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Daily Creates Galore

Daily Create #1:

A 3:30 Sketch (that I did much later than that). I did the inspiration sketch quote last week. I chose one of my favorite quotes (Philippians 4:13) and drew it (?) if you can call it that. I used markers and a piece of paper and then took a picture of it with my phone and uploaded it to Flickr via the app on my iPhone. Here is the finished product:

Inspirational kick in the pants

Daily Create #2:

I did tell us your day in icons. Emojis are a type of icon, right? Okay good. What I did for this one is just open up a note on my iPhone and put the emojis that corresponded to my day in chronological order. Here is my picture and then I’ll explain my day to you so it makes a little bit more sense.

My day in emojis

I got up at 9 to get ready for church. Then we drove home and ate lunch. I did some homework. Then I got in the car and went to my grandma’s house for dinner. We had fried chicken and mashed potatoes (yes I know that is supposed to be a bowl of rice, get over it) and it was very yummy. Then we watched the Redskins game, which of course they lost because they are terrible and I was very sad about that. Then I drove home and went to sleep.

Daily Create #3:

My first daily create this week was this daily create was left intentionally blank. Many people did many different things for this one. I decided to google blank and put the definitions in there as my written response. Here is my response:


(of a surface or background) unrelieved by decorative or other features;

bare, empty, or plain.

not written or printed on.

synonyms: empty, unmarked, unused, clear, free, bare, clean, plain (of a document) with spaces left for a signature or details.

(of a tape) with nothing recorded on it.

2. showing incomprehension or no reaction.

having temporarily no knowledge or understanding.

lacking incident or result

3. complete; absolute (used emphatically with negative force).


1. a space left to be filled in a document. a document with blank spaces to be filled.

2. a cartridge containing gunpowder but no bullet, used for training or as a signal.

3. an empty space or period of time, especially in terms of a lack of knowledge or understanding.

4. an object that has no mark or design on it, in particular.

a roughly cut metal or wooden block intended for further shaping or finishing.

a domino with one or both halves blank. a plain metal disk from which a coin is made by stamping a design on it.

5. a dash written instead of a word or letter, especially instead of an obscenity or profanity.

used euphemistically in place of a noun regarded as obscene, profane, or abusive.


1. cover up, obscure, or cause to appear blank or empty.

become blank or empty. cut (a metal blank).

2. NORTH AMERICANinformal defeat (a sports opponent) without allowing the opposition to score. “Baltimore blanked Toronto in a 7–0 victory”

Daily Create #4:

Well I didn’t realize until just now that this was supposed to be a drawing, oops. But I summarized She’s the Man in two clips from the movie. In case you didn’t know by now, She’s the Man is one of my all time favorite movies. Here is the two panel summary:

She's the man in two panels

Sincerely, UMW Parking Services

I did today’s daily create, “If Poets Wrote Parking Tickets.” So I think the moral of the story is that I am not a poet. My rhymes are terrible, my lines are too long, and my poem only makes a little sense but I was going for funny not realistic. So here it is:

We know there is no room
Because the construction crews are making booms

But we’re going to write this ticket
In hopes that you GET IT.

Do not park on side streets
I know you just want to get to your seats
Or get to Seaco for some eats.

But don’t do it because we will write you a ticket
And we don’t care if you picket

You still have to pay it because we don’t have money
Sorry, but that’s my job, deal with it, honey.

I just winged it–not going to lie though I used a rhyme dictionary for some of them because I’m not creative when it comes to words and when I have to rhyme I get stuck on one word and it drives me crazy. I hope you enjoy it!

Daily Creates Galore (Kind of)

Sorry, I have been slacking a little. I have been way overwhelmed in my other classes. Luckily I was able to watch all this week’s episodes of The Wire already but I need to catch up on blogging about what I have been up to. Here is my post about my final daily create from last week and my first one from this week.

Last week I did My Sanctuaries. I thought this one would be fun because there are a few places where I can just sit back and relax (or not relax in one case) and not worry about anything. Those places are the softball field, the mountains, the beach, the lake, the woods, and in my boyfriend’s arms. They are  my favorite places in the world. These pictures basically capture what it is to be Brittany.

How I did it:

I had all of the pictures saved on my phone and I put them together in an app called PicStitch and I saved it to my phone and then uploaded it to Flickr via the app.


