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The second assignment I did this week was “Wanted Poster” (2.5 stars). I made this one kind of as a funny thing. I played it like Rawls found the wanted poster somewhere around the office and was super mad about it–because obviously he wants people to think he is straight even though he might not be, which is obviously something that I am playing up with this final project.

How I did it:

I used the link on the assignment page to make the wanted poster. I thought it would be funny if he was wanted for saying he is straight when he’s not because we saw him in the gay bar. I made the phone number a 410 area code because that is Baltimore so I thought that would be more realistic. I also said William “Bill” Rawls because it made him sound more like an old westerner who was wanted. I literally just had to type in the information and click the options that I wanted like burnt paper, western font type, etc. I had to try to generate it a couple of times before it would actually make itself but eventually it did. Then I just saved the photo to my computer and uploaded it to Rawls’s Flickr. Here it is:

Rawls Wanted Poster

Annoy McNulty…Check!

For my first assignment this week from Rawls’s point of view I did “Post-it Notes and Grocery Lists” (3 stars). I saw Imran’s take on this assignment from Jay Landsman’s point of view and that made me want to do this assignment for Rawls. I figured it’d be pretty easy, especially since I have a Pinterest for Major Rawls, I could pull some of my ideas for food from there.

How I did it:

I opened a new Microsoft Word document. I went to the insert tab, clicked shapes, and clicked text box. Then I drew the size of the text box that I wanted, approximately sticky note size, and started thinking and typing. Then under the format tab, I clicked on shape fill and made it one of the colors that a sticky note would be. Then I did the next one using the same method. The font I used was Colors of Autumn which is something that I downloaded from dafont earlier in this class. I thought it would fit perfectly with what I pictured Rawls’s handwriting looking like. Then I screen-shotted the post it notes, pasted it into the same word document, and right clicked and saved as picture. Then I opened the picture in Office Photo Editor and cropped the photo to where it looked right. Then I uploaded it to Flickr. Here is the finished product:

Rawls sticky notes

All-out (Photo)Blitz

I did the photoblitz earlier today but didn’t have time to blog it so here is the blog post for it. First, here is my assignment:


The first one is something with the number three–rather than using the actual number, I took a picture of three of something: Redd’s Apple Ale:



For this one, I tried to focus on the rule of thirds and how you are supposed to put one of the lines on the “horizon” line. In this one, I made the bottom of the bottles the horizon line.

Get close!

close up


I’m sure if you know me or have read any of my posts at all (or have some common sense) you can figure out what this is. I like the contrast between the light reflecting off the ball and the shadow on the side/front of the ball in this picture.

Circle, Circle, Dot, Dot:


I am very happy with how this picture turned out with the foreground and the background but still being focused on the circle (my bat). I think it also shows depth relatively well.

Emphasizing Orange:

color dominated

This picture is pretty boring composition-wise, but it emphasizes orange more than any other color, I think. This could just be because orange is the brightest color in the picture.

“The dusky path of a dream…”

Honestly, I had no freaking idea what to do for this one. I didn’t know what it meant by dusky, how can a dream have a path? I struggled. But I came up with my dream to win the CAC championships this year in softball and this picture represents how I am going to help my team get there.

path of a dream

The shirt is our workout shirt so it represents getting stronger, my glove represents improving my fielding, the ball represents improving my throws, and the bat represents strengthening my hitting. That is the path of how we are to get to the team dreams.

A Body of Water and Its Reflection:


This is the only body of water I could think of, and it almost didn’t have a reflection of anything in it! But this is a reflection of the mirror out of the sink in my bathroom. This shows lack of movement, if that is a thing.

Free of Human Artifacts:


Well this was hard because I live in the middle of College Heights so it is almost impossible to not have anything in the picture. So I just took a picture of the grass because if anything else was in the picture it would have been obvious that people were involved (fences, garages, planted trees, mulch). So here is some grass.


Take Me Back to (8-bit) Paradise: Take Two

After Groom said that my other 8-bit post was too small, I tried it again with the same picture hoping to make it easier to make out. I did it the same way, imported the picture into GIMP, resized it–this time to 1000×1333–then pixelized it (20×20 pixels) and voila. Here is the first try:

8bit picture

Here is the second try:

8bit picture take 2

This one may be too big. It is hard to get it just right because it is zoomed out in GIMP. But, hopefully this one is easier to see!

Take Me Back to (8-bit) Paradise

Another Visual Assignment that I did was “Real Life 8-Bit Art.” From what I read and saw of Groom’s assignment description, I figured we were supposed to find an 8-bit picture in real life. Well, this picture was real life but I edited it to be an “8-bit” picture. I took some liberties the way we are supposed to do and came up with this 8-bit picture.

Real-Life 8-Bit Art #VisualAssignments #VisualAssignments1072

How I did it:

Since I didn’t really know how to go about doing this, I Googled how to do it in GIMP and found these instructions. They are for making an avatar but I figured I could modify them a little bit to do what I needed to do. So rather than cropping the picture, I clicked on  Image>Scale Image and changed it to 128×171 pixels. Originally I tried to do it with the full size image but it was too big for the pixels to be visible, even at 20×20. So I shrunk the picture. Then I went to Filters>Blur>Pixelize and made the pixels 5×5. I tried 10×10 and that was too blurry. So once it was pixelized, I exported it and posted it to Twitter, Flickr, and the Hub via Known.

I hope you enjoyed my take on this assignment.

Size Matters

For my next Visual Assignment (I have lost count at this point haha) I decided to do “Larger than Life.” I chose it because I was like oh this will be easy, I like taking pictures in different perspectives to see how they turn out. Yeah, well I was wrong. It wasn’t as easy as it seemed, especially with live subjects.

