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Fritz Lang’s M

Well this clip may as well have been silent because I obviously didn’t understand anything that was said (I took Spanish as my foreign language). I guess voice inflections kind of tell us a little bit but I really didn’t understand a whole lot. Anyway here is what I saw:

The kids are playing a game that the lady up on the balcony (I assume she is a mom) does not want them to play. They stop until she goes inside and then they continue playing. To me this shows me that they don’t listen and that is foreshadowing for something that will likely happen later on in the  movie.

You know that one lady is pregnant before you even see her belly because of the way she struggles getting up the stairs. I am not sure of  her role in this scene but she may be important later on in the movie.

The little girl almost gets hit by a car which to me was foreshadowing that something bad would happen. It could also be seen as her staying out of trouble but that is not how I saw it.

Then you see the lady setting the table for two right after the little girl almost gets hit by a car–to me that showed me that maybe the little girl wouldn’t end up making it home. And then when you see the shadow looking at the little girl you know that she won’t come home. I am sure that sign was some kind of wanted sign for that guy and the fact that he had probably abducted other children recently.

The mom is worried that something is wrong because the little girl should be home soon. Then she didn’t show up with the other kids. You then see the little girl getting a ball from the creepy guy. Lang does so many things to make sure that you know that the little girl isn’t going to come home. Then the mom gets her hopes up when the mail man rings the doorbell, but you know that it is in vain. She looks down the stairs and calls the girl’s name, looks at the clock again, calls out the window to her and gets more and more frantic. The camera shows all of the places that she isn’t and then finally her ball rolling away.

It is crazy to me that you don’t have to know German to understand what is going on and what has gone on that hasn’t been explicitly shown on the screen.

Look, Listen, Analyze: Dennis Tries to Get Permits

The scene I am doing “Look, Listen, Analyze” for is the scene where Dennis tries to get his permits to transform the warehouse into a gym. The scene starts at 17:49 in Episode 9 of Season 3. These are my notes upon watching this scene.


Wide shot of Dennis walking in

dennis wide shot

then focus on his face

dennis face

and pan up to the “menacing” door

dennis door

Blank look in Dennis’s eye—he looks anxious, confuseddennis confused


dennis amused


dennis mad

and impatient depending on who he is talking to

He walks out looking dejected



Get louder

Walking up steps

Opens door

Elevator ding

Property zoning—talking in codes that Dennis likely doesn’t understand—talking about everything that he needs and he probably doesn’t understand—he is likely overwhelmed—phones ringing. Elevator dings at the end

Opens the door and you hear him walking down the stairs

They were talking super-fast, not allowing him to get a word in edgewise


Cars get a little louder when it zooms in on him (when we get closer to the street)

“A boxing gym” *ding*–that was interesting

He looks confused when she is reading the properties zone B1, B2, B3, B4, or B5

dennis reading zones

It was interesting how they meshed all of the different people talking together to make it seem like a coherent stream of talking even though he wasn’t hearing them in that order

He also talks to all different kinds of people but the way they make their thoughts one stream of consciousness is interesting

I also thought it was interesting how the scene begins and ends with an elevator ding—kind of like a boxing match to represent the beginning and end of a round!!

I hope this is understandable. I couldn’t insert anymore pictures into the post or I would have.

My Inspiration

This week I was inspired by one of the posts that I commented on last week. It was Jeremy’s post from October 2. He made Cedric Daniels into a giraffe. It made me laugh but it was also a great choice of animal for Daniels. I was inspired by the simplicity of it but also the thought that went into it. He not only chose a perfect animal for Cedric–because of the methodical way that he moves–but he also chose the perfect face. Cedric seems to be saying “How did I turn into a giraffe?!?!” I commented on the inspire post and here is the picture:

The other post that inspired me was Nicky’s How-To McNulty for Dummies. It was also posted on the inspire page so I commented on the inspire post. Her post inspired me because it was very creative. It was a great idea to make a how to McNulty for dummies because he is a very interesting character. He is not a character who is typical of all shows. He is a main character who tries to be good but is really corrupt. I love her description of what the book is about. She also inspired me in the quality of her work. It is very high quality and I wouldn’t have known where to start with that project. Here is the picture of it:



TDSN Radio Reflection

I liked a lot of things about TDSN radio. I liked the bumper that they made and how they used it throughout the show to show cohesiveness.

