convince Daniels that he is not a piece of $hit. Daniels tells McNulty he is done in that unit when they arrest Stringer. McNulty said there is an easier way to get a disposed phone and said he is going to hit the bar, Kima and the other guy didn’t follow until he said I’m buying. I think McNulty is going to try to get the young black guy to give Bodie a new phone and get his old one.

Dennis is working hard with the landscaping company. The boss man asked him if he walked back through the drug doors. Dennis goes to talk to the Father again. Says he is tired of not being able to stop himself from doing bad things.

Tommy is steady trying to screw Burrell over. Tommy doesn’t think he is self-righteous. He is running and that girl is going to be running his campaign. His wife doesn’t seem the least bit happy about it. Mayor doesn’t want to go along with his witness protection plan.

String is mad that D’s girl told Bri about McNulty coming to tell her that D may not have been a suicide. He plays like he is mad because he doesn’t want her upset but really he doesn’t want anyone to find out that he set D up to get killed. Woo, we haven’t seen that side of Stringer. String is going to go call the lawyer and tell him to tell Bri that she doesn’t have a shot at proving that D was a homicide not a suicide. Lawyer tells him that she is going to go down there and hear them out. Sounds to me like the lawyer knows that String had D killed.

Someone is talking on a cell phone in Avon’s office. Love the angle and how they are focused on it. It is like foreshadowing that the police are going to get that phone and be able to track it.

Love how they played the scene with Bubbs. Really shows the chaos in Hamsterdam. He seems to be getting overwhelmed by everything that is going on. They also really played up the chaos with all of the background noise. When he sees Johnny he tries to get him to stop using for a while. Bubbs realizes that he doesn’t want to be that way again, I think. Carver tells one of the drug dealers that he and everyone else selling has to kick in $100 a week. Used some to pay himself for the basketball hoop and the rest he said to pay the runners with. Herc goes “what are you a fu$king communist?” Then they respond to a call (which I assume is Kima, McNulty, and the other guy. They don’t know what Hamsterdam is so they didn’t know that they couldn’t arrest them for drugs. They don’t really understand how Hamsterdam works but he asked them not to say anything back downtown.

Kima finally admits that she didn’t want the baby, she just didn’t want to disappoint her partner. She tells Kima that she needs to go. Kima knows she is gone for good.

Omar goes to Butchie about his talk with Bunk. Dog barking while Omar is there talking with him. Butchie calls Bunk. He gave him the gun but didn’t tell him that Omar gave it to him to give to Bunk. It was the service weapon that Bunk had been chasing.

Bunk goes and cuts that poor guy’s tie off because he fell asleep on the job. Apparently that is a rule at the office because the guy didn’t get nearly as mad as I thought he would.

McNulty gets Bodie’s phone and Freamon and Prez are going to have a field day with it. Bodie’s phone links with 15 different phones, none with subscriber information. Not everyone was so excited about speed dial as Prez was hahaha. They need more phones.

McNulty is gunna get it in with that girl from his kids’ school. He did and showed up late to the office.

Marlo is going to keep wholesaling. His guys think Avon is going to see him as weak. Drive by shootings on a motorcycle. Poot didn’t actually get shot, just played dead but the other guy actually did get shot.

Daily Create Number 1: Light Painting:

I did the daily create this week on light painting. I was a bit weary at first because I do not have a camera where I can adjust the shutter speed. But then I saw Lauren’s post that she found an app where we can do light painting by drawing. I downloaded the app that she used, Art of Glow, and messed around with it until I made light paintings that I liked. I then uploaded one to Flickr and posted an extra just on my blog.

Daily Create Flower

TDSN Radio Reflection:

I listened to the TDSN radio show and reflected on it and live-tweeted about it. I really enjoyed their show. They did a great job making it multi-dimensional and interesting. I liked how they layered voice, music, and sound to keep your brain working at all times. You can read my full critique of their show by clicking on the link above. Below are my tweets from during their show–not including the ones where I was having technical difficulties:

tdsn tweets 1

tdsn tweets 2

Daily Create #2: 30 Circle Challenge:

I did Friday’s daily create, the 30 circle challenge. I really enjoyed it. Because I figured there was no way I could think of 30 random things, I made it about the things that I like/love. Here is the picture:

Thirty circle challenge!

I really enjoyed doing this, especially procrastinating other work by doing it (hehe).

You are listening to WMAD Radio

This week was interesting. It wasn’t too labor intensive for me and my group, though I know it was for others. The biggest problem that we had this week was just hammering out the issues with our radio show. Overall I think it turned out really well. Exactly what I expected with a lot of good discussion about the theme of corruption in The Wire.

Our Radio Show:

For our show, we discussed the theme of corruption in The Wire. There were three areas that we really focused on: the police department (and Rawls specifically), the Barksdale crew, and the Sobotkas. This was my original idea when we were asked to blog about a radio show idea. I chose this because it was something that I tracked pretty thoroughly, especially throughout the first season. Not only was it prevalent in all of the seasons, but it was also an issue in all of the different character groups. It was a problem in the police department and in the people who the police were fighting with.

Since it was my idea and I had thorough notes on it, I put them all in the Goggle Doc and organized them so we could see the breakdown of how the show could go. We took Paul’s idea of dividing the show into three segments and that worked perfectly with the breakdown of information that we had as well. I recorded the section with information about the police department and Rawls, Stefanie recorded the part about the Barksdale crew, and Nicky recorded the part about the Sobotkas. We each used the bumpers that we made last week in our segments and Nicky made one bumper that was used throughout the show to bring it together.

How I did it:

After organizing my notes about the police department, I read through them to make sure I was familiar with them. I then opened Audacity and started recording. I know different people have different methods of recording but I would do a couple sentences at a time that way it was easier when I trimmed them down to see where I was. I actually hate working with so many different levels in Audacity because it is a pain in the butt but I didn’t really have an option unless I recorded it all at once which I don’t have the attention span or brain power to do.

To insert the clips I pulled up the full episodes and found the part that I wanted and turned my volume up so I could record it from my computer. The quality, then, isn’t as high as it could be. Stefanie said that she used the YouTube converter that we used for GIFs which was a great idea and yielded slightly higher quality sound bytes. Nevertheless, I was happy with how mine turned out. I was also able to raise the volume of them so that you could hear them just as loudly as you could hear my voice. When I was done recording everything and had listened to it several times and gotten the spacing right, I hit CTRL+A and hit Effect>Normalize>OK. This normalizes the volume levels. Some sections were still louder than others I had to go to them specifically and hit Effect>Amplify but slide it into the negatives so it would be quieter.

I also edited all of our parts together. So when Stefanie and Nicky were done with their parts they sent them to me and I opened them all in Audacity and listened to them to make sure they seemed cohesive (which I think they do). I also had to try to normalize the sound. Well that didn’t work all that well so I had to amplify certain sections and make some sections quieter. In the end the result was a fairly normalized level of audio.

I am extremely happy with how our discussion turned out. We named it “Bustin’ the Corruption” which was a combination effort between me and Nicky. I love Nicky’s bumper that she made too, it was pretty awesome.

The Wire Episodes:

Episode 2:

Hahaha Omar is slick that was a good way to get in the house

“There’s never been a paper bag.” –Colvin

McNulty isn’t dumb. He wants his smart doctor friend from the case with the girls to look at D’s death to make sure it is actually a suicide and not that it was done to him. Bunk doesn’t think D killed himself. There are two marks on his neck like someone strangled him first. McNulty went to D’s girlfriend’s house to ask her about what she thought about him killing himself.

Every time we see Avon in the jail the stuff in the window in front of him is less visible. He is becoming closer and closer to being free. And the ones in front of Stringer are getting more and more visible. Stringer is saying they should do it without the bodies—don’t kill as many people as they have been in the past. Bodie is battling for territory and almost got himself shot and he looks like an idiot with his doo rag on like that. Stringer is playing hard ball. He wants Bodie out looking for Marlo all the time—even though Marlo drove by and he didn’t know it was him. Stringer knows it is personal between him and Omar now. Marlo’s counselor (dad maybe?) told him he better be ready to handle the Barksdale crew if he wants to keep his corner. Woo Poot is getting a little crazy. Herc and Carver wanted to know how they got the corner but Poot said he didn’t know what they were talking about. And then Herc and Carver see Poot and Bodie at the movies and Poot and Bodie are telling their girls how they try to arrest them every day. Marlo told Bodie to pack up his people and told him that he’s being a gentleman about it for the moment.

The dude on the council (Tommy) who tried to get Herv to get on his side is in with Valchek and the guy on the council is trying to get Valchek to get Herv on his side. I think Tommy lied about being late because his kid had a game. Valchek told him to show up late so that he could talk to Herv before Tommy got there. Tommy basically tells Herv that either he plays along with what Tommy is asking or he makes him look like a fool every time he is in front of the council. Tommy got Herv what he wanted without the Mayor knowing about it—got his cars back from the shop soon.

