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My Future Life

The final assignment I did for Rawls this week was “Tell Us About Your Future Life” (3 stars). I changed this one up a little bit, rather than being in a history book, it is more like a newspaper article from a couple of years in the future. I threw some different ideas around but I liked what I ended up doing the best. Here is my article:

“William Rawls, after retiring from the Baltimore Police Department in 2018, moved to a home in western Maryland with his boyfriend. He and his boyfriend are happy to be away from the city and the hustle and bustle of city life. “City life was just wearing me down,” Rawls says in an interview, “I just wanted to get away from the only life I have known. It is a great change and I am looking forward to our future here.” Rawls and his boyfriend plan to get married in the near future.

Rawls is missing his co-workers from Baltimore PD, especially Jimmy McNulty, his favorite to pick on. However, it is nice to not have to deal with “the bullsh!t” that they put him through. He never did make it to Comm Stat, which was his goal from the beginning, but he now realizes that it was not a feasible goal due to his skin color. Rawls was able to get over that, though, and enjoy his remaining years in the department. He retired and there were many people at his retirement ceremony.

He and his boyfriend now run a horse farm where they provide therapeutic treatment for autistic children.”


The second assignment I did this week was “Wanted Poster” (2.5 stars). I made this one kind of as a funny thing. I played it like Rawls found the wanted poster somewhere around the office and was super mad about it–because obviously he wants people to think he is straight even though he might not be, which is obviously something that I am playing up with this final project.

How I did it:

I used the link on the assignment page to make the wanted poster. I thought it would be funny if he was wanted for saying he is straight when he’s not because we saw him in the gay bar. I made the phone number a 410 area code because that is Baltimore so I thought that would be more realistic. I also said William “Bill” Rawls because it made him sound more like an old westerner who was wanted. I literally just had to type in the information and click the options that I wanted like burnt paper, western font type, etc. I had to try to generate it a couple of times before it would actually make itself but eventually it did. Then I just saved the photo to my computer and uploaded it to Rawls’s Flickr. Here it is:

Rawls Wanted Poster

Annoy McNulty…Check!

For my first assignment this week from Rawls’s point of view I did “Post-it Notes and Grocery Lists” (3 stars). I saw Imran’s take on this assignment from Jay Landsman’s point of view and that made me want to do this assignment for Rawls. I figured it’d be pretty easy, especially since I have a Pinterest for Major Rawls, I could pull some of my ideas for food from there.

How I did it:

I opened a new Microsoft Word document. I went to the insert tab, clicked shapes, and clicked text box. Then I drew the size of the text box that I wanted, approximately sticky note size, and started thinking and typing. Then under the format tab, I clicked on shape fill and made it one of the colors that a sticky note would be. Then I did the next one using the same method. The font I used was Colors of Autumn which is something that I downloaded from dafont earlier in this class. I thought it would fit perfectly with what I pictured Rawls’s handwriting looking like. Then I screen-shotted the post it notes, pasted it into the same word document, and right clicked and saved as picture. Then I opened the picture in Office Photo Editor and cropped the photo to where it looked right. Then I uploaded it to Flickr. Here is the finished product:

Rawls sticky notes

That Boinging Rawls

For my second assignment from Rawls’ point of view, I decided to do “That Bleeping Censor” (5 stars). I thought it would be funny, especially since on Rawls’ twitter I retweeted this:

Also it’s just funny because the amount of cuss words that come out of the man’s mouth.

How I did it:

First, I found the video that I wanted on YouTube. Then I used Free YouTube Downloader to download the video as an MP4 file on my computer. Then I opened the video in Windows Live Movie Maker by hitting “Add videos and photos.” I trimmed the video to where I wanted it. The original YouTube video was two different scenes stuck together so I cut out the second scene because he cusses more in the first one. I chose the cuss word used the most (f^%&) and chose a sound to cover it up. I used to find a funny sound that I could replace the word with. I found this series of boings and chose my favorite one (the second to last one) to use to censor him. I used Audacity to get the boing I wanted. I imported the whole series of them that I downloaded and highlighted the one that I wanted to use. Then I clicked on Edit>Duplicate to get the sound on its own line. Then I deleted the series and used the time shift tool to get my single boing to the beginning. Then I cut out unwanted noise from it (blank noise at the beginning and the end) and exported it as MP3. Then I went back to Windows Live Movie Maker and found the places where Rawls said the F word and hit Add Music>Add music at the current point. When I had it at all of the places where he said it, I moved them around to make them perfect by clicking on Music Tools and using the Start time option. Then when they were exactly where I wanted, I split the video at the point where he said the F word. Then I clicked on Video Tools and faded the spliced portion in slowly for most of them. That made it so that you could not hear or you could barely hear him say the word. The boing was over top of it so you could hear more of the boing than the word. This was hard because you can still hear the word and I didn’t know how to get rid of it completely. I know I could have done it with iMovie but I did not have time to go to the convergence center or the library or wherever to mess around on the Macs.

Anyway, here is the finished product:

Rawls’s Theme Song

For my first Rawls assignment for this week I did “Your Theme Song” (4 stars). I thought Bad Boys would be perfect for Rawls not only because he is police but because he may or may not like bad boys 😉

How I did it:

First I found the song that I wanted and then I changed it to MP3 using After I downloaded it, I opened Audacity and imported it into there. Then I just trimmed it to the part that I wanted and highlighted the end and went to Effects>Fade Out to make it fade out at the end so it didn’t just abruptly stop. Then I tried to upload it to SoundCloud but of course it wouldn’t let me because it is copyrighted. I didn’t know how else I could put it on the internet so that I could post it to my social media sites for Rawls so this is how I’m doing it. Not the most efficient way but it’s all I could think of.

"Being Stern"

Rawls on the Web

Hey everyone, for my final project I am doing Rawls. The sites I decided to make him can be found here:






I am William Rawls, the Deputy Commissioner for Operations in the Baltimore City Police Department. I am a major a$$ and don’t care what you think about me. I try my best to make everyone hate me and make them as uncomfortable as I can. I enjoy making people’s lives miserable, annoying people to no end, going to gay bars, and hating Jimmy McNulty.