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Two Shots at Voice Over a Beat

So my last audio assignment for the week was “Voice Over a Beat” (1.5 stars). I chose to do this one because I thought it would be fun. Though at first, I didn’t know what I was going to say.

How I did it:

But I went on Soundation and created a login so I could choose and save and download a beat. I ended up choosing the second beat that I listened to. It caught my attention. I clicked on Electronica>125>BassBroke C. That is the one I went with. I had to click and drag it into the center space where you can add tracks so that I could save/download it. I went to File>Export as .wav file because I knew I could import that file type into Audacity. I then opened Audacity and imported the file. I didn’t modify the sound any, just what I recorded.

So at first I was like oh I’ll make a bumper for our show using this, but then I remembered that that is a separate assignment that I have already done this week. So I made that one and I made another voice over a beat. I said Groom’s catch phrase “Make Art Dammit.” I went to Effect>Amplify and made it louder. I also went to Effect>Change Pitch and made it lower so it didn’t sound like me saying it. I played around with that a lot because it was funny to hear my voice in different pitches. I went lower because I thought it would sound cooler and would be easier to hear over the beat. I saved the bumper first and exported it then I took out the words and changed them and re-saved and re-exported. Here are both of the tracks that I made on SoundCloud.

A Day in the life of Flickr (and FreeSound)

I did the audio assignment “FlickrSounds” which is worth 1.5 stars. At first I didn’t know what to search so I searched sunset and then I came up with a picture/sound combination that was interesting to me. Mostly because they don’t really go together but they could. There could be a stream somewhere out of the picture that you don’t see but can hear. It also is not a sunset picture which was weird but it is a cool picture nonetheless.

Gjipe, Albania

By Floating My Boat–Attribution-Non-Commerical-ShareAlike License

Then I decided to search “sunrise” to see what came up. After a few clicks this combination came up. I like this because the sound is very soothing and reminds me of getting up early at the beach to watch the sunrise. I also like the picture and how the sun is going through the middle of the pieces of wood. It is a really cool picture.

Toscana Sunrise 1

Attribution-ShareAlike License

Finally, I wanted to bring the day together with an afternoon picture. Well afternoon was bringing up some weird things. Mostly pictures of cats and sound effects like thump and boing so I don’t know what was up with that. Then I decided to search “midday” instead. And after a few clicks of search, this combination came up. It’s cool because it is a different setting than the other two pictures but the middle of the day is a more busy time so it is fitting that it is the New York City skyline. The water also goes with the picture very well because the picture looks like it was taken from the middle of the water.

Mid Manhattan Midday

By Snipe106–Attribution License

This was an interesting assignment. It didn’t take a lot of time but some weird random pictures came up. You had to think a little about what you wanted to type in in order to make interesting sound/picture combinations come up.

“This is Brittany, coming at you live with Kirk Cousins…”

For my next design assignment this week I did “Interview/Music Mashup” (3 stars). I loved the example that was posted on the assignment page, as well as some of the other people’s takes on it. They all turned out super funny so I figured I would give it a try. I think the hardest part for me was figuring out who to interview and what to ask them about. I thought about doing something about Ebola but I figured that would be hard to find songs for. Then I thought about interviewing Ray Rice about beating his then-fiance or Reggie Bush about beating his kid but I figured those hit a little too close to home (and also may be hard to find songs for). So I decided to go with the big news around DC right now, the fact that Kirk Cousins will be the starter for the Washington Redskins for the remainder of their season.

First, the interview:

Here is the list of songs and artists that I used:

This Is Our Time by Kenny Chesney

Honky Tonk Badonkadonk by Trace Adkins

We are the Champions by Queen

All Jacked Up by Gretchen Wilson

Bob the Builder Theme Song

And the Crowd Goes Wild by Mark Wills

Angry All the Time by Tim McGraw

It was actually a lot easier to choose questions and songs than I expected it to be. I thought that would be the hardest part but it turned out that choosing the person to interview and the topic was the hardest part.

How I did it:

First I made a Word document with all of the questions that I wanted to ask and thought of songs for them as I made them. I found the lyrics to the songs using Google. Then when I picked the part of the song I wanted to put the lyrics in the Word document so that I would remember which part of the song I needed once I downloaded it. I downloaded them from YouTube using a YouTube to mp3 converter. When I did that for all of the songs I needed, I opened Audacity. I recorded all of the questions first so that I would have them all there. I then imported the songs one at a time as I got to the questions that they answered. I had to listen to the song to find the right part and delete the parts that I didn’t need. I did that for all of the songs and then lined them up so they sounded natural. I then selected all and clicked on Effect>Normalize to make all of the different clips the same volume. Then I saved it as an audacity file and exported it as an MP3 file. I uploaded it to Twitter and the Hub via Known and uploaded it to SoundCloud separately (I can’t figure out why it won’t work).

I hope you enjoyed listening as much as I enjoyed making it!

Gone Huntin’

In honor of hunting season, I decided to do the “Sound Effects Story” (3.5 stars) of someone shooting a deer with a bow. I obviously could have made it much longer because the background noise could have gone on forever before the deer walked up but I didn’t because it had to be less than 90 seconds. Here is the story:

How I did it:

Using Free Sound I pulled different sound effects that I hear (or hopefully hear) when I am sitting in a tree stand. First you hear the ambient noise of the woods, including some annoying crows. Then you hopefully hear (or see) a deer walk up. You draw your bow and let it go and hopefully hear the thump when it goes into the deer. Then you hear the deer walk a couple of steps and hopefully see it lay down.

Once I had all of these sounds downloaded I imported them into Audacity so I could edit them together to make a cohesive story. Obviously the order that I said up there was the way in which it happened in the sound story. I had to fade in the deer walking up because as it gets closer it gets louder. Then I had to make sure that the bow release and the thump were not too far apart or it wouldn’t sound real. I also had to make sure that the deer didn’t wait after it got hit to move away because generally that happens immediately. I faded out the deer walking away because it is getting farther away from you (generally). I also had to make sure that much of the ambient noise in between the crows cawing wasn’t in my sound story or it would have been distracting. Unfortunately I didn’t know what to do with the ambient noise behind the crows actually cawing, so that stayed in there.

Overall I am happy with how it turned out. Though to the casual observer it  may be hard to figure out, once you know what it is, you can pick out the noises and what they represent.

My First Ever Radio Bumper

My first audio assignment for this week was the “DS106 Radio Bumper” Assignment (1.5 stars). I decided to do it since we have our radio shows this week and next week and we need some bumpers for them! I didn’t do this assignment in the previous audio week because I liked a lot of the other ones so I figured I’d save it for later. This was a little harder than I expected, mostly because I am a perfectionist.

First, here it is:

I decided to go with static because it reminds me of the opening credits of The Wire and I knew I wanted it to be a simple bumper so I just went with the normal “DS 106 Radio.”

How I did it:

I used FreeSound to get the sounds that I needed. I searched for static, a boing sound, and background static. I imported all of these sounds into Audacity so that I could edit them. I then searched for a free text-to-speech site which I could download from. I was very picky at this stage in the game because I wanted the speech to sound natural. I tried several different sites but ended up settling for this one. I am happy with how the speech turned out. I downloaded it and imported that into Audacity as well. I also had to mess with what I typed in. First I tried “D S 1 0 6 Radio” but they said “one-zero-six.” Then I tried “D S 106 Radio” but they said “one-hundred six.” So finally I tried “D S 1 o 6 radio” and that is what I ended up going with. Some of the text to speech things made the “oh” sound funny and that’s why I had to be picky.

Then I cut and moved the tracks around until they sounded right and fit together well. I cut out a lot of stuff from three of the tracks (the sound ones) because I knew my bumper was going to be short. Then I put it all together, saved the Audacity file, and exported it as an MP3. I tried to upload it to Twitter, the Hub, and SoundCloud via Known but for some reason it didn’t upload to SoundCloud so I had to do that separately.

