For my final video assignment this week I did “This Is My Story” (3 stars). I chose this one because I have, oddly enough, always wanted to make one of these videos where I tell my story through writing even though it is on video. The hardest part was choosing a topic to talk about. I thought about doing my life story but that’s really just boring since I have lived one place my whole life and only have one sister and had a boring, school-focused life until college. So I decided to go with what makes me happy. Obviously this is the short list of what makes me happy. I could have gone on all day but I figured I should keep it relatively short and sweet and to the point.

How I did it:

I first figured out what I was going to write and wrote it on note cards in fairly neat handwriting using marker so it was easier to read. I then opened up Cyberlink YouCam (my webcam). I knew the video would show up backwards but I recorded it anyway. I was hoping I could flip it somehow. After I recorded it, I opened the file in Windows Live Movie Maker. I then looked under “Visual Effects” and there was a “Flip horizontally” one so I did that and voila, my note cards were readable. I then chose a song that I thought would go along well with this theme and I chose “Doin’ What She Likes” by Blake Shelton. I imported it and I figured out at what point I wanted to start the song. I decided to start it at :19 when he starts singing. It also happens to cut off close to the end of a line so that was nice too. Once that was done I saved the movie “For computer” and changed it from WMV to MP4 using and downloaded it so I could put it on here.

Well, due to some kind of technical difficulties that I don’t really understand, the video works on my computer but when I upload it it won’t show the video. And because I have a song behind the video it mutes the song so here it is in parts. The music is in the first one and the video is in the second one. Sorry about that I just don’t know how to fix it.

Here are the parts of my video, I hope you like it: