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All-out (Photo)Blitz

I did the photoblitz earlier today but didn’t have time to blog it so here is the blog post for it. First, here is my assignment:


The first one is something with the number three–rather than using the actual number, I took a picture of three of something: Redd’s Apple Ale:



For this one, I tried to focus on the rule of thirds and how you are supposed to put one of the lines on the “horizon” line. In this one, I made the bottom of the bottles the horizon line.

Get close!

close up


I’m sure if you know me or have read any of my posts at all (or have some common sense) you can figure out what this is. I like the contrast between the light reflecting off the ball and the shadow on the side/front of the ball in this picture.

Circle, Circle, Dot, Dot:


I am very happy with how this picture turned out with the foreground and the background but still being focused on the circle (my bat). I think it also shows depth relatively well.

Emphasizing Orange:

color dominated

This picture is pretty boring composition-wise, but it emphasizes orange more than any other color, I think. This could just be because orange is the brightest color in the picture.

“The dusky path of a dream…”

Honestly, I had no freaking idea what to do for this one. I didn’t know what it meant by dusky, how can a dream have a path? I struggled. But I came up with my dream to win the CAC championships this year in softball and this picture represents how I am going to help my team get there.

path of a dream

The shirt is our workout shirt so it represents getting stronger, my glove represents improving my fielding, the ball represents improving my throws, and the bat represents strengthening my hitting. That is the path of how we are to get to the team dreams.

A Body of Water and Its Reflection:


This is the only body of water I could think of, and it almost didn’t have a reflection of anything in it! But this is a reflection of the mirror out of the sink in my bathroom. This shows lack of movement, if that is a thing.

Free of Human Artifacts:


Well this was hard because I live in the middle of College Heights so it is almost impossible to not have anything in the picture. So I just took a picture of the grass because if anything else was in the picture it would have been obvious that people were involved (fences, garages, planted trees, mulch). So here is some grass.



  1. I love your picture of the three Redd’s Apple Ales! Makes me want to go out and buy some… I also like the focus on the Up Close! picture. It’s cool to see that stitching go from blurry to clear. Maybe a little less blur up front next up, but that’s just my opinion. :)

  2. Brittany I think you rocked this assignment! Yours pics stand out to me as visibly striking, like a still photo if that makes any sense at all. Everything looks so natural and raw, I loves things as they are sometimes that allows you the ability to appreciate things with some beneficial exchange or transaction needed.

  3. This is really cool! Now I’m not so worried about doing my own photoblitz!

  4. admin

    September 25, 2014 at 10:23 am

    Thanks everyone! I appreciate the kind words! And Jess, I tried to get less blur on the ball but that was the best close up picture that I could get of it that was focused on anything at all haha. My phone didn’t want to focus because it was too close to the subject!

  5. Love all the angles in your photos! The photo quality is so clear, what did you use to capture your shots?

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