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Triple Troll Epigraph

From the time I saw this assignment on the Visual page, I knew I had to do it. And then I thought about this quote and I knew it would be perfect because there were so many people who could have said it. I chose the quote from Season 2, Episode 2 when Bunk is talking to Jimmy and he says, “You’re not the run-of-the-mill kind of a$$hole are you, Jimmy? You’re a special kind of a$$hole.” He was talking about how Jimmy keeps pushing cases back onto Rawls when Rawls has already tried to get rid of them. This quote made me laugh when I was watching the show so I knew I had to use it.

I chose Rhonda as the picture because I don’t have any doubt in my mind that that is something that she would say to Jimmy based on their relationship. And I chose Rawls to attribute it to because he would also/has also said almost the exact same thing to Jimmy. And here is the picture:

Rhonda with quote

How I did it:

I used GIMP because I already knew how to put the words onto the picture. I opened up the picture of Rhonda that I got from here as a layer. I’m not sure if I had to do that or not but I knew I was going to be adding other layers onto it (the words) so I went ahead and did it anyway. So I opened up the picture and typed the words on there. Then I merged all of the layers down so that it would be one picture. Then I tried to save it instead of export it, oops, and it reminded me that I couldn’t save it as a .jpg file and that I had to export it to do that. So that was a nice little reminder. Once I did that, it was smooth sailing.


  1. I agree! I could definitely see Rhonda saying this to Jimmy, especially after this last episode!! (S2 E2)

  2. I loved when Bunk said this, but Rhonda would definitely say it as well (as would many other characters probably). Works really well as a convincing troll

  3. I like that you attributed it to Rawls, because for a second I believed he did say it and you did the assignment wrong. Goes to show me 😉

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