To Infinity, and Beyond!

Well, since I did the rest of my stuff for the week and was bored today, I decided to come up with another assignment and complete it so I can add it to the assignment bank. I recreated a nursery rhyme using lyrics out of songs. Here is what I uploaded to Audacity (hopefully it doesn’t get taken down):

How I did it:

Well this took significantly longer than I thought it would to make. First I picked my nursery rhyme that I wanted to do–I used “Hush Little Baby” (but you could use an epigraph from The Wire, a nursery rhyme, a poem, a speech, anything really, have fun with it!). Then I thought about songs that would have words from the nursery rhyme. The list of songs I used is pretty long, at least longer than I thought it would  have been. I used: Single Ladies-Beyonce, Hush-Deep Purple, How Forever Feels-Kenny Chesney, Mockingbird-Toby Keith, Wagon Wheel-Old Crow Medicine Show, I Won’t Let Go-Rascal Flatts, and Songs About Me-Trace Adkins.

I imported them one song at a time and found the words that I needed from them. I grabbed words by highlighting the section of the song that I needed and clicking EDIT>DUPLICATE. I listened to most of the song to get all of the words that I could from each song. Most songs I used more than one word from. Then once I had all of the words I needed (which took FOREVER), I ordered them. I could have done them out of order but it is a lot easier for my brain to operate when there is order. I moved tracks up and down and duplicated tracks until I had all of the words in the right order.

Then I made them all butt up next to each other so that they sounded like an actual sentence. Originally I was going to say “going to” instead of “gonna” so I had to cut out my “to”s in favor of the “gonna” that I already had. I then highlighted the whole thing and clicked EFFECT>EQUALIZATION to make all of the clips’ volumes the same to make it less distracting. Then, while the whole selection was still highlighted I clicked EFFECT>CHANGE TEMPO and I slowed it down by 25%. I sent it to my boyfriend and he said it was too fast so I slowed it down so it was more understandable. Some words were too long, though, like “Mockingbird” so I had to speed them back up 25% and move everything around so they were the right distance apart again.

It was easy after I had all of my words–the hardest part was actually getting the words from the songs. I also figured out that it is easier to move the tracks if when you are on the arrow tool you click in the middle of a track rather than on the edge of it. They move nicely that way. So maybe my issues with track moving are over! (Hopefully).

I am now going to submit this assignment so others can enjoy the agony of it as well! I hope you enjoy!

Here is the link to my assignment!

The Riff Off!

Welllll, here is my final audio creation for this week. The assignment description is found here. But when I read it I knew I had to do it. It is exactly like my favorite scene from Pitch Perfect, the Riff Off! How they could think that stuff up on the fly was beyond me. It was hard to do even with Google to help me.

How I did it:

First I picked the song that I wanted to start out with, which may not have been a good decision but I rolled with it because I liked the song. I started with American Kids by Kenny Chesney because it’s such a dang catchy song. I didn’t want to cut it off in the middle of a verse or a line and that may have been my problem. It probably would have been a lot easier–and more fun, quite frankly–if I didn’t try to make the end of one verse match up with the beginning of another. But oh well, it’s done and over now. Anyway, so I went with the word “alright” as my double word. So the next song I had needed to start a verse (because of my stupid rules) with “alright.” Honestly, I tried to just think of some but I resorted to looking at songs that I already had downloaded on my computer and ctrl+f their lyrics. When that didn’t work, though, I googled “songs that have alright in the title.” Sad, I know haha. Anyway, I found Alright by Darius Rucker and went on from there to Too Much Fun by Daryle Singletary, Fun Fun Fun by The Beach Boys, How Do You Like Me Now? by Toby Keith, and Who You’d Be Today by Kenny Chesney.

