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For my second audio assignment, I did the Reverse Audio Quiz. So first I’ll tell you how I did it and then I’ll let you listen and guess what the song is.

How I did it:

I didn’t have the song I wanted downloaded on my computer yet so I pulled it up on Youtube and then I used this converter to change it to an audio file and download it to  my computer. Once I had it downloaded, I opened up Audacity and imported the file that I just downloaded. Since I didn’t know how to reverse the file, I googled it and it seemed easy enough. So I selected the whole song and went to Effects>Reverse, like google said to do. That nicely reversed the audio for me. Then I saved the Audacity file and exported the file as mp3. Finally, I uploaded it to here so everyone could listen to it.

Here is the song reversed:

Here are your three hints:

1. It is from a movie

2. cold outside picture(From here)

3. Snowflake_Symbol(From here)

If you can’t get it after that you should probably quit at life (haha, only kidding). The first person to guess it gets a trophy! Woohoo, incentives.


  1. I don;t know, but I can’t let it go! Let it go!

    Awesome you are having fun with these audio assignments, and you are banging them out as well. Excellent write-up here, and I love you’re making it fun.

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