Cheese thought his dog was going to have no problem in the dog fight but he lost. So sad, dog fighting is disgusting. He is not happy either. Haha Freamon and all of them think they have three different killings of people, when in reality they have one person dead and one dog dead. But when he said dog they thought he meant his friend. Using the wire to work the murders that the other guy is having problems with. They got Cheese and they are asking him who his dog is. Haha Daniels and them all think they got something out of Cheese and Rawls gives him his props when really all they found out was that he shot an actual dog. Ugh I feel bad because Daniels is all proud of himself. Rhonda wants to get it on with Daniels. Awkward Daniels and Rhonda. Rhonda is just a little homewrecker. No calls on the wire since they told Cheese about Prop Joe

Interesting switch between the board meeting with Stringer when his guys basically tell him that it is personal between him and Omar and then it’s Tommy and Herv and Tommy’s first words in the scene are “it’s nothing personal”

Was the “bumpy” story about Brother? And why did that guy just walk up and shoot the dude talking in the back of the head? And then the dog was barking like he wasn’t supposed to be there. It was cheese’s boy. Then they are talking about it on the wire and Tree’s name comes up so if they can figure out who he is they know who did it. OOOOH was that the guy from the dog fight and Cheese got Tree to shoot him because his dog died? Maybe.

Well that escalated quickly. Kima’s wife had her baby already. SUUUPER awkward between them. And when Freamon said to go home Kima didn’t seem to want to go. Kima doesn’t seem happy with her new life with the baby. The house is a mess. Uh oh is she about to break up with her wife? Oh she left…She went to the bar and now she’s going to hit on another girl, ooooh Kima you’re bad.

Rawls is threatening people again. Told one major he is done if he doesn’t figure out where to start with the four bodies in 2 blocks of each other within 8 hours.

Uh did Herc or Carver just get shot?? No they didn’t, Dozerman did though. Nicked jugular and shattered jaw, luckily he will live. And someone took the cop’s gun. The Lieutenant in that district is saying how much worse the city is now than it was when he first came on and he feels like it is his fault. But the other guy says “you fought the good fight.” “There’s never been a paper bag for drugs, until now” no more hand-to-hands with drug dealers. They are going to look the other way.


Episode 3:

Wowzers, Rawls and the Deputy Ops went hard on that guy. Poor guy

“The gods will not save you.” –Burrell

They don’t want the stolen cop gun on the streets for some reason

Prop Joe told String that Cheese went into the police station and talked to the cops. They know phones are tapped but they already didn’t talk on the phones. “You keep it boring, String.”

Tommy is using Herv’s information to feed to the press. But he said they’re off the record so I don’t know why he is doing it. He is going to do investigating and come back to the councilman for quotes. Councilman just wants power, he doesn’t care about anyone else. Herv has to take one for the team because the Mayor says so, he doesn’t really have a choice. “Where’s the fucking loyalty I ask you?” Burrell. Tommy is trying to hit on a lady and it backfires, except I guess it didn’t backfire because they end up having sex in a dressing room. But is he married? He seems to treat her like crap and not care about anything but the good publicity that she brings him. Gosh I don’t like that guy.

New target: Kintell Williamson aka Prince K—killing people and selling drugs—no more Prop Joe and Kima is NOT happy about that and Daniels is just following orders. D was not a suicide and Jimmy found that out. And Jimmy wants Daniel to change cases but everyone else is on Daniels’s side because he needs the murder rate to go down or else he is in trouble.

Omar keeps going after the Barksdales because of Brandon but he won’t tell them that. “Because?” “Indeed.” Omar got Prince K and the stash house that he was at. They’re pretty crafty when it comes to getting into the stash houses. Those guys aren’t dumb though they had more people than Omar accounted for. I was going to say, Omar has to run out of shells in his gun soon and he did. His dumb side kick shot behind him without looking and shot his girl in the head and then the other girl shot him because he shot her. Woo that was intense. The kids at the scene of the crime are re-enacting it and one of the kids said he wants to be Omar and Bunk knows it’s Omar. Two of the young boys from the stash house are telling String about what went down. They are going to be at the funeral and everything trying to find Omar. The one kid does not understand what String is saying about 40 degree days. Omar is a nutter. He burnt himself like Brandon was burnt. Then he apologizes to his peeps because he said it was his fault, I assume that he means that because he is just going for Stringer’s people.

I love how McNulty silently acts out scenes of crimes—he did the same thing in the scene with D shooting that girl.

The guy who got out of jail wants to know about someone—maybe an ex or something like that. He has a picture of her so I assume it is an ex. He talks to her and she asks him if he’s out of the game and he says yes he is in landscaping. She said she would help him get a job.

You gotta find a way to work with all them peanuts “Motherfucker do I look like George Washington Carver.” –Bunk hahahah that was great. Jay wants Bunk to focus on finding the gun but Bunk said that the “innocent” that he found is more important. She isn’t really an innocent, she was Omar’s girl.

The bald black guy (Bunny) said not to fudge the reports, just to shoot straight—Rawls doesn’t believe him and wants a stripper to come in with the right stats. Burrell said he didn’t care how long he had on the job, he better find out how to make the numbers match up with what they want. “I might legalize drugs” –Bunny. Mayor, Judge, Herv, and some other guys all in a room and one guy says “I don’t think any of us want to get a real job” and everyone laughs together after an intense moment. Mayor’s guys want the mayor to fire Burrell. “it’s gunna be hands off in the western district for the foreseeable future” basically they are pushing all the drug dealers to one section of the city and then they will leave them alone. None of the detectives are happy about that. Then they go back and do police work. They are herding them.

Marlo wants them to beat up Barksdale’s people who are invading on their turf. They beat the crap out of them with bats. The Barksdale boys go back to String and say Marlo is a problem.

Kima asks McNulty why the significant other knows you are a cop when you date them and marry them and decide to have a family with them but then one day it is not okay with them that you are a cop. McNulty wants to see what the towers are doing. Kima said “Jesus, I’m turning into McNulty.” Kima and McNulty left the Barksdale people right before the other people came and beat them up.

McNutty my mainest man – Bubbs is so funny


Episode 4:

The people of the community are not happy with the drug dealers so they really won’t like the new “brown bag” thing the department is doing.

Tommy talking to Marla. Now Tommy is talking to more suits about how the blacks aren’t happy about the killing in the city either. They’re telling Tommy to go after a higher seat and he drops the bomb that he is going to run for mayor and they just laugh at him until they realize he is serious. Man he has to be a rapist or something the way he looks at girls—and all of them. He plays the wife and kids card like he wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize his marriage. He wants that girl to run his campaign but she said he is the wrong color.

“Why you got to go and fuck with the program?” –Fruit

Bubbs is working for Kima and McNulty but his friend doesn’t want to have any part of it. I think some of the dealers might be onto him. They were looking at him a little funny. He has a sense of purpose now, maybe he will stay off of drugs. Maybe not because talking to Kima and Jimmy he sounds high even though he is smoking a cigarette at that time. Oh yeah he’s definitely high. Bubbs gave them the license plate of Marlo and they pull his file and Kima asks someone else in the department about him and he says “that motherfucker is real.” Kima and McNulty think Marlo is working with Stringer. McNulty lies to the girl at Stringer’s school that he has domestic violence issues so she will show him String’s information. Dog barking with Bubbs in Kima’s car. Jimmy found String in class—now he’s got his schedule and his cell phone number except now String is probably going to throw that phone away because he is paranoid. Stringer is talking to some important people (State Senator) about the properties that he holds and McNulty is watching him. Even Jimmy and Kima aren’t on the same page anymore. The phone that McNulty was onto is his business phone—as per Freamon and Prez pulling phone numbers. “Every time we come at them they learn and adjust” – Freamon. Freamon is trying to get McNulty to either prove that String is legit or else he’s back on the case with the rest of them. The girlfriend told String that McNulty said D could have been a murder. String tells her that everyone knows Avon is serious so they wouldn’t kill D. String said he is going to be back with her—they always pan to the shot of D whenever they are doing anything dirty. The dog was barking as String was walking out of Darnette’s apartment. String told his boy to take the calls from her.

Boys on the street aren’t talking about peanut, not even with Bunk giving them a get out of jail free card. Still doesn’t have anything and Jay isn’t happy about it. Bunk asks McNulty for Omar and McNulty said “again?”

Intense conversation/fight between Jimmy and Freamon. McNulty said he is a boss, fuck the boss; McNulty has a mouth on him. Freamon was talking chain of command stuff and McNulty said he never thought he’d hear that from him. And Freamon said he was surprised about Kima too because Daniels took her under his wing when she was fresh in the department. And then Freamon told Prez to check on Stringer’s properties because McNulty said he didn’t know what was happening to them.

Bunny was offered a job with Johns Hopkins.

The guy who got out of jail is still working landscaping. Hopefully he keeps doing it and stays out of drugs. He is talking to the boss on the job he is on now and he tells him he never did landscaping before. The boss tells him it is worth it to stay off the streets. The boss said he picked him up in spite of his landscaping experience. Ugh, he is getting back into drugs and when he is talking to Bodie about Bodie’s brother he realizes that people his age are few and far between. People don’t last long on the streets. Then he and Bodie are at a party and they are drinking and smoking something (marijuana?) and then a basically naked girl comes in and makes out with him and he follows her.

Ohh Rhonda is getting frisky with Cedric in her office and he wants her tooooo.

McNulty is having issues with Alayna. He isn’t paying his $1000 a month in alimony because he doesn’t have the money. And McNulty was like what your rich boyfriend won’t pay anything? McNulty wants to have drunk sex with Rhonda but Daniels is probably in there. And McNulty sees his car—ruh roh. McNulty brought it up apparently. Daniels said he should have told him sooner and McNulty said he wished them both the best. But he doesn’t actually. I don’t think he is going to make a big deal out of it though.

Herc and Carver told the dealers they could go to the free zone and not get arrested and they still don’t want to move. They come back the next day and yell at them and pat them down. They don’t believe them because it has always been they try to sell and the police try to stop them. So the district commander wants to get busses and move them off the corners. The guy who just got out of jail is about to get moved off the corner with the rest of Avon’s people—they didn’t. “Y’all kidnappin’ niggas” They were basically all children in there which was eye-opening.


