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Mash-up Time!

So, for my first audio assignment this week, I was going through the assignment bank and I found two assignments that I liked. One was “So and So’s Greatest Hits” and the other was “Storytime! SongTag Style.” So I started doing “So and So’s Greatest Hits” for Brad Paisley. When I was choosing my favorite songs of his to do that, I realized that I could put the songs together like a story. Here is the story that I saw in the songs.

In “Then” a couple meets and falls in love and she becomes his life and his world and they have come so far since the day they first met but he thought he loved her then. And then in “We Danced” he proposes to her. In “Little Moments” they are married and he learns to love and live with all the little quirks about her. And in “Mona Lisa” he says how he is the luckiest guy in the world because he gets to hold her every night. And, finally, as many country songs go, he chooses fishing over her so she leaves him. And there ya have it folks, a classic country song.

How did I do it?

I am super happy that we are using Audacity in this class for audio because I have already used it! So I don’t have much of a learning curve this week. I, unfortunately did not have all of the songs that I needed downloaded on my computer. So, in order to get the audio files I needed, I used this converter and downloaded the files and saved them where I could access them on my computer. I then imported them one at a time into Audacity. After I imported the first song, I would choose the part of it that I wanted to use for my song, highlight the part that I wanted to cut out and hit delete. Then I did the same thing for the remaining 4 songs.

Once I had them all imported and cut down to the parts that I wanted, I worked to make them all fit together better. I faded out at the ends of the songs and faded in at the beginnings. I then overlapped them where they sounded right. With this I had some problems. Even with the audio stopped and having clicked on the “Time Shift Tool,” sometimes they didn’t want to move and I have yet to figure out why. I eventually got them to move but I don’t know why haha. I tried to google it and still didn’t figure it out, but I just messed around with it until I got it to move.

Then when they were overlapped well enough for my liking, I amplified some of the quieter sections so that you couldn’t tell a difference in the volume of the separate pieces besides the fades in and out between the different parts of different songs. And then I made sure I saved the Audacity file in case anything went wrong with the export and I exported it. When I went back to listen to it, it only had the first two sections of songs. Why it did that, I’m not sure  but since I was able to save the Audacity file, I just opened it back up and re-exported it. That time it worked.

Here is my Brad Paisley’s Greatest Hits Storytime:

I didn’t put it on SoundCloud because I know it would be removed due to copyright infringement, but here it is, straight to you from my blog.


  1. This is so amazing, I love what you did with these four songs. Turning them into there own, mashed up country song. And the choosing fishing over love is such a class ending to a happy love story. It’s kind of a nice break from The Wire, frankly 😉

    One thing, be sure to link to the assignments you were riffing off so I can follow. Great work!

  2. Great work! The way you edited the songs together is seamless. Listening to the entire thing tells a sweet story, and is quite relaxing to listen to.

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