Here is my collage of pictures:

My sanctuaries: softball field, Lake Anna, in the tree stand, in the mountains, at the beach, and with my boyfriend ❤️

Daily Create #1 of this week:

I did today’s daily create to create a flag for my country. Oddly enough this was an assignment that I had to do in middle school. We had to create a utopia and make everything for it, a flag, a national anthem, a map. It was really fun. But no, I didn’t use that flag, I made a new one. It is simple, just a cross with a sun behind it but I like it. I just thought it up (because I love Jesus and the sun is pretty crucial to life) and drew it with markers on some paper. Here it is:

My country's flag

Experimenting with Water

I did yesterday’s daily create, “Take us an experimental water photo.” I thought about it all day because I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to take a splashing one but I didn’t know how or where. Then I remembered that I have some vases that I could use and I figured a quarter would make a pretty cool splash. Rather than trying to take a picture of the splash (I may have been there all night) I took a video of it and decided to screen shot the part that I thought looked good. The first could of times I went through the video by playing it and trying to pause it when the splash looked good. The problem with that was that it was a two second video so pausing it exactly on the right time was nearly impossible. Then I realized I could pause it and scroll through the video frame by frame, allowing me to pick exactly the frame I wanted to capture. I ended up with the following:

Experimental water photo

To me it almost looks like an atom bomb just went off. I liked this picture because you could see the splash and you could still see the quarter that made the splash. The quarter also looks huge which is kind of cool. Anyway I’m happy with how it turned out.

The Moral of the Story

The moral of the story is don’t fall asleep on the softball bus. You will have pictures taken of you. I could post a funny picture of myself where I fell asleep with my hands in my pocket. I chose this one because it is funny. We have several pictures of this girl (one of my roommates) asleep in a similar position so it was a running joke on the team to get more pictures of her in the same position. So this is one of the best sleeping pictures that I have:

Sleepy Shot

What is it?

I did yesterday’s daily create just in the nick of time. Obviously by the time I decided to do it, it was dark outside so to make it hard to tell what the object was I had to make it dark in the room as well. It may be obvious what it is, nevertheless I am happy with how it turned out.

What is it?

It’s pretty low quality because of how dark it was in the room but it is still apparent that there is something in front of the blinds. It’s a lamp for those of you who are playing along at home.

The Thirty Circle Challenge

I did today’s daily create. This might be the earliest I have ever completed one. I also took my time doing it–mostly because I was procrastinating writing a paper >.< I decided to draw things that I liked or that described me. I struggled to think of that many things that I liked so some of the circles describe some of the things that I drew in other circles (the ones that I thought were a little confusing). Here is my thirty circle challenge:

Thirty circle challenge!

From left to right, top to bottom they are: softball, love, faith, hope, the sun/summer, orange, my initials, my shotgun, my pistol, Christmas, fall, crafting, Ryan (my boyfriend), Jeeeps, monograms, lifting weights, Reese’s, the beach, the lake, fishing, football, mud, walking barefoot/walking on the beach, flip flops, fire, and the Redskins! :)

My Light Painting

I did today’s daily create. I originally wasn’t going to do it because I don’t have a camera that I can set for long exposure times. But then I saw Lauren’s post about how she did hers and it seemed easy so I went for it.

How I did it:

I downloaded the Art of Glow app onto my phone. I messed around with it a little, drawing a few things before I chose what to do for this assignment. I ended up drawing a few different things that I liked  but only uploaded one to Flickr. I had to set on regenerate that way it would keep tracing the same lines that I made so I could take a screenshot of my drawing. Here is the flower that I drew and then screen shotted:

Daily Create Flower

I drew this one relatively fast. But then I decided to slow it down to see what would happen and I wrote my initials. This is what it looks like:

daily create initials

I think it looks like slinkies, personally haha. I hope you enjoyed my creations.

My Special Day

I did the daily create on Tuesday which was “Today is a very special day.” When I first saw it I was just going to put up a picture of my crossbow in the woods because it is a special day when I get to hunt. But then I got a deer so it became very special! I got my first deer of the season, a doe. Here is the picture

Today is a very special day, I got my first deer of the season! It is an all day event when you get a deer, so it wasn't just an hour or a moment but truly a special day

I tried to make it the least offensive picture I have. But obviously the deer is going to be dead. But anyway, my mom took this picture of me (which kind of explains why it is a little dark) but I think it is still a good picture nonetheless.

The Wire: White Collar Edition

I did today’s daily create “(Don’t) Describe #wire106.” And I read a couple of other people’s ideas (of course because I don’t want to be way off base here) and I kind of spun off of their ideas. I don’t know if anyone has seen White Collar but it is a GREAT show (which will unfortunately be in its last season here soon *tear*). Neill Caffrey, a convicted con artist (I guess) helps out the White Collar crime unit (the crimes that he used to commit). He basically solves their cases by thinking of the way he would do it and then telling them and they get the bad guy. It is great because he is freaking brilliant. Anyway it is a great show and you should watch it. But here is The Wire edition of White Collar (or the White Collar edition of The Wire) explanation:

The Wire: White Collar Edition is a great new television show about a police department who enlists the help of a former drug dealer (who escaped from prison several times only to be found by this police department). The final time he escaped they gave him an ultimatum–either he helped them find other drug dealers or he went into solitary confinement. So, of course, he chose to help them out. Not only did he avoid solitary confinement, one by one he was able to laugh in the face of his former competitors while they got carried away to jail. Not to mention he managed to do a little drug dealing on the side while he wasn’t under police supervision. As you can imagine he has to talk himself out of many a sticky situation, but in the end he helps the department and he and his handler end up with a very good relationship–almost best friends (*insert collective AWWW here*).

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