I stepped up my comment game this week! Check some of them out:

“Business. Always Business.”

This week was a fairly light one, I thought. I thought twelve stars of audio assignments was kind of a lot but it was not too bad to actually do them.

My First Radio Bumper:

The first audio assignment I did this week was the DS106 Radio bumper (1.5 stars). I didn’t do it in the first audio week because I liked a lot of the other audio assignments so I did them instead.

How I did it:

I used FreeSound to get the sounds that I needed. I searched for static, a boing sound, and background static. I imported all of these sounds into Audacity so that I could edit them. I then searched for a free text-to-speech site which I could download from. I was very picky at this stage in the game because I wanted the speech to sound natural. I tried several different sites but ended up settling forthis one. I am happy with how the speech turned out. I downloaded it and imported that into Audacity as well. I also had to mess with what I typed in. First I tried “D S 1 0 6 Radio” but they said “one-zero-six.” Then I tried “D S 106 Radio” but they said “one-hundred six.” So finally I tried “D S 1 o 6 radio” and that is what I ended up going with. Some of the text to speech things made the “oh” sound funny and that’s why I had to be picky.

Then I cut and moved the tracks around until they sounded right and fit together well. I cut out a lot of stuff from three of the tracks (the sound ones) because I knew my bumper was going to be short. Then I put it all together, saved the Audacity file, and exported it as an MP3. I tried to upload it to Twitter, the Hub, and SoundCloud via Known but for some reason it didn’t upload to SoundCloud so I had to do that separately.

Gone Huntin’:

In honor of hunting season starting last weekend, I decided to make the “Sound Effects Story” (3.5 stars) of someone shooting a deer with a bow.

How I did it:

Using Free Sound I pulled different sound effects that I hear (or hopefully hear) when I am sitting in a tree stand. First you hear the ambient noise of the woods, including some annoying crows. Then you hopefully hear (or see) a deer walk up. You draw your bow and let it go and hopefully hear the thump when it goes into the deer. Then you hear the deer walk a couple of steps and hopefully see it lay down.

Once I had all of these sounds downloaded I imported them into Audacity so I could edit them together to make a cohesive story. Obviously the order that I said up there was the way in which it happened in the sound story. I had to fade in the deer walking up because as it gets closer it gets louder. Then I had to make sure that the bow release and the thump were not too far apart or it wouldn’t sound real. I also had to make sure that the deer didn’t wait after it got hit to move away because generally that happens immediately. I faded out the deer walking away because it is getting farther away from you (generally). I also had to make sure that much of the ambient noise in between the crows cawing wasn’t in my sound story or it would have been distracting. Unfortunately I didn’t know what to do with the ambient noise behind the crows actually cawing, so that stayed in there.

Interview with Kirk Cousins:

The next assignment I did was the “Interview/Music Mashup” (3 stars). The example posted to the assignment page and some of the other examples were great. The hardest part was trying to pick out a topic to do the interview about. I thought about doing it about Ebola or Ray Rice but I figured they would be too hard to figure out songs for.

How I did it:

Here is the list of songs and artists that I used:

This Is Our Time by Kenny Chesney

Honky Tonk Badonkadonk by Trace Adkins

We are the Champions by Queen

All Jacked Up by Gretchen Wilson

Bob the Builder Theme Song

And the Crowd Goes Wild by Mark Wills

Angry All the Time by Tim McGraw

It was actually a lot easier to choose questions and songs than I expected it to be. I thought that would be the hardest part but it turned out that choosing the person to interview and the topic was the hardest part.

First I made a Word document with all of the questions that I wanted to ask and thought of songs for them as I made them. I found the lyrics to the songs using Google. Then when I picked the part of the song I wanted to put the lyrics in the Word document so that I would remember which part of the song I needed once I downloaded it. I downloaded them from YouTube using a YouTube to mp3 converter. When I did that for all of the songs I needed, I opened Audacity. I recorded all of the questions first so that I would have them all there. I then imported the songs one at a time as I got to the questions that they answered. I had to listen to the song to find the right part and delete the parts that I didn’t need. I did that for all of the songs and then lined them up so they sounded natural. I then selected all and clicked on Effect>Normalize to make all of the different clips the same volume. Then I saved it as an audacity file and exported it as an MP3 file. I uploaded it to Twitter and the Hub via Known and uploaded it to SoundCloud separately (I can’t figure out why it won’t work).


I did the assignment “FlickrSounds” (1.5 stars). I didn’t know what to search at first so I searched “sunset.” After a couple of clicks I came up with this combination. It is pretty weird because neither sound has to do with a sunset and there is no stream in the picture but there could be one out of the frame that you can hear but you can’t see. Then I decided to search “sunrise” to see what came up. After a few clicks this combination came up. I like this because the sound is very soothing and reminds me of getting up early at the beach to watch the sunrise. I also like the picture and how the sun is going through the middle of the pieces of wood. It is a really cool picture. Finally, I wanted to bring the day together with an afternoon picture. Well afternoon was bringing up some weird things. Mostly pictures of cats and sound effects like thump and boing so I don’t know what was up with that. Then I decided to search “midday” instead. And after a few clicks of search, this combination came up. It’s cool because it is a different setting than the other two pictures but the middle of the day is a more busy time so it is fitting that it is the New York City skyline. The water also goes with the picture very well because the picture looks like it was taken from the middle of the water. If you want to see the picture and sound combinations you can view my original post.

Voice Over a Beat (Times Two):

The final audio assignment I did was “Voice Over a Beat” (1.5 stars).

How I did it:

But I went on Soundation and created a login so I could choose and save and download a beat. I ended up choosing the second beat that I listened to. It caught my attention. I clicked on Electronica>125>BassBroke C. That is the one I went with. I had to click and drag it into the center space where you can add tracks so that I could save/download it. I went to File>Export as .wav file because I knew I could import that file type into Audacity. I then opened Audacity and imported the file. I didn’t modify the sound any, just what I recorded.

So at first I was like oh I’ll make a bumper for our show using this, but then I remembered that that is a separate assignment that I have already done this week. So I made that one and I made another voice over a beat. I said Groom’s catch phrase “Make Art Dammit.” I went to Effect>Amplify and made it louder. I also went to Effect>Change Pitch and made it lower so it didn’t sound like me saying it. I played around with that a lot because it was funny to hear my voice in different pitches. I went lower because I thought it would sound cooler and would be easier to hear over the beat. I saved the bumper first and exported it then I took out the words and changed them and re-saved and re-exported. Here are both of the tracks that I made on SoundCloud.

Do I look like I’m Kidding?:

I made a promotional poster for our DS106 Radio show. I wanted an angry picture of McNulty so I could basically make him say something like “you’re going to do this or else…”

How I did it:

I found the picture of McNulty here by googling “The Wire Cast” or something along those lines. This one stood out to me, one because it was one of the larger pictures (and higher quality), and two because of the angry look on his face. I knew with that look that I could make it a threatening poster. I saved the photo and opened it in GIMP. I then added the text–the top is CF Jack Story ( and the bottom is Colors of Autumn (also from I was going to do the top in Colors of Autumn also but the numbers looked like they were straight out of Times New Roman so I decided against that. I resized and moved them around until I got the effect that I wanted. I tried to do drop shadows (by hand using the airbrush tool) but they didn’t turn out as well as I would have hoped. I do think that the text is pretty readable though since the background is so dark.

Do I look like I'm kidding? #ds106 #ds106radio #promoposter #wire106

Daily Create Number 1:

I did the daily create “(Don’t) Describe #wire106.” And I read a couple of other people’s ideas (of course because I don’t want to be way off base here) and I kind of spun off of their ideas. I don’t know if anyone has seen White Collar but it is a GREAT show (which will unfortunately be in its last season here soon *tear*). Neill Caffrey, a convicted con artist (I guess) helps out the White Collar crime unit (the crimes that he used to commit). He basically solves their cases by thinking of the way he would do it and then telling them and they get the bad guy. It is great because he is freaking brilliant. Anyway it is a great show and you should watch it. But here is The Wire edition of White Collar (or the White Collar edition of The Wire) explanation:

The Wire: White Collar Edition is a great new television show about a police department who enlists the help of a former drug dealer (who escaped from prison several times only to be found by this police department). The final time he escaped they gave him an ultimatum–either he helped them find other drug dealers or he went into solitary confinement. So, of course, he chose to help them out. Not only did he avoid solitary confinement, one by one he was able to laugh in the face of his former competitors while they got carried away to jail. Not to mention he managed to do a little drug dealing on the side while he wasn’t under police supervision. As you can imagine he has to talk himself out of many a sticky situation, but in the end he helps the department and he and his handler end up with a very good relationship–almost best friends (*insert collective AWWW here*).

Daily Create #2:

The second daily create I did this week was “Pearls of Wisdom.” I’m sorry it’s another writing one, but I just couldn’t pass it up. It was so easy to think of the book that I have read with the most wisdom in it. The Bible is easily the most influential book that I have read that affects how I live my life. It never ceases to amaze me the way God’s word speaks to me. Here is my response to the prompt:

When I saw the title of this daily create I already knew my answer. The Bible is easily the book with the most wisdom that I’ve ever read. Every time I read it or learn about it I learn something new. It tells you how to live a happy, fulfilling life. For instance: “forgive each other just as Christ God forgave you.” -Ephesians 4:32. “Do to others as you would have them do to you” Luke 6:31. And one of my favorites, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13. I take these to heart and try to live by them because I know that they will make me a happier person.