How I did it:

Weeeeell, I started out just taking close up pictures of my boyfriend’s dog and that didn’t work because there was nothing to compare her to. Then I remembered that you have to have something to compare your subject to in order for you to be able to tell perspective. I took a bunch of pictures–probably close to 50–trying different angles and things of that nature but these four turned out the best, in my opinion. I couldn’t pick just one (and yes I know they only count as doing this assignment one time). Well here is a collage of the pictures that I took (I made them into a collage using iPiccy on the internet).

My attempt at "Larger than Life" #visualassignments #visualassignments1028

I like the top left one because you can compare the food bowl and the cat to the shelf in the background. I like the top right because you can compare the cat (who is gigantic anyway–about 25 pounds) to the computer and the chair in the background. The one of the dog in the bottom left is good, in my opinion, because of the ground and how close it is to her nose and then the couch in the background. The ring one is actually the first that I took out of this group but I wasn’t completely satisfied with it. I guess maybe because you can almost tell what I was doing with it. But the more I look at it the cooler I think it looks.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed these!

She Thinks We’re Just Fishin’

For my third Visual Assignment for this week I did “My Favorite Lyric.” This isn’t exactly my favorite lyric but it is a memorable one and since I am in my final year of undergrad, I am feeling a little nostalgic. Missing childhood and all of the memories that I have, as well as feeling super old. When I saw this assignment, I knew exactly the lyric I wanted to use. Then I was going to get a picture from the internet  but then I remembered that I had a picture of myself fishing when I was little. And that was how I decided what to do.

How I did it:

I used GIMP to make this. I opened my picture in GIMP and added the text. I tried to get fancy with it but I couldn’t figure out how to make the background of the text fancy even though I looked up some tutorials, I couldn’t find what I was looking for. Nonetheless, I am happy with how it turned out. I like the font that I chose, though I’m not sure why. I was just going through the fonts and found one that I liked. This one is Century Gothic.

Here is my picture:

A memorable lyric and baby Brittany #visualassignments #visualassignments1039

The song is by Trace Adkins and the picture is by my mom (haha).

Should Google Change to Courier New?

For my second Visual Assignment this week, I did “What a Crappy Font Will Do.” I decided to go with Google because their font is so well-known. I wanted to change it to Courier New because everyone always makes fun of how ugly it is.

How I did it:

I saved a picture of the Google logo from here. I copied and pasted it into Microsoft Word so I could look at it while I made the new logo. Then I selected Courier New, made it bold and typed Google. I then changed the colors so that they matched the actual logo. I then screen shotted it and pasted it into word so I could save it as a picture. When I saved it as a picture I opened it with Microsoft Photo Editor and cropped it so it was just the two logos. Then I posted it to Known.

Here is my creation. I think it is uglier in Courier New but I expected it to look significantly worse than it does. It actually doesn’t look terrible but definitely not as good as the actual Google logo.

What a crappy font will do #ds106 #visualassignments #visualassignments704

Keep Your Eye on the Ball

For my first Visual Assignment this week, I had a lot that I was choosing from but this one really caught my eye. Then I was going through my pictures from another assignment when I saw this one and I knew I had to do this assignment for this picture. Unfortunately I didn’t take the picture, but it is one of my favorites taken of me last season.

How I did it:

Well, since I have very little experience editing pictures, I decided to Google how to do it in GIMP since that is what I have loaded on my computer already from doing the GIFs. This website came up when I searched how to edit colors in pictures using GIMP. I pretty much straight followed the directions on the website. First, I duplicated the layer. I then selected the top layer, clicked on Colors>Desaturate and I chose Luminosity because it looked the most realistic to me. Then I had to right click on my black and white layer and clicked “Add Alpha Channel.” I then chose the eraser tool and erased the black and white from the part of the picture that I wanted color to be on–the softball. I used a size 10 eraser at first and then went down to size 7. The closer I got to the edge of the softball, the closer I zoomed in.

I am happy with how it turned out. I almost like the picture even more with only the ball in color. Here is how it turned out! I like how you can tell that I am looking at the ball so that kind of draws your attention to it even if the ball wasn’t the only thing in color.

Splash the Color #ds106 #visualassignments #visualassignments340

Triple Troll Epigraph

From the time I saw this assignment on the Visual page, I knew I had to do it. And then I thought about this quote and I knew it would be perfect because there were so many people who could have said it. I chose the quote from Season 2, Episode 2 when Bunk is talking to Jimmy and he says, “You’re not the run-of-the-mill kind of a$$hole are you, Jimmy? You’re a special kind of a$$hole.” He was talking about how Jimmy keeps pushing cases back onto Rawls when Rawls has already tried to get rid of them. This quote made me laugh when I was watching the show so I knew I had to use it.

I chose Rhonda as the picture because I don’t have any doubt in my mind that that is something that she would say to Jimmy based on their relationship. And I chose Rawls to attribute it to because he would also/has also said almost the exact same thing to Jimmy. And here is the picture:

Rhonda with quote

How I did it:

I used GIMP because I already knew how to put the words onto the picture. I opened up the picture of Rhonda that I got from here as a layer. I’m not sure if I had to do that or not but I knew I was going to be adding other layers onto it (the words) so I went ahead and did it anyway. So I opened up the picture and typed the words on there. Then I merged all of the layers down so that it would be one picture. Then I tried to save it instead of export it, oops, and it reminded me that I couldn’t save it as a .jpg file and that I had to export it to do that. So that was a nice little reminder. Once I did that, it was smooth sailing.

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