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My First Ever GIF!!!

I am very proud of myself because after a looooot of figuring things out and tweaking and a lot of programs crashing, I have finished my first ever GIF! Sure it may be poor quality but I am proud of it nonetheless. The explanation of all of the issues I had will be coming on Sunday (and boy was it a lot of issues).Chicken Nugget GIF


  1. You now have me terrified of GIF’ing I am attempting to research it now!

    • admin

      September 3, 2014 at 2:48 pm

      It’s not super terrible. You just have to figure out which programs will work on your computer. I suggest Free YouTube Downloader to download and the MPEG thing in the tutorial to convert. Make sure when you clip it that the section you do is super short. Whenever mine was longer than like five seconds it would crash MPEG!

  2. Awesome Job! You are one step further than the rest of us!

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