The Wire Episodes:

Season 2, Episode 12:

The police are pulling a body out of the river—its going to be Frank; and Nicky knew it too and the more time goes on, the more frantic he gets. All of the dock guys are watching but I bet they don’t expect that it is going to be Frank. Or maybe they did know because none of their reactions showed any surprise. Notifying homicide, they should be not happy to hear that. And they aren’t because they want him to help them with information about the Greeks. Nicky wants to go kill the Greeks but the guys won’t let him. Russell must have had a thing with Sobotka because she is not happy.

“Business. Always business.” – The Greek—they’re leaving to go back to Greece or somewhere.

Stringer tells Brother that he got his back. And Stringer says that they will figure out who did it and take care of it. But Brother said there is no need because he will take care of them himself. Brother doesn’t tell him who came after him and says “thank you for your concern.” Uh oh Stringer probably knows Brother is onto him. Omar wants to go after Stringer now. Avon is mad Stringer asked Brother who he is going to go after. Ruh roh, I didn’t think Avon was going to pound it with Stringer.

UGH Bubbs really? Why did you try to steal stuff out of an ambulance? I’m glad Kima is the one doing his interview. Good Kima is treating him hard because he can’t give her any information about any homicides or anything. Oh Bubbs was there for Brother shooting the guy and he said the East and West siders are sharing. And Bubbs told Kima that the product in the towers was bad but now it’s good.

Prez is being charged by his Father in Law because he punched him. Everyone heard him call Prez a “shitbird” though. Daniels is happy that he convinced FIL to press charges on Prez.

Nicky is probably turning himself in so that the Greeks get in trouble—he is going to use it as collateral to get him a lighter sentence. The problem is they are no longer in that diner and he doesn’t know a whole lot of information. The Greeks are in a pickle though because they don’t have anyone at the dock on their side anymore. The Greek doesn’t like walking into police everywhere they go. Oh yeah I forgot Nicky met with Frank before he went and talked to Spiro—he knows what the Greeks’ plan is. Nicky knows that Frank’s death was for nothing because Zig made a statement that he bought the gun.

Hmm, Daniels and his wife are sleeping in separate rooms—she must be VERY upset with him.

UGH THE FBI GUY DRIVES ME CRAZY—thank goodness he is not in San Diego anymore. Uh oh he knows his information has been going to the wrong person because he has been gone for more than a year according to the lady. He told Daniels that he was the leak.

Carver and Herc are dummies. They were waiting for Nicky to turn himself in but he already did. Obviously some communication was lacking there. They aren’t happy that they aren’t getting all the information. Carver wants a new job to use his stripes. What is Nicky doing? He gone. How stupid can you be? They told you not to leave without telling someone.

“I bet there’s police somewhere else looking at a table full of heads.” –Bunk—Bunk cracks me up well at least they got the tapes and got something on the tape. Links Sergei to the guy that was beheaded and whose hands were cut off. The guy they beheaded was the one who killed all the girls. And Daniels doesn’t want to tell Rawls right away.

Kima is not excited about the baby but her wife is.

The Greek and Prop Joe talking—I guess the Greeks supply Prop Joe, what is he going to do when the Greeks leave.

Episode 12 Commentary:

I enjoyed the discussion about the importance of the image telling the story. I think that is one thing that the directors and everyone on The Wire completely nailed. I love that they don’t have to use artificial sounds to make the show more interesting. They only have to use camera movement, camera angles, and authentic sounds to make you more interested. Then when the music is there, you know it is important and they thought long and hard about what the songs are because they aren’t usually there.

I didn’t notice that episode 12 was all about people’s eyes until they said that in the commentary. The first time I watched it that was not something that I picked up on. I realize that I have gone away from dissecting the scenes the way I did during the visual week and prior to that. Another thing that I missed that I used to pick up on is the transition between scenes. They do a great job to make transitions seamless.

It also interested me when she said that the director didn’t want the language to be traditional TV. I guess I assumed that that was true because of the amount of cussing in the show (the F word scene comes to mind). She also reinforced what Jen Ralston said about how they used authentic sounds at the docks and how important sound is, especially to this show where they don’t really use music.

I am also more aware of the different camera angles that they use. Like in the scene with Nicky with Frank’s picture behind him and the focus from Nicky to the picture and back to Nicky. Another thing they made me more aware of was how they showed the distance between Daniels and his wife even though they didn’t come out and say it.

Season 3, Episode 1:

Maybe tearing the towers down signifies the end of Avon’s reign and maybe Stringer will get Avon out of the whole situation—it actually stands for a change in the game from territory to product. Territory doesn’t mean anything if your product is crap. They are going to become resellers because they have the best product out there.  Poot pissed Stringer off when he said “do the chair know we are gonna look like some punk a$$ b!tches out there?” The end of this episode emphasizes the change in the game also. With the guy who just got out of jail getting jipped out of his drugs and the young kid trying to sell drugs to the police officer.

The conversation between Poot, Bodie, and all of them is very vulgar and that surprised me. Well, that didn’t happen quite as planned—the light turned from green to red.

“Don’t matter how many times you get burnt, you just keep doin’ the same.” –Bodie. I had a feeling that would be the quote for this episode. I also think that’s the first time it has come from before the credits. I also don’t like the new song.

Interesting scene with Freamon and Prez and the lady sitting behind them. It used to be that Freamon knew what they were saying on the wire and he had to translate for Prez but this time it was the opposite. They’ve been following Cheese for three months and still haven’t heard his voice. Rhonda and Daniels don’t want to re-up on the phones because they aren’t getting anywhere on them. They have to get up higher somehow. They got a newer nicer camera now.

Carver tried to stay one step ahead by not chasing the runner because usually he doesn’t do anything but this time they may have. But then we saw another kid leave with something. So the druggies may have still outsmarted them. They look so discombobulated with Herc driving around and Carver running around—hahahah Carver sticks out his thumb like he is hitchhiking when Herc drives up. And then he tries to lay down the law after he just looked like a fool. “Because you do not get to win, shitbird, we do!” And he didn’t have any drugs. Herc and Carver don’t really seem to be on their commanding officer’s good side.

They took Bubbs and his buddy’s pants so that they come back and pay them for his car. “Y’all know ya ain’t got pants?” as they are turning in their metal for money. But the guy isn’t happy with the money that they gave him. Tomorrow ain’t shit—maybe he is finally coming to his senses. Talking about begging for half a shot and the fact that he’s not even high and then there are gun shots in the background.

People are moving from the city to the county because of schools and crime. The mayor doesn’t care and acts like it is business as usual. The head of the council says that Herv should come to him if thy mayor gives him the short end of the stick. But he says nope because he reports to the mayor.

Daniels talking to Herv about the wiretap and how they’re banking on Prop Joe promoting the wrong person and Herv says what makes you think they’ll promote the wrong person and Daniels says we do it all the time. Daniels isn’t getting his promotion because his wife is running for a position currently held by the Mayor’s ally. Daniels probably didn’t even know his wife was running because he has been living out of the office (even though he doesn’t answer when Rhonda asks him). And his wife is basically using him to get the position that she wants because he is well-known and she is not.

Avon just walks across the middle of the baseball field and they stop the game for him with no complaints. Avon says the game is the game but Stringer is saying the game is changing.

McNulty is jealous of his ex’s new boo. And then the kids don’t want to go with him because his seats aren’t as good. And then she tells him what to do with the kids like he doesn’t know. She annoys me. Hahahaha Bunk tells McNulty I’m thinking of becoming a woman and McNulty didn’t even flinch. He is very unhappy with his ex. Also they all have cell phones now instead of pagers!

I love this town—pan down to him looking at a dead guy.

Woo, Rawls is dropping all kinds of curse words and the other guys look at him like he’s crazy. Rawls is such an a$$. They are telling them to cut down on murders—not sure how they are going to do that. They’re basically telling them to lie about deaths or else they will be replaced.

“You don’t look at what you did before, you do the same shit all over” –McNulty


Lots of conversations with my group this week. Here are some of them:

twitter convo 10 12

The Designer in Me

Episode 9:

I thought it was interesting how right off the bat I realized that they weren’t aiming so they weren’t going to hit their targets. Did I think a stray bullet would go through a second story window? No, but anything can happen when you don’t aim. I also thought the fade from the mom screaming into the opening song was interesting.

The cops know that the dock guys are onto them because of the way they are answering the phone and things like that and limited use of phones that they think the cops may be onto. The cops plan on waiting them out and Daniels says, “Well I, for one, am a patient mother f@#^%$.”

String is worried about the cops being all around trying to figure out who shot the kid so they have to shut down ops for a while. String also tells Bodie to dump the guns in the harbor so he cleans them and throws them over the bridge…right onto a boat.

When the police came storming into the pit, the people didn’t care but there was one shot of a kid looking out of a window, that was sad for me.

String is taking Prop Joe up on his offer for a better product in exchange for Prop Joe getting some of their better real estate. String knows Avon won’t like this one bit.

I hate Ziggy’s character because he is so stupid. You know he is going to get in trouble at some point, it’s just a matter of when. He is out of drugs and into stealing cars now.

The whole thing with McNulty and the sex hotline was funny. I thought it was interesting that Freamon gave him the idea to use an accent. I’m sure McNulty wasn’t happy with their timing busting into the place. I also thought it was funny how Jimmy was chicken pecking the keyboard typing up his statement.

