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Keep Your Eye on the Ball

For my first Visual Assignment this week, I had a lot that I was choosing from but this one really caught my eye. Then I was going through my pictures from another assignment when I saw this one and I knew I had to do this assignment for this picture. Unfortunately I didn’t take the picture, but it is one of my favorites taken of me last season.

How I did it:

Well, since I have very little experience editing pictures, I decided to Google how to do it in GIMP since that is what I have loaded on my computer already from doing the GIFs. This website came up when I searched how to edit colors in pictures using GIMP. I pretty much straight followed the directions on the website. First, I duplicated the layer. I then selected the top layer, clicked on Colors>Desaturate and I chose Luminosity because it looked the most realistic to me. Then I had to right click on my black and white layer and clicked “Add Alpha Channel.” I then chose the eraser tool and erased the black and white from the part of the picture that I wanted color to be on–the softball. I used a size 10 eraser at first and then went down to size 7. The closer I got to the edge of the softball, the closer I zoomed in.

I am happy with how it turned out. I almost like the picture even more with only the ball in color. Here is how it turned out! I like how you can tell that I am looking at the ball so that kind of draws your attention to it even if the ball wasn’t the only thing in color.

Splash the Color #ds106 #visualassignments #visualassignments340


  1. I already said it on Twitter, but I think this came out really well!

  2. love it! the ball is the main focus of any play, even if you just catching. it makes sense to make the ball yellow and everything else black and white.

  3. This is great use of just focusing in one one color!! I love how because only the softball is colored it creates like this intense kind of moment in the picture, because for all we know this could be the winning catch! Fantastic job! :)

  4. I always wondered how to do that to pictures! Thanks for explaining how you did it. The picture came out great.

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