For my first mash-up assignment this week (oops, I’ve been slacking) I did “10 Second Song Mashup” (3 stars). It sounded like fun. I love music and all types of music and I think this mash-up reflects that. I used songs that I already had on my computer because I have most of my favorites on here already. It was pretty easy to come up with good songs to throw in there. The hard part was cutting the songs off because I like them so much. Choosing a good part of the song where it would be recognizable but not too recognizable was hard. But I did it!

How I did it:

I opened Audacity and imported “Beachin'” in first. I chose a part that I wanted and deleted the parts that I didn’t need. Then I imported the remaining songs in and did the same thing. Then I exported the mash-up. I didn’t put it on SoundCloud because I figured it would get deleted due to copyright infringement so here it is.