First Design Assignment:

I did the “Six Word Memoir” but for Daniels. Though it is not a direct quote, it is pretty much his motto through the first two seasons. He waits out the police department even though they treat him like crap, he stuck it out after his wife told him to quit, and he is willing to wait on his law career. I’d say that classifies him as patient.

How I did it:

I used GIMP. Imported the picture from here as a layer, added text, re-positioned, re-colored, and re-sized the text. I then found a plain, manly font that I liked and ended up going with Gill Sans MT Bold. I then exported the picture and uploaded it to Twitter, Flickr, and the Hub via Known.

Second Design Assignment:

My second design assignment this week was “DS106 Post Secret” (2 stars). The basis of this assignment was episode 11 when Stringer told Omar that Brother killed Brandon. I think the reason Stringer said this was because Brother was messing up his deal with Proposition Joe. So my secret was “I told Omar that Brother killed Brandon so I wouldn’t have to deal with him messing up my deal with Prop Joe.”

Stringer's Secret #wire106 #designassignments #designassignments371

How I did it:

I used GIMP and opened the picture of the gun and the picture of the paper as layers. I also downloaded a font from called “Colors of Autumn” because I thought it looked like what Stringer’s handwriting would look like. Because I had GIMP opened before I downloaded the font, I had to restart GIMP to have the font in there. I had to open an Alpha Channel on the top layer and then I enlarged the paper and erased most of it, leaving just a part to put the font on. Then I added the font on the paper and exported the file.

Third Design Assignment

My third assignment this week was “Minimalist TV/Move Poster” (3.5 stars). I did it for The Wire since I figured it would be easy because it’s basically about drugs.

How I did it:

Went on The Noun Project and searched drugs and I really liked Drugs by Ed Harrison. I thought about putting the Baltimore skyline in the background but that defeats the purpose of the whole minimalist thing. So I went with red because it was a big color in the first season. I made it in GIMP and opened both of the images in it. I had to resize the drugs picture so it fit on top of the red. I also downloaded a font from called Delius and had to restart GIMP so that the font would be loaded. Unfortunately I exported and uploaded the picture with other words on it before I remembered that I had to make it specific to these episodes of The Wire that we watched this week. So I changed the tagline to “I need to get clean.” I liked it because it didn’t only apply to Sobotka.

The Wire: Minimalist Style #wire106 #designassignments #designassignments43

Daily Create #1:

The first daily create I did this week was the Empathy Map. I was quite obviously feeling stressed when I made it.

How I did it:

It was weird for me to think of what I was seeing and hearing and doing and saying and feeling and all of that. Usually I just feel one emotion. But when I actually thought about it I realized that I was feeling a lot more than stressed. No matter how much I have going on in my life, I know that I am blessed. The fact that I could only hear my air conditioning was good because that meant I didn’t have to hear my roommate stomping around upstairs. The fact that I could see my messy room, while wasn’t ideal, meant that I had a roof over my head. The fact that I have things to be stressed about (school and softball) means that I am privileged enough not only to go to school but to play a sport for my school. And the fact that my body was hurting from workouts meant that I was physically able enough to lift weights. This not only made me think about what I was feeling, but also why I was feeling it and it made me realize that it was a good thing.

Daily Create #2:

The second daily create I did was “Trace Yourself!” Rather than use tracing paper, which I didn’t have any of, I pulled up the picture on my computer and turned up my lighting on my screen and traced it straight off of the screen. I am happy with how it turned out (minus my lips haha).

I traced myself! #dailycreate #tdc999 #ds106

Fourth Design Assignment:

My fourth design assignment was “Lyric Typography Poster” (3.5 stars). I did “American Kids” by Kenny Chesney, a song which I love and listen to entirely too much. It also happens to have good, visual words.

How I did it:

I used Word Art in Microsoft Word. It was actually pretty easy once I figured out how to navigate the new word art…I haven’t used it since like middle school. I downloaded three new fonts for this project: CF Jack Story, USA Flag, Baby Blocks. I had to mess around with different text effects until I found ones that did what I wanted. For the “Jesus” I had to make the S separate so I could stretch it without stretching the whole word. The “blue” and “jean” are supposed to look like a pair of pants. The rest of them are just fonts but I wanted to make it flow while not being too cluttered. I then screen shotted it and pasted it back into word and saved it as a picture. I used Microsoft Photo Editor to crop it.

Daily Create #3:

I did the “Powers of 10” daily create as my last one this week. I decided to collage some of my more softball related daily creates because—let’s face it—there are a lot of them.

How I did it:

I went on my flickr and saved these pictures onto my phone. I then used an app called PicStitch to put them together. I exported them to my photos and emailed them to myself so I could have it on my computer. From there I saved them to my computer and uploaded it to Flickr, Twitter, and the Hub via Known.

Design Assignment #1: Take Two:

I got a new picture of Daniels and imported it into GIMP. To make it more artsy I went to Filters>Artistic>Cartoon to make him look cartoonified. I then tried to add text in GIMP but I realized that either I don’t know how to do it or you can’t morph and move text as much as I wanted to. So I exported it as a jpg and then opened it in Microsoft Word. I added the words using Word Art. When I had the words like I wanted them I zoomed in and screen shotted it. I copied and pasted it back into Word and saved it as a picture. I then opened it in Microsoft Photo Editor to crop it. I didn’t re-upload since it was my second attempt but it is on my blog.

Vignelli’s Canon:

Things I liked: how he said that every detail is important because the end result is the sum of the details; that designers have three levels of responsibilities: to ourselves, the client, and the public; that design should be clear, simple, and enduring; the repercussion of ugliness is endless; and how to use white space. Things I didn’t like: how he wrecked the American paper size (is it that big of a deal?) and how he tried to make design a proper noun. Newsflash: it’s not. (Sorry I am kind of a grammar Nazi sometimes)

Episode 10: “It pays to go with the union card every time.” –Ziggy

I liked how they used “Walk the Line” for the montage of everything that they have been up to and Prez rearranging the board. “I keep a close watch on this heart of mine, I keep my eyes wide open all the time…Because you’re mine I walk the line.”

Herc and Carver still think that no one thinks they can do anything worth anything.

When the East Side boys first come into the West side Stringer has to come with them or else his boys won’t believe him—and even still they don’t believe him. But even though the East Siders were there, the West Siders sold the drugs for less than what the new guys were selling it for.

We also learn that Brother is serious. Not only is he smart, he is willing to use his gun. You can tell he has a bad rep because Prop Joe doesn’t want to put money on his head because he knows that it’ll come back to him and Brother will mess him up. And this quote was interesting to me: “If Stringer want the East Side up in here, then why Barksdale got a man here running them off?”

And the feud between Major A$$hole and Sobotka continues. Valchek brings in the FBI to work with the Baltimore Police Department to get Sobotka on something. I thought the faceoff between the FBI guys and Bunk and Freamon because you don’t know at first whether they are kidding or not. This is mostly because Freamon is the one who starts it and he doesn’t normally make jokes so you assume he is serious. Because the FBI got in on it, they sent stuff to the guy in San Diego who has an in with the Greeks, so the Greeks know that the police know about what they have been doing. I’m glad Prez punched his father in law because he deserved it, but unfortunately he’ll probably get in trouble.

Ziggy is such an idiot. His character irks me. For one he drives around with the radio blasting as he puts the Mercedes in the can. I thought they made a good song choice in “Radio On.” And then he took one a drove it around like it was his car. Everyone at the docks knows that he doesn’t drive a Mercedes nor does he have money to buy one so people probably knew that he stole it. And then he goes over to do a deal with the shop owner who tries to pull one over on Ziggy. Of course as Ziggy does, he took it too far. Shot and killed the guy, shot his worker, left money, and then didn’t leave the scene. How stupid can you be? He deserved to get arrested for that. When Nicky goes to tell Frank what happened and Frank goes “What the f^%$ did you do this time?” And then Frank tries to blame Nicky and Nicky turns that back around on Frank.

Side note: dogs were barking when Nicky and that girl were at the playground and while Omar was at the bar.

Interesting camera angle when Kima and her wife are talking. The camera moves to where you can only see Kima and not see her wife. What I would think is that that would mean that her wife is going to be out of her life in the near future, at least short term. I think this because in the episode when Kima got shot, there was a similar angle when she was with Bubbs for the last time.

Bunk on the boat was funny. “Y’all tryin’ to drown my a$$ for sure.” It was funny how the second time he got on the boat he acted like he belonged there. It was then funny when they were trying to figure out technology (text messaging). They figured out how to get the texts that the Greek was sending (thanks to McNulty) but they were in Greek so they used the internet to translate them.

Episode 11: “I need to get clean.” –Sobotka

Nicky picked a good time to spend the night at someone else’s house because he left his parents and his girlfriend to deal with the raid at 6am. Plus the fact that none of them had any idea he was dealing drugs. I did think it was interesting that the dog was barking as Nicky was walking into his house. Sobotka and his brother were talking about the boys and Frank told him that he know they were into bad stuff. His brother was NOT happy about that.

Kima did find the residue from the Greeks washing the drugs down the drain so that’s good but there wasn’t any more information that they could get. And the only person who was helping them was White Mike. He was giving them all kinds of information, just not who was above Sergei and Eton.

Valchek is super proud of himself when he finally gets to arrest Sobotka.

Stringer and Omar meet and talk about Brandon. Stringer tells Omar that Brother killed Brandon, now Omar is going to try to kill Brother. I think Stringer did that either to get Omar or Brother killed off (or maybe both).