I also loved the background music that they chose. I liked how the theme song was in the background while they were talking about the history and explaining the show. Most of the time the music was just right as background music. Sometimes, though, it was too loud and detracted from what was being said, and other times it was too quiet where it just sounded like noise and not music. Keeping it consistent throughout the show would have made it a little more cohesive.

I also enjoyed all of the commercials. I like how they tied in with what you were going to be discussing immediately after. It was kind of like foreshadowing in a way. My favorite commercial was probably the one for Sunny Meadows Addiction Center. I also really liked the “In Memory of Frank Sobotka” portion and how the song that they always play on the help the children commercials was in the background. It made me laugh. Another of my favorite commercials was the Barksdale party commercial and how you said you would have a new and improved party favor for everyone.

I like the set-up of the show in general. How you guys had a question and discussed it. It made it more like a talk show like you would see on television more than one you would listen to on the radio but you made it work.

I also live tweeted this episode! Here are some of my tweets:

tdsn tweets 1 tdsn tweets 2

Overall, great work. I loved the layering of sounds and songs along with your discussion to make it more interesting. I also liked the overall theme of the show. Great work!

Morning Routine Inspiration

The post “New Morning Star” inspired me during audio week. It was not an assignment that I decided to do, but as I was browsing through everyone’s assignment, I listened to a few different recording ones. This one was one of the highest quality and seemed to be the most understandable out of the ones that I listened to. It actually almost inspired me to do the same thing but my morning routine is pretty boring comparatively. I also like how he used the light switch as a transition between rooms and he got close enough to it so we could hear the light actually switching on so we could picture that in our heads. Overall this was a great, high quality morning routine recording.

Inspiration or Perspiration?

The second post that inspired me was Travis Peed’s “The Right Logo For Me.” This was a daily create assignment but Travis went above and beyond the call of duty on this one. I know it took him longer than ten minutes to do it because it is very impressive. He made a logo out of his initials all morphed together. I remember making mine (just a drawing) and thinking “hey, I should do a monogram because I love them” and then remembering that Groom said if it took ten minutes it took too long. So I veered away from the harder route. The reason Travis’s assignment inspires me is because it reminded me that you can go above and beyond. It isn’t a bad thing if it is something that you like. I wish I had done my monogram for my logo (though I am happy with how mine turned out) because it would have been more rewarding. This helps me remember that it does feel better to challenge yourself and try things that you wouldn’t ordinarily try. Thanks for reminding me of that, Travis. Here is his picture

GIFs: Inspired by Jess

For my first inspiration piece this week, I went with Jess Reingold’s post “Now You’re in the Game.” I remember when we were first going to make GIFs I was very intimidated. I had no idea what to do or where to start so I looked at the examples and tutorials and eventually figured it out. Even still I was not as happy with my GIFs as I was impressed with Jess’s. They are Tumblr-quality gifs. I was super impressed with them. If I remember right, I saw hers after I did mine and it made me wonder if I could have done mine a little higher quality. It was also inspiring that she messed up the first one, making it too slow, and then messed up the second one–making it too fast–but then she was able to correct her mistakes and make the rest of them juuuust right (as she said).

jess gif

This one is my favorite of all of the ones that she did. Not only was the speed perfect, but it was a great scene and one of my favorites from this episode. Thanks for the inspiration, Jess!!

Vignelli’s Canon: Nothing Like Pachelbel’s

There were a few things from this book that really stood out to me.

I really liked how he said that every detail is important because the end result is the sum of the details. That is true not only in design, but in everything in life. (Of course) I thought of softball immediately. My coach always says that sure, you can make one error, but if everyone on the field makes 1 error, we end up with 9 errors and we likely lose the game. The little things matter.

