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For my remix assignment this week, I chose an assignment that looked fun, the A to Z food picture collage, and hit remix. The first one that came up was the “‘Stache it” assignment. I figured I could have some fun with that one, so I went for it.

How I did it:

I decided to do it in Microsoft Word since that is the easiest program for me to work with. I googled all of my different foods, found below and copied and pasted them in alphabetical order into word.

AppleBanana, Carrot, Deer, Egg, Fish, Green beans, Ham, Ice cream, Jello, Kiwi, Lima Beans, Marshmallows, Nachos, Orange, Peas, Quail, Radish, Salmon, Turnip, Upside down cake, Vinegar, Watermelon, Xmas cookies, Yams, Zucchini

I resized them to make sure that they all fit on a single page–that was a little tough. Then I googled mustache PNG so that I could put the mustache over the foods without having to physically cut out the mustache from the background image. I found the Moustache at that website. I then copied it and pasted it 26 times into Microsoft word. I had to right click on the picture and hit move to front so that it would be in front of the fruit pictures. Then I resized it and rotated it if I needed to and voila, I have 26 foods that have mustaches on them. Then to get the whole page on one screen I went to View>Full Screen Reading and it pulled it  up so that the page was all on one screen. Then I hit CTRL>Print Screen and pasted it back into word. I right clicked and hit “Save as picture” and saved it as a picture. I then opened that picture in Windows Photo Editor and cropped the picture. Then I put it on Flickr.

Here is my finished product:

alphabet foods with mustaches

Inappropriate Laughter: Miracle Speech

For my final mash-up assignment this week I did “Inappropriate Laughter” (3 stars). At first I didn’t know what movie to do because most of my favorite movies are comedies so they are funny anyway. Then I was going to do a serious scene from Remember the Titans. But then the Miracle speech popped up on the suggested videos on the side of YouTube and I knew I had to do it. I have heard the speech several times, mostly the child version because it is adorable. Here it is for your viewing pleasure:

Anyway, I figured there were a few places in there where laughter could be added because of how much the coach in the movie pauses. Here is the original version of the video that I used, found here:

And then my video:

Yet again, you can only hear it. I don’t know what the heck is going on. If you have any ideas let me know!

How I did it:

First, I used Free YouTube Downloader to download the YouTube video onto my computer. Then I went onto and found two different laughing tracks from here and here. I then opened Windows Live Movie Maker and clicked Add Videos and Photos and imported the video into movie maker. I set the start point and end point to the parts I wanted them at. Then I found the first spot I wanted laughter to be and hit Add Music>Add at the Current Point and faded it in fast and out slow and turned the volume down some. I did that at all of the other points where I wanted laughter. Some of the pauses were longer so I used the longer clip. Some of them were shorter so I used the shorter clip. I faded them all in and out and turned them down so they sounded natural. Then I exported it “For Computer.” I think it turned out pretty well.

Video Mash-Up: “The Wire” Edition


For my second mash-up assignment this week (yes, I am on a roll today!) I did “The Contest Nobody Could Win (Video Mash Up Edition)” (2 stars). I chose this originally wanting to do some of my favorite movies but because one of our assignments has to be with “The Wire” I decided to do that. Plus I already have many of the episodes of the first season on my computer from the video essay assignment in the last two week session. So I took those and made a mash-up of 2 second clips that I thought were important. I didn’t go over the 2 seconds except for the last clip, it is about two and a half seconds.

How I did it:

I opened Windows Live Movie Maker and clicked on Home>Add Videos and Photos. I imported the first episode and cut it down to the section that I wanted. I chose the sections by what I thought defined the show well. I hit Edit>Set Start Point where I wanted the clip to start and Edit>Set End Point where I wanted the clip to end. I did the same thing for the remaining 5 clips. I then saved it “For Computer” and uploaded it to so it could be converted. Unfortunately I tried to upload it to YouTube before I did this and it was rejected. If zamzar does not work I don’t know what I am going to do. Sometimes the videos that I try to convert don’t work when I try to blog them.

Hopefully, here it is:

UGH, well at least you have the audio there. I really don’t know what else to do! HELP!

Eighteen Second Song Mashup

For my first mash-up assignment this week (oops, I’ve been slacking) I did “10 Second Song Mashup” (3 stars). It sounded like fun. I love music and all types of music and I think this mash-up reflects that. I used songs that I already had on my computer because I have most of my favorites on here already. It was pretty easy to come up with good songs to throw in there. The hard part was cutting the songs off because I like them so much. Choosing a good part of the song where it would be recognizable but not too recognizable was hard. But I did it!

How I did it:

I opened Audacity and imported “Beachin'” in first. I chose a part that I wanted and deleted the parts that I didn’t need. Then I imported the remaining songs in and did the same thing. Then I exported the mash-up. I didn’t put it on SoundCloud because I figured it would get deleted due to copyright infringement so here it is.