Discussion between Ziggy and Frank at the jail was interesting. It took Ziggy getting arrested to finally get his dad’s attention. Ziggy even said it himself. Frank said he should have come to him but Ziggy said he wouldn’t have cared, he was too busy. I thought it was interesting, though, that the Greeks wanted to get Ziggy out of jail because they don’t want Frank to talk to the police.

The whole thing between Omar and Brother was interesting. Omar used the two girls and a dog to distract Brother’s side kick. Omar knocked and Brother thought it was his watcher dude (apparently he didn’t hear the ruckus before that). Omar shot him on sight. But he didn’t kill him. I think that was the plan because he wanted to torture him the way Brandon was tortured. Brother said it wasn’t him that killed Brandon and Omar believed him (which surprised me). Omar must have figured out that Stringer was using Omar to kill Brother for him.

Russell surprised me with how well she followed Spiro. She was a lot more ballsy that I would have been. I would have been satisfied with seeing what floor he got in. I wouldn’t have gotten off with him, geez.

Frank is cooperating with the police because he wants Zig treated right. But at the same time, Nicky is working with the Greeks and they are telling him that they are going to take care of Ziggy because they know he has a soft spot for him. But, can the Greeks really do what they say they can do? Because Frank told Nicky that he was talking to the police and Nicky told the Frank that the Greeks can get Ziggy out of jail in return for loyalty. But the guy in San Diego called the Greeks and told them that Frank talked to the police so they’re probably going to kill him in the next episode.




#typography #designblitz #ds106

I love the simplicity of the typography on this sign. The font is simple, so is the style it was typed in–middle justified. The repetition–due to the simple nature of the words–also emphasizes the simplicity of it. I also love how “love” is emphasized using color.


#unity #designblitz #ds106

Unity is the relationship between independent parts of the picture and the picture as a whole. To me–and probably not to others–this picture represents unity. The unity is not only visual, but is also in the context of the picture. This is a picture of me (taken by a former teammate) at my scrimmage on Saturday. The visual unity is the ball, my bat, and everyone’s focus on the ball. The contextual unity is the culmination of all of my work this fall coming together for this scrimmage. Everything coming together had a good result, a double!


#balance #designblitz #ds106

Balance is equilibrium. I figured that my field would be balanced, especially looking out from behind home plate. Well, it turns out that the Eagles Softball in center field isn’t exactly in the middle. So that kind of messed up my balance idea. I still think it is a pretty balanced picture besides that. This is pretty much the most balanced picture I could think of.


#color #designblitz #ds106

Color creates mood and draws attention. I would say that this sunset picture definitely draws attention to the focal point of the picture–the actual sunset. I don’t like that it was a little blurry but I was in a car so it was hard to get a clear picture that actually showed the colors. Obviously this picture does it no justice, but it is still pretty. I also like that it isn’t the whole sky that is lit up in color. I like the contrast between the yellow and pink and the grey of the sky and clouds above it.

Worth a Thousand Words

This week has been fun and interesting. I have always enjoyed taking pictures of things (just ask my boyfriend). I stop to take pictures of anything I find interesting. But this week has allowed me to grow in my photography skills. I learned about the rule of thirds this week–something that I may have known but had not consciously learned about previously. I learned about depth, contrast, perspective (something that I like to mess with), and many other aspects of photography. I also learned how much you lose when you don’t have sound. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well sometimes the words that are actually happening happen to be very important.

Keep Your Eye on the Ball:

The first assignment I did this week was Splash the Color which was worth three stars. In this assignment you are supposed to pick a picture and take out all of the colors except one which will end up being the focal point of the picture. I chose the picture that I did because you can tell what the focal point is. There is obvious  movement in the picture because a ball can’t simply hover above my hands forever. It is the definition of a moment suspended in time. (This fact didn’t actually bother me until I just started thinking about it)

Since I didn’t know how exactly one would take colors out of a picture, I Googled it. This website came up and it helped me tremendously. On my own I figured out how to change the picture from color to black and white but it wasn’t be desaturating as this tutorial told me to do. So I put the picture back into color, duplicated it, desaturated it and picked the desaturated version that looked the best to me (Luminosity in my case) and changed the picture. Then I right-clicked on the black and white layer and clicked “Add Alpha Channel.” After this I chose the eraser tool and erased the black and white from the softball turning it back to yellow. It was pretty cool and here is the finished product:

Splash the Color #ds106 #visualassignments #visualassignments340

I also was bored later in the week and created this one:

st thomas part color


After looking at it for so long it didn’t even look like it was in black and white anymore around us but now that I look at it again I realize that it actually does. I am really happy with how it turned out.

Should Google Change to Courier New?:

My second visual assignment (2 stars) was a little less time-consuming than the first. All I had to do was find a logo and change the font of the words in the logo to make it look terrible. I chose the Google logo because it was easily duplicated. I chose Courier New because everyone hates it, including me. So I copied and pasted the Google logo into Microsoft Word and selected Courier New and typed “Google.” I then changed the colors of the letters so they matched the logo. Then I screen shotted it and pasted it into word, saved it as a picture and opened it with Microsoft Photo Editor to crop it. After I cropped it I uploaded it to the internet for all to see. So here is my Google logo in Courier New:

What a crappy font will do #ds106 #visualassignments #visualassignments704

She Thinks We’re Just Fishin’:

When I saw this assignment on the assignments page (3.5 stars) I knew what lyric I was going to do. It kind of just came to me. Then I had to decide which picture to use. It came to me that I had a picture of me fishing from when I was little. I figured this song was exactly what my parents were thinking when they took the picture of me. I did it by opening my picture in GIMP so I could edit it. I tried to get a little fancier with it but I was unsuccessful in this venture. I even Googled it to see if Google could help me but it couldn’t (!). So I just went with a font that I liked in a size that looked reasonable and a color that was readable on the picture. I chose Century Gothic (which, by the way, used to be my favorite font). Here is the result:

A memorable lyric and baby Brittany #visualassignments #visualassignments1039

Size Matters:

My next visual assignment (2 stars) was pretty fun, but more challenging than I expected due to working with live subjects and not thinking about perspective. I realized shortly after I started taking close-up pictures of my boyfriend’s dog that I actually need something to compare her to in order to make her seem bigger. So then I tried to take pictures of different rings with my computer in the background in order to make the ring seem bigger. I was very happy with how that one turned out. The one of the cat with the food bowl turned out better than I expected, I guess that is because I took it from basically an ant’s point of view, making everything in the picture seem bigger. Onyx seems big in the picture with the computer in the background because of the combination of the computer looking small, and the perspective at which I took it (in addition to the fact that he is actually 25 pounds). I am happy with the way all of these turned out, but mostly the ring picture. Here is the photo collage of all of the pictures that I liked the most of the 50 or so that I took:

My attempt at "Larger than Life" #visualassignments #visualassignments1028

Take Me Back to (8-bit) Paradise:

This assignment (3 stars) came in two parts from me. My first attempt was not as good as it should have been. The reason, I believe, that this happened was because I was following the directions for making an 8-bit avatar. So it said to size it down before I digitized it and that’s what I did. I realize now that it does not need to be sized down before I digitize it, I just need to make the pixel sizes bigger.

So to do this, I picked a simple picture that you would be able to make out even when it was digitized. I then Googled how to digitize a picture using GIMP and this site came up. I imported the picture into GIMP and downsized it to 128×171 pixels the first time (too small) and 1000×1333 pixels the second time (juuuust right). Then I went to Filters>Blur>Pixelize and the first time I made the pixels 5×5 and the second time I made them 20×20. Here are my pictures:

Real-Life 8-Bit Art #VisualAssignments #VisualAssignments1072

8bit picture take 2

All-Out (Photo)Blitz:

My assignment for the photoblitz was as follows: something that represents the number 3 (or the number itself), a photograph of an ordinary item from as close as you can manage, photograph featuring a circle, emphasizes one color more than others, “dusky path of a dream,” reflected subject in a body of water, and an outdoor scene free of human artifacts.

I love taking pictures so this was fun for me. Some of the pictures that I had to take were harder than others because I live smack in the middle of Fredericksburg. So the ones that were hard were the body of water and the photo free of human artifacts. The dusky path of a dream one was also hard because I didn’t know what that meant so I just went with what I thought it meant. Here are my pictures in the order that I stated above–under them I’ll say what I liked and didn’t like about them.


With this one, I liked the balance–I tried to use the rule of thirds. I also like the contrast between light and dark–however I think there could have been more contrast had the lighting been better. I liked the idea of using three objects rather than the number 3. Also, being a perfectionist, I don’t like that they aren’t on exactly the same horizon line and facing exactly the same direction.

close up

In this, I like the contrast between the ball’s reflection of the light and the shadow on the bottom left of the picture. I like how it is focused in the back. The problem with it being so close up is that it wouldn’t focus on the front of the ball, so most of the picture is out of focus. The focus though, helps show the depth in the picture.


This picture might be one of my favorites that I took in this photoblitz. I like the difference between the foreground and the background. I love the fact that the only thing in focus in the picture is the “circle” (my bat). I also like the unintentional balance with the balloons on either side of the picture. The rule of thirds is pretty well followed by this picture, though rather unintentionally. I believe I put the bat on the bottom third but other than that it just happened.

color dominated

Honestly, this is probably my least favorite picture of all of them, but I think it follows the rule of thirds. I also think I did a good job emphasizing orange while still showing foreground, background, and contrast.

path of a dream

This picture doesn’t show much in the way of foreground/background, but I tried to follow the rule of thirds. I tried to put something interesting in each segment of the picture so I didn’t make it off-balance.


