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A Secret from Stringer

For my second design assignment this week I went with “DS106 Post Secret” (2 stars). I thought about doing this for myself, but I would rather make an assumption about something that happened in Epsiode 11. So in Episode 11 Stringer meets with Omar because Avon’s crew has been trying to get Omar to come out of the wood work and talk to him. Well he finally agrees to it and what Stringer says is that Brother–the guy Avon brought in from NY to protect their property (the towers, the low rises, etc)–is the one that killed Brandon. What I assume is that Stringer told Omar this so that Omar could sneak up on an unsuspecting Brother and kill him. If this happened then Stringer wouldn’t have to deal with Brother messing up his deal with Proposition Joe. Well there is his problem, Omar didn’t kill Brother immediately, he wanted to make him suffer like Brandon did. So Omar shot Brother and then proceeded to ask him questions and Brother told Omar that he wasn’t the one that killed Brandon; that it wasn’t his style. For some reason Omar believed him (maybe because of what he had heard about Brother previously or encounters that he had with him). So Stringer’s plan (or what I assume his plan was) backfired. But I made this Post Secret for Season 2, Episode 11 of The Wire from Stringer’s point of view.

Stringer's Secret #wire106 #designassignments #designassignments371

I am extremely happy with how this turned out. I feel like it could actually be a PostSecret.

How I did it:

Like the rest of my visual/design assignments, I used GIMP to create this. I found the picture of the gun and imported it into GIMP. Then I found the picture of the paper and imported it into GIMP as a layer on top of the gun. Rather than use one of the boring fonts that I already have on my computer, I decided to get a little creative. I went on and went in the handwriting section and found one that I thought would look similar to Stringer’s handwriting. The one that I chose was Colors of Autumn. So once I had all of that, I created an Alpha Channel for the top picture (the paper). I then proceeded to erase all but a few lines of the paper so all I had was enough room to write the secret on. Then I moved it to where I thought it would fit best on the picture of the gun. Then I went to type and the Colors of Autumn hadn’t shown up in my fonts. So I saved the project, closed out of GIMP and reopened it. When I did this, the font showed up (it hadn’t loaded because I had GIMP opened before I downloaded the font from the internet). So then I typed the secret and changed the size so it fit right on the paper (or at least it looked right to me). Then I exported it and uploaded it to Flickr, Twitter, and the Hub via Known. :)

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  1. This does look like a real PostSecret! Love the background image

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