The fun part for me was the editing. I don’t know why but I like editing songs and making them fit together. I imported the songs in order into Audacity and cut out the parts that I needed. Then I lined them up so they sounded good together and faded in or out if I needed to. Again I had problems with moving tracks and I still haven’t figured it out but after some angry clicking they finally moved. Maybe that is the trick ;).

Alright, well here is my tweet about the Riff Off which should allow you to click to the link about where I posted the audio track on known. But I also am going to attach the audio track to the post so here you go!

I also refused to use songs that I didn’t know. It would have been a lot easier if I didn’t but I wanted them to all be songs that I knew. But anyway, I looooved this idea for an assignment. It was fun and I hope you enjoy my take on it :)


For my second audio assignment, I did the Reverse Audio Quiz. So first I’ll tell you how I did it and then I’ll let you listen and guess what the song is.

How I did it:

I didn’t have the song I wanted downloaded on my computer yet so I pulled it up on Youtube and then I used this converter to change it to an audio file and download it to  my computer. Once I had it downloaded, I opened up Audacity and imported the file that I just downloaded. Since I didn’t know how to reverse the file, I googled it and it seemed easy enough. So I selected the whole song and went to Effects>Reverse, like google said to do. That nicely reversed the audio for me. Then I saved the Audacity file and exported the file as mp3. Finally, I uploaded it to here so everyone could listen to it.

Here is the song reversed:

Here are your three hints:

1. It is from a movie

2. cold outside picture(From here)

3. Snowflake_Symbol(From here)

If you can’t get it after that you should probably quit at life (haha, only kidding). The first person to guess it gets a trophy! Woohoo, incentives.

Mash-up Time!

So, for my first audio assignment this week, I was going through the assignment bank and I found two assignments that I liked. One was “So and So’s Greatest Hits” and the other was “Storytime! SongTag Style.” So I started doing “So and So’s Greatest Hits” for Brad Paisley. When I was choosing my favorite songs of his to do that, I realized that I could put the songs together like a story. Here is the story that I saw in the songs.

In “Then” a couple meets and falls in love and she becomes his life and his world and they have come so far since the day they first met but he thought he loved her then. And then in “We Danced” he proposes to her. In “Little Moments” they are married and he learns to love and live with all the little quirks about her. And in “Mona Lisa” he says how he is the luckiest guy in the world because he gets to hold her every night. And, finally, as many country songs go, he chooses fishing over her so she leaves him. And there ya have it folks, a classic country song.

How did I do it?

I am super happy that we are using Audacity in this class for audio because I have already used it! So I don’t have much of a learning curve this week. I, unfortunately did not have all of the songs that I needed downloaded on my computer. So, in order to get the audio files I needed, I used this converter and downloaded the files and saved them where I could access them on my computer. I then imported them one at a time into Audacity. After I imported the first song, I would choose the part of it that I wanted to use for my song, highlight the part that I wanted to cut out and hit delete. Then I did the same thing for the remaining 4 songs.

Once I had them all imported and cut down to the parts that I wanted, I worked to make them all fit together better. I faded out at the ends of the songs and faded in at the beginnings. I then overlapped them where they sounded right. With this I had some problems. Even with the audio stopped and having clicked on the “Time Shift Tool,” sometimes they didn’t want to move and I have yet to figure out why. I eventually got them to move but I don’t know why haha. I tried to google it and still didn’t figure it out, but I just messed around with it until I got it to move.

Then when they were overlapped well enough for my liking, I amplified some of the quieter sections so that you couldn’t tell a difference in the volume of the separate pieces besides the fades in and out between the different parts of different songs. And then I made sure I saved the Audacity file in case anything went wrong with the export and I exported it. When I went back to listen to it, it only had the first two sections of songs. Why it did that, I’m not sure  but since I was able to save the Audacity file, I just opened it back up and re-exported it. That time it worked.

Here is my Brad Paisley’s Greatest Hits Storytime:

I didn’t put it on SoundCloud because I know it would be removed due to copyright infringement, but here it is, straight to you from my blog.