I also don’t like this picture but I didn’t really have many options within 20 minutes of me in terms of a body of water. Oddly enough, this picture is semi-balanced. Other than that, all of the other areas of photography are pretty lacking. There is no foreground/background and no contrast. In a way it shows movement by showing the opposite of movement–it is sitting still and that shows in the picture, I think.


I like the foreground/background of this picture. I like how the foreground is focused and the background is out of focus. I also like that the perspective is like that of an ant.

Daily Create Number 1:

The first daily create I did was what was playing on my radio. I knew that there would be a Redskins game on that day so I decided to record that to make my radio rather than just doing music. I pulled up Audacity and recorded parts of the game. I then spliced them together until I liked how they sounded. Because I recorded them off of the TV the quality was poor, so I had to amplify them. They still don’t sound super good because they were not imported files, but they were okay.

Daily Create Number 2:

For my second daily create I did Y U NO DRAW JIM GROOM. It was easy because I knew what to draw as soon as I saw it. I knew he would be saying 4 life and I know that it is easier to draw spikey hair so I was golden. Here is how it turned out:

Y U NO DRAW JIM GROOM #dailycreate #tdc992 #ds106 #4lyfe


Season 2, Episode 6: “It don’t matter that some fool say he different” -D’Angelo

The director of the wire is really into the rule of thirds. There is almost always something interesting in every part of the screen. The only thing that is wrong with that is that sometimes it competes with your interest. When they are all sitting around the table talking toward the beginning, there is always someone’s shoulder in the foreground that they are looking over.

I loved when Omar called out the butthead lawyer saying that he preys on the drug dealers in the same way that Omar does–taking their money and hoping they get away with it again. The lawyer was not happy about that one. I also thought it was funny that they gave Omar a get out of jail free card, like in Monopoly.

I didn’t like how Nicky got the Greeks to go after the drug dealers that took Ziggy’s car–he is going to owe them even more. Ziggy makes me angry–he doesn’t know how to save his money. Who in their right mind burns a $100 bill simply because they have it??? I also don’t like that he wanted to take the drugs from the Greeks rather than the money, he is an idiot. I did like that Nicky put Ziggy in his place by calling him a kid.

I thought it was super funny when McNulty was in the background of his wife trying to make a business deal. I was also surprised that she agreed to go out with Jimmy again. I thought it was funny when he told her that he cleaned up his act and quit drinking as much anymore. I was surprised that she wanted to sleep with him again. But she doesn’t want to get the boys’ hopes up that they are getting back together.

I thought it was interesting when D was putting whatever he was putting in the toilet (drugs–cleaning his life up) how the camera went from wide to narrow. D’Angelo was basically Gatsby when he was talking about that because he said “because he wasn’t ready to get real with the story, shit caught up to him.” D wants everyone to leave him alone and let him do his own thing. I hate that they killed D. I would have been happy seeing him happy in jail.

Season 2, Episode 7: “Don’t worry, kid. You’re still on the clock.” -Horseface

I didn’t like watching the episode without sound, I missed a WHOLE lot. I was not expecting as much deep conversation in the flower shop as there was.

I loved when Nicky said you happen to be white. I didn’t expect that when I was just watching the episode without sound. It annoys me that Ziggy isn’t thankful that Nicky is putting himself in harm’s way so that Ziggy doesn’t have to. He doesn’t act like he wants the money but then he goes and spends it right off the bat. It was funny the ongoing story about Ziggy getting a girl pregnant and then trying to beat the guy up and getting stuck on top of a container.

The guy’s leg that got smashed was gross. I don’t know if the money that Sobotka gave his wife was like worker’s comp money or if it was a little something extra–if I had to guess I’d say something extra. The black guy asked Sobotka where the money came from but he doesn’t want to answer the question.

The scene with the tennis ball was hilarious–I didn’t catch all that happened when I was watching and not listening but upon watching it again, it was even more funny. It was funny when you could see Herc listening to Carver run after it and it getting hit by the truck.

I thought Russell did a great job lying to Sobotka saying that she wasn’t working on the pier anymore and that she would be somewhere else. I didn’t like how Sobotka was trying to get another year as the head of the union or whatever just so that he could get done what he needed to get done. Sobotka is scared for Ziggy’s future and his family’s future because that is the only life his family has ever known. He is paying that guy to try to get the canal so they can get more boats at the docks.

Haha greater security and reliability with no need for human surveillance—basically the little powerpoint was saying that they could no longer steal stuff from the shipments that they were getting—they don’t like it because it would cut down on the people that work also and they are already having problems with that

I was surprised that Daniels took the 14 homocides, and so was his wife. She was not a happy camper about that. He said “I love the job” and she said “well the job doesn’t love you”…ouch. And she says that she married him because he had ambition but he doesn’t anymore.

Season 2, Episode 8: “How come they don’t fly away?” -Ziggy

McNulty was a dummy at the beginning of this episode. Why did he drunk dial his wife, lie to the bartender, and wreck his car twice? What a dummy. The dogs were barking at him while he was at the apartment of the girl from the cafe.

Sobotka knows he is flagged by his cell phone company but doesn’t know why–well he figures it out. That makes me mad. I hated that the other cops told Sobotka what Russell was doing. Horseface thinks he is just paranoid but Frank knows something is wrong. I hate that the police think they are onto something but really Sobotka is onto them and they don’t know it yet.

Ziggy and his duck are so weird–he acts like it’s a guide dog. Ziggy wants in on the drug game with Nicky but Nicky is just protecting him from the bad things that can happen, so Nicky is basically putting himself in harms way in order to protect Ziggy.

I liked the scene where Bunk was complaining because he got stuck with them in some run down little thing that they call an office, it was funny.

Daniels played hard ball to get McNulty back, but I’m glad he did. It will be good for McNulty (hopefully) and help him get his life back on track. I thought it was funny when Kima said “it takes a whore to catch a whore” about McNulty trying to catch the “exotic dancers.”

I thought the lighting was interesting in the scene with Sobotka and his brother–it was almost like an interrogation room. I also liked Sobotka’s brother, he was a straight shooter who didn’t like all the crap that Sobotka is into.

I thought it was cool how they set the shot up when Frank met with the Greeks to tell them about the cops being onto them. It was cool how you could see everyone even though they were in a booth and it was shot from the side. They did a good job with balance in that regard.

All of the police are having issues with their significant others. McNulty and his (ex)wife, Daniels and his wife, Kima and her wife. It is just a bad situation all around. Is McNulty cleaning up his act for Russell though? They don’t seem like a good fit to me. Russell and Prez seem like a better fit even though Prez is married. I think he will cheat and that will cause problems with him and the Police chief father in law that gave them the Sobotka case to begin with. I thought it was interesting that McNulty decided to leave Russell’s house, not sleep with her or do anything else.

Tweeter (as my boyfriend calls it):

week 5 comments 2 week 5 comments 3 week 5 comments 4 week 5 comments 5 week 5 commentsweek 5 comments 3week 5 comments 4week 5 comments 5week 5 comments

I’ll tell your wife if you tell mine

This week was actually pretty fun and relatively easy for me. Luckily, like I have said before, I have a little prior experience with Audacity. I also have a resource to help me with Audacity should I need it. I didn’t need any this week though (WOO WOO). I actually did one extra assignment this week because it is something that I wanted to add to the assignment bank but I wanted to do it first. So there are four audio assignments on here, and that’s why. Anyway, here is what I was up to this week:


Ashleigh did my assignment that I created! Yay! This was super exciting for me because this is the first person that I have seen do my assignment. Anyway, Ashleigh did pretty much exactly what I figured people would do, and just what I did. Chose an artist (country in both of our cases) and mashed up their music into a new song! I enjoyed her take on this assignment.

I loved Carmella’s idea to talk about the characters on the show for the ds106 radio assignment.

David’s morning of sounds was really good. He did a good job making sure all of the sounds were loud enough so that we knew what he was doing and when he was transitioning between rooms.

I really liked Daniel’s morning walk audio—he did a very good job adding realistic sounds and continuing the footsteps throughout the whole clip. I liked how you could hear the leaves crunching under the person’s feet. I especially liked the birds chirping and the dog barking.

Good choice of hints but I just needed one more!! I narrowed it down to two songs but wouldn’t be able to know which one is right unless I went ahead and reversed the songs myself. When I listened to more I think I figured out that it was, in fact, Whiskey Lullaby! She was right that it does practically sound the same backwards as forward.

WOOOO Ashleigh did another one of my assignments! That’s exciting! I’m glad other people think they were good enough to consider doing them. She did a good job of it too!


Mash-up Time

Not only was this my first Audio Assignment for the week, it was also my first assignment that I have created for the semester! I really liked the ideas of “So and So’s Greatest Hits” and “Storytime! SongTag Style.” I started to do “So and So’s Greatest Hits” when I realized that I could make a story out of Brad Paisley’s songs. So that is exactly what I did and I created an assignment out of it (which someone else has completed [YAY!]).

The couple meets and falls in love in “Then,” get engaged in “We Danced,” are married and falling deeper in love in “Little Moments” and “Mona Lisa” and in classic country style, he chooses fishing over her in “I’m Gonna Miss Her.”

I did it in Audacity, I downloaded the songs to my computer if I didn’t have them already using this youtube to mp3 converter ( Then I edited them so that they fit well together, adjusted the volumes so they were the same, faded in and out of the songs, saved the audacity file and exported it as an mp3.