I also like that he said designers have three levels of responsibility: to ourselves, to our clients, and to the public at large. In this class I guess we only really have 2, ourselves and the public–but I guess you could make a case that the professors are the clients.

I also like that he kind of boiled what design should be down to three things: clear, simple, and enduring.  That makes sense because you don’t want something that in two years people are going to be like what is that or your logo will have to be redesigned.

“The repercussion of ugliness is endless” this made me laugh out loud (after I got over the fact that it doesn’t read right to me). He was talking about Americans and our use of 8.5×11 paper while the rest of the world uses aesthetically pleasing paper. Is paper realllly that big of a deal? You can always cut it if you don’t like the dimensions. I guess that is just coming from a silly American who is used to her 8.5×11 paper.

I also like that he talks about using white space and how it is just as important as the words. I agree because sometimes people try to cram too much stuff into a little space and I get overwhelmed. Honestly, I do that when I’m taking notes but that’s because it doesn’t need to be aesthetically pleasing to me.

Some things I didn’t like about the book: how random words like “design” were always capitalized. I’m sorry  but the last time I checked design was not a proper noun. He is also very serious about his design. I realize that it is his livelihood and he is probably very good at what he does but he seems (to me) to exaggerate a lot.

“Coming to you live from…”

So my idea for the radio show is something that goes not only across many of the episodes and both seasons so far, but across the different character groups as well. It is something that I have been following closely since the second episode. Corruption. Since it is something that comes up so often–and is something that I pay attention to whenever it comes up–I figured it would be interesting to talk about on DS106 Radio. Not only could we play clips showing corruption, we could discuss how both the police officers and the drug dealers both deal with corruption in their groups. We could potentially draw parallels between the two groups as well.

Jen Ralston: Sound Person Extraordinaire

First of all, I thought it was super cool that she did the sound on O Brother Where Art Thou because I like that movie a lot. Just had to get that out of the way.

I agree that sound is under-appreciated but definitely necessary. Movies and TV wouldn’t be what they are without background noise. It wouldn’t be believable and it would be boring. However, like Paul said, we pay more attention to the visual than we do the sound, especially the first time we watch something. During The Wire, I find myself focusing more on the pictures and the main plot than the sounds and the minor details because I am watching it for the first time. For instance, when I was watching episode 3 of season 2, I missed the part at the beginning where one guy asks another where he has been and the other said he has been laying low and then it pans to Omar.

I thought it was interesting that a lot of the sound was the original sound from when they shot the scenes and that it wasn’t worth spending time to replace it when it was realistic anyway. I also thought it was cool how she had to send people to the docks to record the equipment and things like that so they would have the sounds for season 2.

I also thought it was interesting how she said when a scene is too noisy, add more noise. It made sense once she explained about how you have to add traffic noise if there is noise on one side and not on the other, but it was weird to think about at first.

What she said about the space between the character and the camera and the volume at which they speak was something that I never thought about. How now, even when someone is far from the camera you can hear them with no problem, but in The Wire, if someone is far away, it is harder to hear them. I also thought it was cool when she said it depends how far you want to hold the audience from information determines if what the characters are saying is loud or not.

After listening to the lead and follow scene she said that when you want to make something quiet, you don’t turn off the sound, you bring out details you wouldn’t be able to hear unless it was quiet. I thought that was interesting. I also thought the contrast between how quiet it was when we were watching the kids with Stringer and when we were in the car with McNulty was interesting. I didn’t notice until this time listening to it that The Lion Sleeps Tonight may have been a reference to the jungle that McNulty was seeing because he didn’t know where his kids were.

I love when she said that dogs bark whenever someone is not where they are supposed to be, so every time McNulty goes for a booty call dogs are barking at him. I thought that was brilliant. Along those lines, it was interesting that dogs were barking when Kima was about to get shot. She was where she was not supposed to be.

It was an interesting conversation and it will definitely make me pay more attention tonight when I listen to the episode of The Wire.