My second Audio Assignment for the week was the Reverse Audio Quiz. I got my song from YouTube and used the same audio converter ( to change it to an audio file, downloaded it, imported it into Audacity, selected the whole song and clicked on Effects>Reverse. I googled that last part because I hadn’t reversed a song in Audacity before but they made it easy. I then saved the Audacity work file as well as exported the song as an mp3 file and uploaded it to my blog.


Jen Ralston Interview Thoughts

I never realized how much thought went into the sounds behind a TV show or movie. After listening to the interview with Jen I realize that it is A LOT. I think listening to the interview is going to change the way I watch not only The Wire, but all of the TV that I watch. I am going to pay more attention to the background noise and the songs and the distance the people are from the camera compared to how far away they sound. These are all things that I didn’t really pay that much attention to before. I thought it was cool how in The Wire they leave a lot of the original sound to make it more documentary-like. I also thought it was interesting how she said if a scene is too noisy, then you have to add more sound. She said if it is only on one side of the scene it can be distracting so you have to add it to the other side of the scene too, which makes sense. She also brought up a great point that if you want a scene to be quiet, you bring out sounds that you would only hear if it was quiet, you don’t make it actually quiet. What she said about the dogs was also interesting and will be something that I’ll be paying attention to for the rest of the episodes that we watch.


Daily Create Number 1: I’m not Lucky, I’m  Blessed

Like I said in my blog post, at first I thought this would be easy, then I realized that it’s hard to actually draw a feeling. I thought about drawing happy but it just would have been a smiling person. So I decided to draw blessed. Here is my depiction of blessed.


Riff Off

For my final audio assignment I did the “Music Tag” assignment. When I read the description I got super excited because it was just like the Riff Off from Pitch Perfect! I thought it would be easy but boy was I wrong. I made it harder on myself for trying to pair the end of one verse with the beginning of a verse in a different song. That proved to be very difficult. It would have been more fun if I had cut them off in the middle of verses or lines but I liked the holistic feel you get by ending only at the end of verses.

Anyway, I once I picked my songs that fit together I imported them into Audacity, cut them down to the parts I needed, overlapped them so they sounded right, adjusted their volumes so they were at the same level, and saved and exported. Once I found the songs it was very easy, the song selection was the hard part. I don’t know how anyone could do it on the fly like they did in Pitch Perfect.


Daily Create Number 2: My Life in Books

I did this daily create because I thought it would be easy and fun. Then I realized that I don’t have that many books at school with me, so that complicated things. The only books that I have are my textbooks, my Bible, and a library book and a book that my boyfriend’s grandma gave me. So that is what I went with. My Bible is my daily reader, my textbooks are also (unfortunately) pretty daily, and my guilty pleasure books get read a lot less often than I would like. I took the pictures on my phone and put them together using the Pic Stitch app. I put the picture on Flickr from my phone but I also tried to post it to twitter from there but the app kept crashing (I guess because it hasn’t updated for iOS8 yet). But I posted it to twitter separately anyway.


My DS106 Radio Show Idea

My idea for DS106 Radio is to talk about the theme of corruption throughout The Wire. It should be easy to talk about and yield a lot of discussion as it is both in the police department and among the drug dealers. The show should be able to be 20-30 minutes with no problems.


My Second Submitted Assignment

Well I was bored on Friday because I finished everything else for DS106 so I decided to spend a little time creating another assignment. I thought about it earlier in the week but saw other assignments that sounded interesting so I did those. My idea for the assignment was to recreate something out of song lyrics—whether it be a nursery rhyme like I did, a Wire epigraph, a speech, or a poem. You can find the full assignment description here. It took a lot longer than I thought it would. I figured it’d be pretty quick because of how familiar I am with Audacity but it still took a while. I had to download the songs from YouTube, import them into Audacity, and find the parts of the songs that I wanted to use. I only used one word at a time, but normally I was able to get more than one word per song. I would duplicate the word I needed to use and go on and find another one. When I had all of the words that I needed I put them in the right order. Then I highlighted all of them and made them the same volume and then made all of the clips 25% longer. This made it more understandable. But then some words were too long so I went back and shortened them. Then I saved and exported it. The part that took the longest was finding all of the words and getting just the right part.


The Wire Watching/Listening/Discussing

Episode 3: “What they need is a union” –Russell

This is the episode that I joined in on the discussion for. It was very interesting and the different parts that people chose to listen to were also interesting. It is cool to hear everyone’s take on different things, especially things that I didn’t necessarily understand—but we’ll get to that in a minute.

The first time I watched the beginning I guess I was just trying to figure out what was going on so all I saw was Omar and his new partner in crime/boyfriend and the fact that they got beat to the punch by the girls. But in preparing for the discussion I listened again and I realized that someone in the background asked where someone else had been and he answered just been laying low and I linked that to Omar, that he had been laying low. I also thought it was interesting how Omar took the money from the girls and says “Spread the word darlin’, Omar’s back.” Kind of confirms for me that the first part was talking about him.

I thought the scene with Bunk and Freamon interviewing those guys was so funny—kind of like comedic relief. And like Groom said, we don’t usually see Freamon in a comedic role; he is usually the stern enforcer. But it was cool to see him like that.

It seemed to me like the situation with the girls was a dead end (no pun intended) at every turn. First the lost in translation scene, then “Can full of dead girls sent from nowhere to nowhere” according to Bunk. It seemed like maybe McNulty was going to get somewhere with the doctor, especially since he found out that some of the girls had breast implants in Budapest and that 7 had sex within 24 hours of death, 2 had anal, and 6 had oral. What I thought was really funny was when McNulty tried to go in and tell Bunk and Freamon what he found but they were already a step ahead of him. It made me laugh.

Okay so when I watched the episode I reallllly did not understand the rat and the dog scene. I guess maybe I didn’t realize who the people were but then when we listened to it and discussed it in our discussion it made a lot of sense to me. The guy who was bringing the drugs into the prison was the rat and he was thrown to the dogs (Avon). It is a dog eat dog world. Also the fact that the drugs were laced with too much rat poison was also a play on this scene. I missed all of that stuff the first time because I didn’t understand this scene. And again with Avon being the big dog trying to play the family card like he cares about D and all that when really he wants him to keep up his end of the bargain so Avon doesn’t go to jail for life. But Avon does tell D not to take the drugs when he plans to have them laced with too much rat poison.

I liked in the scene with McNulty and his ex how even when she closed the door, he could still see in. To me that either meant that she was trying unsuccessfully to shut him out or that the agreement that her lawyer sent him is going to have him on the outside looking in on his old life.

I really don’t like the fight between Sabatka and Prez’s FiL. It really just annoys me because what is it really all about? (yes I know that that is the basic premise for the rest of the season now but that doesn’t mean it annoys me any less haha)


Episode 4: “If I hear the music, I’m gonna dance.” – Greggs

Frank knows about Nicky and Ziggy stealing the cameras but surprisingly he didn’t light into him too bad. Obviously blood is thicker than water because had that been anyone else he would have fired them right on the spot. Frank said to go to him in the future when he needs money. Ziggy doesn’t know how to keep his money quiet like Nick told him to. It was super cute how Nick’s daughter knew all of the ships.

D does not like that Avon was responsible for the laced drugs and does not want a part of what he is doing, even though he can get out of jail early. This is likely because like D said earlier, he feels more free in jail than he does out of it. Of course the tip that Avon gives them finds the drugs.

I love the look that Rawls gives McNulty when he walks into the office like he belongs there.

I was very surprised that Daniels took the deal that the Deputy Ops gave him. He really wanted out but I guess not bad enough. His wife is NOT going to be happy with him. Kima is in the same boat though. Her wife is not going to be happy with her either. I loved the scene with the classical music when the camera was just going around in circles between the guilty parties and their angry wives.

I also live-tweeted as I was listening to the audio of this episode, so here are a couple of screen shots of my tweets and conversations:


Episode 5: “They used to make steel there, no?” –Spiro Vondas

That first scene before the credits made me laugh when I know it wasn’t supposed to. Ziggy was trying to act all gangsta when it is obvious he is not. He is such a dummy, I just wanted to hit him during that whole scene. There was an interesting contrast between him acting all “big and bad” to the white boy to acting like a little punk white boy to the black guys. I’m glad Nicky isn’t happy with Ziggy for getting into drugs. And I am super glad he made fun of the way he was talking haha.

I loved Carter’s answer when Daniels asked him why he would take Carter back after he proved himself disloyal: “I have no f***ing clue, Lieutenant.” I was surprised that Carter was okay with being under Greggs. I also loved how you could hear the phone ringing and the occasional car going by in the background of that scene; it was quiet without being quiet.

Bubbs is the best, I loved when he said “McNulty the Sailor man” hahaha it cracked me up. It was also funny that Bubbs knew more about boats than McNulty did even though McNulty has been on boats all winter. A Baltimore knot: it’s never the same thing twice.

I liked the classical music in the background when Nicky and his girl were looking at that townhouse, it helped reinforce how out of place they were there.

Corrpution: “Because my father in law hates his guts, which in the Southeastern goes for probable cause” –Prez that made me laugh really hard too.

No more family loyalty in the drug ring: “When they got no more use for  you that family shit disappears” –D

Stringer is pretty smart to ask his professor about what he should do with his drug “business.” I knew Stringer would become the brains AND the name behind the operation.

Russell gets an informant to help them with the case! He says to check the computers without saying to check the computers. And then Ziggy and Nicky trying to use the computers is pretty funny. Ziggy understands what to do but Nicky is lost. Technology is a pretty prevalent theme in this episode.

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